June 30, 2011


Yesterday is Isra Mi'raj Days.
I'm realized it today morning, that's why all of us get a 'holiday' yesterday. hehehe

Today firstly my schedule is go to Post Office and to the Bank, but . . .I'm a bit lazy then. kikik
So, I decide to change it to another day, that's tomorrow. Moreover, tomorrow, my friend and me will finishing our secret project together. yeeey!
Finally, I could finish it soon. hehe

Then, she asked me to watch a drama musical at Taman Ismail Marzuki at Jakarta.
The Title of the Musical Drama is Laskar Pelangi. One of my friends has been watch it several months ago. Actually, when he watched it, I really wants to join in. But, all of his friend is his friend from senior high school which I don't know one of it either. So, I said to him that I could join them. hehe. After he watched the Musical Drama of Laskar Pelangi . . He told me there's a sequel from it on July. That's why I'm really wants to watch it! yeeey!
But, what I read, the second-class ticket was SOLD OUT!
aaaa . . . .I can't stand it anymore!
I should buy it immediately. Hmmm!

And I'm alone at home now, and I haven't take a bath yet, and I'm lazy now.
Aaaaa . . .I really wants to buy a new First Day Cover and Souvenir Sheet at Post Office right now, but the laziness attack me now.

Have a nice day!
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June 25, 2011

3rd rank

hari ini pembagian rapot di sekolah.
personally, i'm not really obsessed with 'ranking' system in school, i just hope that i am doing well at school and got no red score. hehe. terus tadi dikasih tau wali kelas kalau rangking saya turun satu dari semester kemarin. yaaa. . . .syukurin aja dah yaa. alhamdulillah masih masuk 3 besar. 

sneak peak coretan rangking kelas xi ini.
tadi juga sempet dikasih cokelat bulet-bulet (diatas) sama ibu wali. hehehe. makasih bu.

waktu kemarin ke Yogyakarta, saya sempet ngeliat ada toko kecil yang disediakan khusus seabgai post office di area Keraton. karena kemarin belum sempet ku pos disini, jadi . . .gini nih wujudnya:

suka sama amplop yang mereka kasih buat 'packaging' item pos yang saya beli.

things that I bought last time.
3 SHP dan 4 souvenir sheets

ini SHP jaman dulu.
seri 'Sudirman Cup Pertama di Indonesia' tahun 1989, 'Hari Kesehatan Lingkungan' tahun 1990, dan '50th lahirnya PBB' tahun 1995. harganya juga masih murah, mulai dari 300 perak.
just pleased to come back (there) someday

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June 24, 2011

Being Procrastinator

Aaaah . . .~Today is really! What kind of really is it?! Here the list :
  • Really lazy
  • Really procrastinate
  • Really in my mood to draw
  • Really can't stop my mouth to chewed anything [?!]
  • Really satisfied to watch several dramas on EP Drama
  • Really wants to watch Djarum Indonesia Open 2011 at Gelora Bung Karno
  • Really wants to get my report soon
  • And I have another bunch 'really' words in my mind. . .

The theme of my drawings is about my last trip to Yogyakarta.
It's all the things that I brought in my luggage to Yogyakarta. I'd like to draw all the things that I bring

Have a nice day!
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3rd day : Field Trip to Yogyakarta

Hurray!It's my last day in Yogyakarta. Hah~ Finally I should went back to Bogor.
Before I went to our last destinations for this day, I got breakfast from the hotel that we're stayed. After I took my breakfast, I take a rest first, then I took a picture beside my hotel room.

The weather and the sun in the morning is really cold, but I like it

I like this small garden in front of my hotel room.
I like it because there's an aquarium inside this small garden. And the fish is . . .really enjoyable to see. at first, I really wants to took a picture of the fish, but when I get closely to them, the fish is swim away from me.

In the night, my friends (most of them is Boys) swam in this pool with the coldest water indeed.
They did it first when we're hold an event in a villa.

