May 30, 2011

Mucis Test = Music Concert

Alhamdulillah . . .
It's just a words that I could shout out from my mouth now.
Because the hardest things was passed peacefully like a wind. HAHAHAHA
Actually start from today till 2days later I got a Holiday from my school. It's like durian which fallen from the trees suddenly and stuck on my head. The main hardest things for me is Music Test.

For Music Test, I'm a bit nervous actually. But I saw all of my friends had a brave and they gave me strength to faced it and [tada. . . ] I passed it - specifically my class.
XI SCIENCE 1 .  . . .!, HURRAY !!

 I made it on - come and visit me guys!

Oh ya!
Want to know what's the dress code that I wear today? Here it is . .

Hand's plams
Looked gorgeous and woow, right?

My friends : Putik, Aline, Ocin and Vivin who did it.
Ocin said, my T-shirt is the best T-shirt that they colored.
And I just said, really? O . . okay lah. but I thought it's like another T-shirt. hehe
*not bragging and modestly
And you know?
My class are passed for Music Test. Yeah!
Thank you ALLAH SWT, Thank you Femi, Adit, Aris, AA, and another friends.

# Now Playing : Alicia - IU
Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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