October 27, 2011

Big Brother's Graduation

Now you already graduated from your university.
My Big Brother enrolled at Gunadarma University which is the TOP 10 University in Indonesia [Big 5 of University in Indonesia] He got a degree of . . . [I'm forget about the degree. I'll search it soon].  The Located of graduation is on our capital city, that's Jakarta. Specifically in JCC [Jakarta Convention Center]. It means I'm not going to school for today only. Hahaha~

We went to JCC at 9am from home because one of my big brother's friend wants to joined us.
He said he would met us in the Sentul.
And here some pictures which I took this morning on toll road :

The reason why I took this photo is cause I like seeing the electrical tower and some flowers as a decoration in these road [weird flowers -because I don't know the names of those flowers]

Ah! About this bridge reminds me to Japan. My lovely country [even I'm not living there now, but soon -YES I'LL. Amen . . .]

No comment for this picture. I just feel bored in that time.

I took this picture because I like those trees and the tall buildings. LOVE IT!

Hahaha . . .about this sculpture, it called Welcome Statue. It placed in Pancoran - Jakarta, Indonesia

It's the situation inside the courtroom and those are the graduates.
This is the second session for today. And my Big Brother got this 2nd sessions.

Ummm . . . you can see it right? haha~

left-right : Me, Grandfather, Big Brother, and Mom
where is Dad? Dad is the one whose taking this picture.

Big Brother and Me as well.
Actually I had lots of picture but I'll post it soon. Just wait ya!!!

And for this pictures, this is the sky looked like in the evening [almost].
I took it when I walked in the parking area to reaches our car. Long way . . . ~

Okay friends, maybe we should end here and enough for today.
Because I was felt sleepy and now the time really was late, and tomorrow I should go to school like usual too, and . . .  GOSH! I still have an art assignment! Making a papers! aaaaa . . .~
Good Night and byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Have a nice day!
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October 26, 2011

Pocari Sweat Factory

Today . . I was HAPPY!
But in the deepest my heart it was the opposite. I really was feel bad. Even though I did a mini study tour to Pocari Sweat Factory. Because these evening is filled with windy rains, I'll cancel to posting anything first. The My mom was reminding me about these one. so . . ,byeee. - 3.43pm

*   *   *

Okay, rains was offer and now I can continuing my daily activities such as posting in my Blog. I love this jobs! But I don't have any motive to be a writer one day. I just like to write anything on my Blog and make a short novel [maybe it's not properly to called as a novel] haha~

Tomorrow I'll not going to school because I'll attending on my Big Brother's collage graduation. Finally, the times was come. hohoho~ I'll wear a pink veil and . . . I don't know about the outfit which I'll wear tomorrow -still blank. Then I'll prepare for tomorrow in the morning. I hope I could wake up like usual at 4am. I'll woke up at 2am if there's any assignment or . . . there's any exams at school.

Oh ya! Talked about The Pocari Sweat Factory, I went there this morning with my classmates and 3 teachers [including our homeroom]. The Pocari Sweat's Factory is really BIG-HUGE-LARGE and uncountable. haha~ You can built your own school there, and also the hall room, and sport areas. I love it!

That's the one of the largest factory in those areas.
If you talked about the weather, Sukabumi-Indonesia had a cool weather. That's why I love to stayed there. And moreover these factory placed right in the mountain's foot. aaah~
And here some of my pictures which I took there :
left - right : Natal - Me

In my way to home, some of my friends got angry because a misunderstanding between them.
I think, it's a simple things but it could be bigger than we thought because of some reasons which I don't know either. kikik~ I just guessing. Maybe I'm right, huh!? But, I'm in the neutral positions. I'm not choosing A or B. I just keep offering the lunch to a persons who haven't got their lunch. And I ate all of the meals inside the lunch box except the meat. I'm not eat it because a reason which I don't want to published here.

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October 21, 2011


Today I just go to school and course like usual.
But, there's a thing which makes today is different. That's . . . the result of The Academic Potential Test was appeared. The result was not good enough for me as well. aaah~

Today, I decide to post this post using Indonesian. So, keep reading my Blog friends!
Pagi ini, gua bareng lagi sama kakak-kakak kuliahan yang dimana kemarin itu pertemuan pertama 'kita' (hahaha-please, ini bukan masalah percintaan. baca dulu sampai selesai) dan mereka berbicara menggunakan 'aku' serta 'kamu' layaknya gua. Dari situ, gua bisa menyimpulkan bahwa, bukan gua aja yang (masih) berbicara menggunakan kata 'aku' dan 'kamu'. Begitu~ mendengar percakapan mereka, layaknya cermin gua dimata temen-temen.

