September 27, 2011

Detective Conan 3 -live actions

Wooow ... today is the 'free' days I ever had in this week! ahaha
Because the teacher who I don't like (a bit) is not attend to my class. haha. It's such a great moment which happened today. Besides I like to watched The Musical Drama (Korean), I like to watched Detective Conan too. The story was simply to understand and I like the actors - actress whom played in this drama. But, I didn't watched the first drama. I watched the 3rd series or Detective Conan 3 from all the series (this series had 3 different kinds of series. The 1st and the 2nd series who played as Shinichi Kudo is Shun Oguri. But, on the 3rd series the actor who played as Shinichi Kudo is Junpei Mizobata) The Genres of Dramas or Movies that I like is Detectives, Comedies, Murders, Sci-fi, Horrors, Actions, and Romances (is the last genre that I like).

Firstly, I don't like this drama at all (Detective Conan 3) but ..., when I saw the first episode, I knew it would be an really exclaimed drama. I love to watch every cases that could be solved by Shinichi Kudo. Here's tha posters of Detective Conan 3 :

It's the main poster which shows the main characters in this drama
Usually, Drama in Japan called = J-Dorama
To know more about this drama click here
And to watch this drama just click here

It's the main poster if you watched every cases in the beginning
I love it. Simple and mysterious

Here's the main characters of Detective Conan 3 :
who played as Shinichi Kudo is Junpei Mizobata
who played as Ran Mouri is Shiori Kutsuna

I recommended this drama to you because it's a great J-Drama on this year!
And now, I'm waiting for the final episodes which would be aired on ... (I don't know when -keep waiting for this drama). Today, I saw a preview of the final episodes. It's really makes me wanted to watch is soon! And I like the theme song from this drama (click here for listening) I think, I need to watch the 1st and the 2nd series. I thought, it would be as exclaimed as the 3rd series.

And a thing that I realized today is ... MY ENGLISH WAS really WORSE = BAD

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