May 08, 2011

one day with I.'n.U

Today's schedule is Cooking and Tiding my room.
so-very-really tired all the day.
Indri asked me yesterday to make some dessert in my house, but I canceled it because my problem hasn't done yet yesterday, so I said to her to came to my house today.
We chose to make a cupcakes first, but you know the result ?
the result is more than you expected ! it's messy. HAHA

see?? brown color there's mean a chocolate bar.

it's combining between brownies, cupcakes, and muffins.
sounds weird right?
but, the taste is really nice, good and make us wants to eat and eat it again.
How should I describing about the taste !?
May be, these is the best description that I have : crispy outside and melting inside.
and today, we decided to make an official blog about us = I.'n.U *please check out this link

Actually this dessert it's unsuccessful dessert that we made today.
but, sometimes the unsuccessful experiment is not as bad as we thought before.
The tasted is nice though.

special thanks to :
  • My Mother who has provided her kitchen as a place to cook
  • Novi Andareswari and Indri Adi Fitriani

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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