June 30, 2011


Yesterday is Isra Mi'raj Days.
I'm realized it today morning, that's why all of us get a 'holiday' yesterday. hehehe

Today firstly my schedule is go to Post Office and to the Bank, but . . .I'm a bit lazy then. kikik
So, I decide to change it to another day, that's tomorrow. Moreover, tomorrow, my friend and me will finishing our secret project together. yeeey!
Finally, I could finish it soon. hehe

Then, she asked me to watch a drama musical at Taman Ismail Marzuki at Jakarta.
The Title of the Musical Drama is Laskar Pelangi. One of my friends has been watch it several months ago. Actually, when he watched it, I really wants to join in. But, all of his friend is his friend from senior high school which I don't know one of it either. So, I said to him that I could join them. hehe. After he watched the Musical Drama of Laskar Pelangi . . He told me there's a sequel from it on July. That's why I'm really wants to watch it! yeeey!
But, what I read, the second-class ticket was SOLD OUT!
aaaa . . . .I can't stand it anymore!
I should buy it immediately. Hmmm!

And I'm alone at home now, and I haven't take a bath yet, and I'm lazy now.
Aaaaa . . .I really wants to buy a new First Day Cover and Souvenir Sheet at Post Office right now, but the laziness attack me now.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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