Before I leaved the hotel, I bought a chocolate first at CK [Circle K]. The Brand is MONGGO. The Prices is IDR 17.000. Actually I wanted to buy a big one of that chocolate [big chocolate bar], but my money [!?] I wouldn't let you went a way from me suddenly. Because the prices is IDR 40.000 [approximately]

The taste is really NICE. . make you wanna it, wanna it, and wanna eat it again!

My first destinations for our last day in Yogyakarta is Keraton.
Keraton is a place that Sultan (King of Yogyakarta) Govern or a place that Sultan lived in.
The Place is really nice, clean, and neat.
A person who serve their life to Keraton is called Abdi Dalem.
I took a picture together with them too. Here they are . . 

I thought it's about Keraton Yogyakarta's building
From Merapi Mountain, to Alun-Alun Yogyakarta, to Twin Trees, to Keraton, and the last is Parangtritis Coast. I thought it's continuous. mmm  . . .That's right!

I like this part of Keraton.
It looks gorgeous! Beautiful! Wonderful! and I don't know how to describe this picture.
You must see with your own eyes. It's a nice spot there.

My second destinations is Prambanan Temple.
Prambanan Temple is a Hindu Temple. This temple built in 850 CE by Rakai Pikatan.

It does what Prambanan Temple looked like
The weather in the time when I visited this temple is so hot~
I wanna drink a lot of waters that time, but none share they water with me. haaha

And my last destination for today is Malioboro st.
It's like market. If you're a shopaholic, you should try to buy any clothes here. Because the prices is affordable then if the price is expensive, you could ask the seller to down the prices a bit. hhehe. What does the Malioboro st. look like in the night? Here. . .

Fulfilled with persons = shopaholics
Maybe I'm including the one of the shopaholics there.
You know? My teacher gave us only 1 hour to buy any souvenirs there, but the distance between the parking area and malioboro st. it's really long. You need 20minuets to reached the Malioboro st. from the parking area. Then, I'm only bought a souvenir for my family

See? A lot of books sold here, friends . . .!
And the most tempting thing is. . .Discount! Yeah! The discount started from 20% up to 70% off.
Aaah! I'm really wants to buy some books here. But, the times is not appropriate to me.

Have a nice day!
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June 21, 2011

2nd day : Field Trip to Yogyakarta

Today is the . . . (I don't know what to say) ehhe.
I went to school today to collecting my short movies project, but my friend who edit it out, wasn't come yet until the day being too hot in the noon and I decide to came back to school tomorrow.

Innalillahi wa'innailaihi rojiun . .
And, one of my best friend in the class sent me a SMS in the morning.
She said, her dad was died in the morning and today she'll going to her hometown to mourning her father. Actually, few days ago she has saying that she's really wants to meet her parents soon after the school report. Semoga Ayahanda Rizki ditempatkan ditempat yang terbaik oleh Allah SWT dan Semoga keluarga yang ditinggalkan diberikan ketabahan oleh Allah SWT. Amin .. .

I promised to post my second day in Yogyakarta to you.
Oh ya!
I'm arrived there in the morning early, at 1.00 am. haha
And after we arrived there, one of my friends said "Don't forget to changed your clothes, and after that we walked in the morning to know this area. Thank you" I said "Okay, then."
You know, what does the early morning look like?

It's the alley in front of my hotel - quiet really
It's the time when we're try to hanging out in the morning. hahaa
But, I'm not followed them to look around the streets, but I prefer to back to my room to sleep because at 7.00am we should go to the next destination. hehe

See? In Yogyakarta, all of the streets is look so clean and you can calculate the trash with your hands here. I recommended this place to you as your holiday destinations = Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta is a place which got an award from The President as the cleanest city in Indonesia
I said to my friend, Yogyakarta is like Indonesian Japan

I'd like to live here, because the person is so nice to another people even though that's a newbie. And I saw many bicycle rides here, and the public transportation like a car is seldom to find (most of the car is an own car)

You know what does the transportation called is?
We called it BECAK and in English it called PEDICAB
The traditional transportation which still exists till today.