Selama pelajaran, berlangsung . . . nggak ada hambatan dan alhamdulillah gua nggak remedial selama hasil UTS keluar. Namun, gua belum sempat berbangga hati karena nilai Mata Pelajaran SEJARAH belum unjung keluar. Nggak tau kenapa, kalau hasil sejarah belum keluar, belum lengkap rasanya nilai UTS buat gua (iya dong! secara . .sejarah, gitu. iiii~) Lalu gua memberanikan diri untuk melangkahkan kaki gua menuju ruang guru yang seketika berhawa dingin ketika kaki gua berpijak disana (lebih tepatnya ruang kepala sekolah. Mengapa? Karena, guru sejarah gua merangkap sebagai wakil kepala sekolah juga -kalau nggak salah) dan gua pun bertanya : "Ibu, mau liat nilai sejarah." "Ibu, saya mau remedial," kata temen gua yang ketangkep basah bernilai sama dengan gua! hahaha~
Dengan singkat dan jelas, guru sejarah gua berkata : "Aduh, Ibu jantungnya lagi nggak enak. Jadi, besok aja ya. Kalau urusan nilai . . . itu tuh. Liat aja disitu." -sambil nunjuk absen. Dan kalian boleh tau kalau nilai gua adalah nilai terkecil se-antero jagat kelas XII IPA 2 (nggak perlu disebutkan nominalnya kali ya. Ini aib 7 turunan. Lebih - lebih dari aib yang biasa : 7) SHOCK = pasti! gimana bisa gua nggak shock ngeliat nilainya. aduh . . .,bikin gua burning deh. AAAARRRGH!

Ditempat les tadi . . .,nggak ada yang special dan my story was end. haha~
Eh, eh! Tau nggak sih?! Hari ini tuh gua ngeliat anak SMP makan gorengan di angkot (bukannye gua pengen, ya!?) sepulang gua dari les. Iiih~ masa iya, angkot udah ganti fungsi jadi tempat sampah?! Maksudnya, dengan enaknya dia ngebuang sampah bekas makannya di pojokkan angkot dan gua sempat mengabadikan sampah itu :

Could you see the trash? The trash was inside the white circle that I made
Sikap yang tidak patut ditiru. Alasan kenapa gua nggak ngambil itu sampah karena, I don't have any plastic bag which could wrapped it and moreover the rains was fallen down at that time. That's why I didn't pick it. Sorry~

And here's the alley of my house when we're seeing it togetherness with rains

Have a nice day!
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October 17, 2011


Today, I'll posting my daily life on my blog using Indonesian, okay?
Because . . . I had lots of explanation which I think I couldn't use my English well to describe it. So, I prefer to use Indonesian than English. But, I think I will put some sentences using English too. hehe. Then, let's start my story!

Hari ini gua nulis di scheduler bahwa senin ini merupakan senin yang menyenangkan karena nggak ada PR buat gua sebagai pelajar tentunya. Rasanya . . ,kayak dilemparin duit IDR 100.000 yang banyak ke muka kita [halah! ngayal!] Dan ternyata perkiraan gua itu bener! 
  • Hal pertama yang bikin hari ini menyenangkan adalah . . . Nggak belajar di pelajaran pertama karena, guru-guru pada ngadaain rapat keputusan nilai.
  • Hal kedua yang bikin gua 'bahagia' sama hari ini adalah . . . I don't need to get my remedial for Biology subject! Hahaha~ Thank You Allah SWT for passing me on Biology subject and I hope it happen to all of the subjects which tested on the Mid Semester Test. Amin . . . .
  • Hal ketiga yang melengkapi kebahagiaan gua hari ini yaitu [ganti ah, jangan adalah melulu] gua 'hanya' mengeluarkan uang sebesar IDR 2.000 untuk ongkos pulang ke rumah. Gimana nggak seneng?! Rasanya, gua itu kayak lompat-lompat diatas matras sekolah [??] Kejadian ini terjadi akibat adanya kemacetan yang disebabkan oleh 'Si KOMO'. Si KOMO terbaring lemas di perempatan Talang [deket Graha Indah] #apa banget sih~. Intinya mah, hari ini tuh di daerah Talang macet 'aja' dan membuat para supir angkot memalingkan rutenya ke arah perumahan Indra Prasta yang berujung melewati Perumahan Tanah Baru yang tak lain dan tak bukan adalah perumahan dimana rumah gua dibangun = IRIT
But, there's a thing which could make my day became worse : I must continuing my paint this night. I hate it the most even though, there's no HOMEWORK for tomorrow. That's it. HAH!! I need somebody to help me to do this things. aaah~ Help me please . . .

