May 30, 2011

Mucis Test = Music Concert

Alhamdulillah . . .
It's just a words that I could shout out from my mouth now.
Because the hardest things was passed peacefully like a wind. HAHAHAHA
Actually start from today till 2days later I got a Holiday from my school. It's like durian which fallen from the trees suddenly and stuck on my head. The main hardest things for me is Music Test.

For Music Test, I'm a bit nervous actually. But I saw all of my friends had a brave and they gave me strength to faced it and [tada. . . ] I passed it - specifically my class.
XI SCIENCE 1 .  . . .!, HURRAY !!

 I made it on - come and visit me guys!

Oh ya!
Want to know what's the dress code that I wear today? Here it is . .

Hand's plams
Looked gorgeous and woow, right?

My friends : Putik, Aline, Ocin and Vivin who did it.
Ocin said, my T-shirt is the best T-shirt that they colored.
And I just said, really? O . . okay lah. but I thought it's like another T-shirt. hehe
*not bragging and modestly
And you know?
My class are passed for Music Test. Yeah!
Thank you ALLAH SWT, Thank you Femi, Adit, Aris, AA, and another friends.

# Now Playing : Alicia - IU
Have a nice day!
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May 29, 2011

Mucis Rehearsal

Today probably my schedule is Go to GRAMEDIA bookstore to buy any comics and stationary.
But it canceled [again]. Why I put word 'again' there, because I planned it for 4days ago that I wanted to go to Gramedia Bookstore. Actually the main reason that I wanted to go there is I want to throw away my problem and my worrying minds.

Actually this month is my really tired day ever.
The whole day that I passed is fulfilled with problems, weariness, and disappointed.
. .My problems is our problems guys. It's us. .
I knew that I couldn't do any useful things for all of you, but please. . music is not my path.
My path is Drawing. You can ask me about drawing. I'll free to answer too.
But, for music . . ,I'll give up. SORRY Femi.
. .My weariness is our music project will ends badly. .
And it happened today.
Congrats for my class 'SCIENCE 1'. because all of you our music project ends outrageous.
. .My disappointed is. .
I didn't want to talk about it here.
Let it be my secrets and our secrets, friends
Tomorrow is the music concert . . ! = music test
I'm afraid of it. Hopefully I can pass it well. Amin . .. .

I'NU . . 
long time no see. ., missed you~
Wanna try another cupcakes recipes?
I got it from Gramedia several months ago *before I graduated from LIA - English Course

I just dreaming all the day about you and us.

Yesterday. .
I'm shocked with this announcement that I got at Polyvore
It sounds like : One new contest win
I joined Jeans contest there.

I'm shock really. Why?! because I never be the winner on a contest.
It's my first time. HAHAHA. I love it
Want to know my sets? Here it's . . .

There's arrow there. it shows that the sets is mine

My Wishes for next week a.k.a Tomorrow :
  • I can get nice result from Music test and we're not get the remedial
  • I can spend my day by watching a movie on Cinema
  • I can see your face for a seconds and more. .
  • I can did my remedial test and any schools homework well
  • I can go to the bank to save my money there - not in the piggy bank anymore


Have a nice day!
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May 16, 2011

full of Pictures

at first, I don't want to do anything at home with my 1st day of Holiday which means a sadness for me. I just want to weed out any clothes in my wardrobe at first, but not long afterwards I want to tidy up anything. Ah! it's quite ridiculous at first, but I'm enjoyin' it.

I touched my mother's wardrobe first.
as her child, I never know that my mother is so modest in her era.
she had lot of cute things (Go Vintage!) in her wardrobe. I found jackets, blazers, pants, and now it's Bags! haha. I found  my old clothes too (when I'm still a kids).

The First Evidence is things that I found on my mother's old bag
Hansaplast : it's like plaster, Alba watch, some formula, and salary slip. hehe
Oh ya! I'm find a candies too. But it was turn to be liquid.

It's Alba watch which I found inside the bag
Can you imagine that how long this watch live in my mother's bag?

It's my favorite bags now. . .
I like Vintage and I like this bag! wooow . .
(I found all of the items which I said on the top, like salary slip, formula, etc. inside this bag)

Here the details of the bag button
Looks classic, isn't it ?