I like their city park
So . . ,very-absolutely CLEAN and the weather is NICE

It's easy to find rice field here.
Every house had their own rice field I think. hehehe
I LOVE to LIVE HERE EVER . . .!!!!

Then I went to Gadjah Mada University! Kyaaa!
I really wants to study here. Because it's the favorite 1st University in Indonesia. mm .  .~
The University's Area is LARGE too

It's Behind the Gadjah Mada University
But I'm forgot what's exactly this building is. Even though My Teacher was told us about this building before. Oh ya! My Teacher (another Biology Teacher) is graduated from Gadjah Mada University. yuhu~ So, he knew well all of buildings there.

Look that! It caused by the eruption of Merapi [Mount] which held in . . . few months ago.
You know? The dust which came from the eruptions could built a huge mount of dust too. The high of mountains could reached the coconut trees high! Really high, isn't it?

Firstly, when I saw this field, I think it's a rice field which being given a water.
But, when I saw it closely [I'm not getting off from the bus] there's an air bubble which split out from the field. And not long after that, my teacher said it's a fish breeding! ooo, I never know it before, if fish could be bred there. hehe

My First destination for today is Borobudur Temple!
Even I'm an Indonesian, but I never see it closely like that day. It's a huge  . . . temple!
Located on Magelang - Indonesia. And what does it look like?! HERE . .!

Huge-long temple right?
It's a . . . Buddhist temple (if I'm not wrong). Because it still renovated, so we can't climb into the top of this temple. aaa . . . .actually, I really wants to climb to the highest place in this temple.

It's my first time to took a picture in my trip.
Look weird, and . . .(pip). . . HAHA

I like the Borobudur Temple relief. All of the reliefs.
It looks gorgeous!

Every time that I wanna see the scenery from the middle of the temples, the scenery is wonderful (every side is looked wonderful)

It's my second pictures with my friends inside. hehe
1st picture [left-right] : Femi - Me - Shella
2nd picture [left-right] : Femi - Me

I like this pictures [both of it]
My friend who took this pictures. I'm already knew that I'm not good at photographs. kikikik
[left-right] : Maya - Okta - Epsi - Me

The picture that I like most! ahaa
Because I could smile widely beside the lion [maybe] stone. kikik

Then, my second destinations is Parangtritis Beach.
Located in South Yogyakarta and as an Indian ocean coast. But, the waves is too dangerous if we want to swim there. Then, I think if you like surfing, you may try this wave. hehe [the wave is really big and dangerous - OF COURSE]

It's the Parangtritis Beach look like
There's a warning about wearing a green clothes here. The myth is about . . .if someone wearing a green clothes here, The Queen of the South Coast will take that person into her kingdom [that's the beach]. The person who taken by the queen is absolutely a MAN. The Another Name of The Queen of the South Coast is Nyai Roro Kidul.

I like those pictures too   .  . .
Because there's me inside. hahaha

Seee?? The Sunset is beautiful!
I like it - AHA~ AHA~

I wrote my Blog's name in the sand when I'm at the beach

After we spent our day here [at the beach]. we decided to go back to our hotel.
And, my friends said [again] : "Let's hanging out at Malioboro in the night!" I said : "OK!"
In the night, Yogyakarta is really-really-very COLD!
Even I wore a cardigan .the wind is extremely cold. aaa~ And because of that I only followed my friends up to Dagadu Stores and Souvenir Stores. Femi and Me prefer to back to our hotel with Becak and we paid IDR 20.000. After that I sent a message to Okta to gave me the room key. Then, we shared our stories each others. Wanna see what does Yogyakarta look like in the night?

Looks wonderful and beautiful right?

Then . .,my stories for the 2nd day on Yogyakarta is end here.
I love the day I spent with my friends there.
Thanks for both of my parents, my friends and my . . .

Have a nice day!
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