Have a nice day!
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October 15, 2011

It's not my day

Today ... I didn't broke my promise ~ yeeey!
I'm not cheating for today's subjects!! But, there was a things that make me (a bit) worried : the selection of a person who will delegate us to the English Speech Contest. That's it. I didn't took it. I leave it~ Aaaaah . . . I lose my chance (my first and last chance which came once into my life) I lose and leave it as my decision. I was thought of it before I leave. And now, I'm regret it. uaaaaaa . . . .~ #crying

And this evening I read more than 100pages of my second novels that I read.
The title is The Queen Must Die by K.A.S QUINN.
The Price of this book is IDR 42.000.
Love it! It talked about a girl times traveler, named Katie. She trapped on the Victorian's era accidentally. Till she met a young lady called Alice and a child of court physician named James O'Reilly. She tried to back to her era, but she can't. #seru banget deh ceritanya! -padahal gua baca baru setengah halaman dari 330pages yang ada.

I watched an Asian Drama Musical called The Kitchen Musical which aired on Metro TV in Indonesia. My friend, Indri who told me about this drama. Love it. Full of funny things which actually it's a common things. I watch it because of Christian Bautista!! hahaha -he's so handsome. wooow~ make me melting

Oh ya! You know? Indonesia will held a Royal Wedding too like Prince William and Princess Kate. But, it's a Royal Wedding for Keraton Yogyakarta version. Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono's daughter who will married a man called Achmad Ubaidillah. I can't wait for the next news of it.

Have a nice day!
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October 14, 2011

English Contest

Aaaah! Hear this words was make my ears itchy this noon.
Aaaaah~ aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggh! It makes me nervous, you know? Even though it held on Oct25th, but I was really nervous now. aaaa~ Ya ALLAH SWT, safe me (read : help me) . . 

It's not an ordinary English Contest, it's a debate contest.
#marah-marah pake bahasa inggris aja belum pernah, gimana gua mesti debat pake bahasa inggris. Tidur aja deh gua kalau gitu.
In school, if there's any debate contest, I prefer to locked off my mouth than shouted anything that I like. I just do as a passive side in every sessions. Yes, that's me. I was trying to say what my opinion is, but, the result always like this one : I told my friends about my opinion and my friends who will convey the opinion. So, it's like my opinion was their opinion, not mine (#understand what I mean? hohoho)

Then, I broke my promise this morning in school on the test sessions.
Aaaaa .... I promise to not cheating on these mid semester test. But the fact is?!
I was wrong . . .! I did it yesterday and today . . . aaaa -BAD GIRL!!
I won't do it tomorrow on the last day of mid semester test. I won't do it again. Please GOD . . . help me (for not cheating anymore). 

The reasons why I prefer studying than cheating are :
  • Kalau nyontek mesti nengok kanan - kiri (ibarat manu nyebrang jalan) dan belakang. Bisa bikin kita 'SALEH' = Salah Leher #kosakata yang gua dapet dari guru kimia wanita gua di kelas 1
  • Kalau nyontek itu, belum tentu bener! Bisa jadi salah dan bisa (bukan bisa lagi, PASTI) ngurangin point kita. Yang berujung pada jurang REMEDIAL.
  • Kalau belajar itu, kita bisa paham sendiri. Kalau nyontek, kita pake paham orang lain. Nggak banget deh ikut-ikut paham orang lain. Kita mesti teguh pada pendirian awal kita bahwa : "Nyontek adalah sebagian dari Remedial." -seperti apa yang telah gua lakukan hari ini
  • Istilah OB a.k.a Open Book, buang jauh-jauh deh! Itu sih sama aja artinya kita lagi latihan, dan bukan ulangan. Fungsi dari ulangan sendirikan mengulang materi yang sudah pernah kita dapet -ngukur tolok ukur kemampuan kita sih intinya mah. Cape banget kalau misalnya udah open book, tapi masih remedial! Apa lagi yang udah hi-tech dikit (baca : HP) idih~ inget DOSA!
Which wrote on the top was only my opinion. hehe~
So, find your own way to not make the same mistaken twice on your life -conclusion.

