May 06, 2011

Friday = hottest day in the weeks

SEE? how hot the weather is?

Today's weather is hot really.
I want to get in into the bath tube and sleep over the noon.
*I think it will makes my body relax. aaah. . .~ it's too wonderful to imagine.

Today, my chairmate not coming to school because there's any accident with her family.
So, I sat only with my school bag. hahaha *it's a rare moments
It's nice enough as an experience.
There's weird incident happen today.
That is . . . I got 100 for Environmental Mid test score which held a months ago.
aaaa. . .I'm HAPPY, I'm HAPPY, I'm HAPPY . hahaha

Nothing I can do at home now. Just sit in front of the laptop and listening a music then.
aaah . . ~ really boring.
But, tomorrow I'll meet my best friend to discuss something important for us. I can't wait.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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