It's my mother's old clothes
It's look nice I thought
And the top from this clothes is fits with my body. waaa. . .,it's a prizes for me

It's the buttons and skirts detail

And it's my favorite pajamas when I'm still a kids
My Brother and I has a same pajamas, clothes, shoes, and a lot of the same things
I like the fabrics too. The patterns is so Wonderful, Gorgeous, and Memorable

And here our picture which wore same pajamas. hahhaa, It's funny. but I like it in that time. It's our sweet memories that I never ever forget about it

Have a nice day!
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May 15, 2011

The Extraordinary Adventure of Adèle Blanc-Sec

Finally, I watched this movie on Friday - May 13rd, 2011.
That's The Extraordinary Adventure of Adèle Blanc-Sec. HAHAHA
The movie is nice enough.
I like the way when she controlled the Pterodactyl like her own pet. It's great!

I like the main poster.
It's gorgeous! Love it
That's why I waited to watch this movie.

When I found this poster with the mummy inside, I'm laughing more less 2 minuets.
Because it's remind me when Adèle took off her clothes in front of the mummy and Adèle still not know that the mummy has been revived by Espènrandieu. haha, it shaking my stomach. So, it meant the mummy have seen all of the body of Adèle.

I like this poster too
Adèle and The Pterodactyl like a rivals here

The Cast :
*to know more about Adèle Blanc-Sec, click here.

I watched this movie in the Cinema at Bogor Botani Square.
Specifically in Cinema XXI.
I bought Caramel Popcorn to accompany me when the movie start to played.
It's my . . . 4th times to watch a movie with myself
You should watch it. because it's a great movies

Have a nice day!
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รถไฟฟ้า..มาหานะเธอ - Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Yesterday at 7pm [if I'm not wrong about the time] I'm searching about Thailand movies and  found one of it which I think it'll be the nice romance film. And after watched it, that's TRUE! it's really nice-great and gorgeous.
No kissing scene on the movies, but the theme of this movie : Romance, is fitted [actually it better called Romance-Comedy movie]. Love it! And I really wants to watch it again, because it's not a boring movies like another movies ever before.

Can you see how handsome the actor here?
Uaaah, he's make me melting when I watch it. His smile . .,his voice, and all the things about him
LOVE it!

The Title : Bangkok Traffic Love Story.

The Cast :
Synopsis :
It's about Mei Li, 30 years old who still not have a life partner not like another her friends.
One day, she drunk and almost crashed the small food stand on the roadside. In that accident , she meets a boy, Loong who works in Bangkok Transit System as an employee. Then she fallen in love with him at the first sight, and . . .

*You must watch it then.
  Because I'm not a good reporter here. hehe
  Sorry readers.  .  .

I like it really, after Crazy Little thing called Love.
This movie is a bit touching and I like it.
You must watch it, because I recommended
The reason why I'm not putting to much Synopsis here because I'm not a spoiler.
I want you to make your own decision to make the Synopsis. haha
That's why you must watch it first. 

Have a nice day!
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May 08, 2011

one day with I.'n.U

Today's schedule is Cooking and Tiding my room.
so-very-really tired all the day.
Indri asked me yesterday to make some dessert in my house, but I canceled it because my problem hasn't done yet yesterday, so I said to her to came to my house today.
We chose to make a cupcakes first, but you know the result ?
the result is more than you expected ! it's messy. HAHA

see?? brown color there's mean a chocolate bar.

it's combining between brownies, cupcakes, and muffins.
sounds weird right?
but, the taste is really nice, good and make us wants to eat and eat it again.
How should I describing about the taste !?
May be, these is the best description that I have : crispy outside and melting inside.
and today, we decided to make an official blog about us = I.'n.U *please check out this link

Actually this dessert it's unsuccessful dessert that we made today.
but, sometimes the unsuccessful experiment is not as bad as we thought before.
The tasted is nice though.

special thanks to :
  • My Mother who has provided her kitchen as a place to cook
  • Novi Andareswari and Indri Adi Fitriani

Have a nice day!
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May 06, 2011

Friday = hottest day in the weeks

SEE? how hot the weather is?

Today's weather is hot really.
I want to get in into the bath tube and sleep over the noon.
*I think it will makes my body relax. aaah. . .~ it's too wonderful to imagine.

Today, my chairmate not coming to school because there's any accident with her family.
So, I sat only with my school bag. hahaha *it's a rare moments
It's nice enough as an experience.
There's weird incident happen today.
That is . . . I got 100 for Environmental Mid test score which held a months ago.
aaaa. . .I'm HAPPY, I'm HAPPY, I'm HAPPY . hahaha

Nothing I can do at home now. Just sit in front of the laptop and listening a music then.
aaah . . ~ really boring.
But, tomorrow I'll meet my best friend to discuss something important for us. I can't wait.

Have a nice day!
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May 04, 2011

Botanical Garden

Today I spent my day at Bogor Botanical Garden to did an oral test.
* I don't know neither why should we did an oral test in a garden.. hehe
But I'm enjoying it. I hope that I got an A score for the result, but NOT!
But I got both of the score is 90. I don't know why the score included 2 points.
Certainly, one of it is pronunciation. Thanks ALLAH SWT, because of You I could get the best score
*not bragging

Oh ya!
When I'm arrived there and start to began searching some information, I took some picture and here's my snap shoot :

This place is near from the Main Gate of Bogor Botanical Garden - a bit scary but it's nice

This is the way to the Dedaunan cafe and the residence areas.

It's 'Jalan Astrid' as known as Astrid Avenue
[Astrid, OH NO! it's same with my name]
One of my friends [called her Femi], asked me to took the picture of it. ehehe - Thank you Femi

 I like this flowers. looked wonderful.

 It's Pig Canary trees. . .
There's a beehive in the top of this tree

The heart shape stone
I found it in the way to the oral test

The oral test probably took an hours.
But, because the teacher is restricted, so every teachers took 2-3 classes for the oral test.
The teacher who test me, he took 2 classes in his hand -> XI Science 1 and XI Science 4.
Aaaah, it's really tired to wait approximate 1 hours before my class began to tested.
*It cause, my class is the second one who tested

In my way to home, I'm forgot who said this one first 'Hei, let's go to the zoology museum!'
I said 'Aaaah, it's noon and the weather became hot. But, it's okay.'
Rizki said 'Okay then, let's go. Moreover, I'm not doing anything at home.'
All of us 'Okay. . . '
Then, I took some picture from The Zoology Museum and here's the result :

Some butterfly collections that I took the pictures

This turtle is my favorite since I'm in kindergarten
I like this turtle because of the size - the smallest size in this museum
It looked pretty, right? hehe

It's the owls part
Like Hedwig on Harry Potter. hehe

It's the Bears time!

And now, it's my turn. haha
I like the scenery from this collection. Love it - it's my favorite place to took a picture

And I like this scenery of sea too. Love it
It looked Real. . .!

And that's all for today.
Have a nice day!
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May 03, 2011

Tuesday boring

Today is Tuesday.
Tuesday is Sport lesson.
Sport lesson is the one of school subjects that I'm not interested in. hehhe

The first subject for today is Sport lesson [ish~]
Then we went to school backyard to start the sport.
But, only the male students who did the sport lesson and the female students just staring them nicely.
Because we [more precisely is Me] didn't do anything in the backyard, so I decided to took some pictures of mountains, skies, and trees. Love it - and the snap shoot is looked like :

The mountains looked like

The sky looked like

The trees looked like. Love it
actually in the top of the trees, there's a flowers look alike with lavender

You know guys [?!]
I ever thought this before, when I walked to school today.
I thought that today is the last day to see your face.
I don't know why, even you weren't come to school today, I only thought it and kept in mind.
Then, when the school times was end, I saw your face even in a second in my way to home.
It's like a blessing for me [excessive] hahaha
But, I'm not happy at all, just smiled.

Oh ya!
Tomorrow I'll go to Botanical Garden to do some oral test .
[actually it's nothing. because we can do it at school]
Hopefully, I'll get the best score that I could get. Amin . . .

The time when I'm thinking to Stop eat more food, it would be getting worse than I ever thought.
But, when I'm not thinking about losing some weight, it would decreasing by itself.
aaaah  . . .~
I'm tired to did it everyday.

Have a nice day!
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