Have a nice day!
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October 12, 2011

Today is ...

The subjects which tested today is Physics and Religions.
For physics subject : I hate you more than anything (?) - No! The most hated subjects for me is Chemistry. Not only because of the teacher, but also the material - haaaah! From the 6 questions that my teacher gave us this morning, I could answer 5 of it. I don't know if my answers would be correct, but I hope so. HAHA~ But the reward point for me is ... I didn't took a peak when the mid semester test was going on. That's a small things which could bring a big impacts for our life (realized it or not) -my opinion. Sometimes (it's usually not sometimes) if we did something RIGHT, firstly it would feels hurt. But, behind the pain that we got, there will be a sweetness which tucked inside. Trust your self (?!)

For religions subject : yeeey! The questions was looked alike with the questions that my teacher gave us on the daily test which held before the the mid semester test implemented. That's why I could answer it well (a bit). Thank you Sir! haha

Bahasa Indonesia version :

Buat fisika : ELO - GUE - END! = anjeun - kuring - enggeusan! = ihr - ich - ende!
Ngeliat soalnya aja udah bikin otak guling-guling dikepala. Gimana ngerjainnya?! Ditinggal tidur deh sama gua kalau bisa mah. hahaha #khayalan. Kok bisa sih orang sepintar dan sejenius kalian ngerjain soal yang susah? Saya aja nggak bisa!? -memaksakan kehendak = nyolot. Gimana nggak nyolot! Semua yang ada disoal itu, pernah gua kerjain waktu latihan dikelas dan alhasil, gua nyantai aja diem (nggak bisa maksudnya). Give up deh gua sama fisika. Apalagi sama si KIMI (panggilan akrab KIMIa) nggak punya niat buat berhubungan dekat sama dia. aaah~

Buat Pendidikan Agama Islam : Thank you Allah SWT it was like a blessing for me. Thank you Sir for gave us a questions which alike with our daily test. Thank you all (?) Makasih bangeeeed ya, buat yang satu ini. Yang kali ini sih gua yakin nggak diremedial -Amin ....

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October 10, 2011

1st day of Mid Semester Test

Today is a really tired day for the early weeks.
The subjects which tested this morning is Biology and English.
The questions was so-so (not arrogant) that's why I could answer it (well). But one thing that makes me mumbled every seconds was my carelessness #repot banget bacanya. haha. My friend told me that she answered the indirect speech question using 'Verb 2', but I answered it using 'was' in English subject. Aaaaah! I was wrong, and I accepted it.

If I remembered about ENGLISH, it reminds me to a crazy person who lived near from my house areas. My mother told me about that crazy person (woman). My mother said that this crazy person is different from another crazy person that I ever met (?). This woman could write a letter using ENGLISH. G-O-S-H !-! unbelievable ... that's one words which came out from my mouth immediately after heard that news. How can be a crazy persons wrote a letter using English? I thought my English is worse than her -give applause

Finally!!! I found a site which make us could watch Nodame part II online. yeaaah!
I'm happy~ I'm happy~ I'm happy~ uuu yeah!
And I was finished watch it this evening (after arrived from the course) love it! Actually the ending is like what I was predicted before, but it's a different ending (not because the ending is a kissing scene, but a things that make me happy about the ending is ...) Chiaki belongs to Nodame!!! Want to see the several scenes which I took? Here they are :

It's the scenes where the Strezemann imagine the orchestra between Nodame and Chiaki

This scene reminds me to the poster of Nodame Cantabile's movie part II. Love it!! yeey!

It's the kissing scenes what I mean. But, when I watched it, I just waiting for the ending of these scene. I don't know the reason is. kikikik~ for watch this movie, click here -part II only

Hari ini juga hari pertama Try Out di NF.
Subhanallah~ Soalnya ... nggak banget! Lebih mual dan jijik dari pada mesti ngeliat ulat-ulat yang montok-montok itu. Megang sih berani (still yakin deh gua bisa ngerjain semua soalnya dengan tepat waktu) tapi waktu ngerjain #MUAL-MUAL. Gimana nggak?! Menurut gua tuh ya, TPA serta antek-anteknya itu cocoknya dikerjain dengan waktu lebih dari 1 jam. Secara, mikir (IYA), baca (IYA!), menimbang-nimbang (IYA!!), otak jadi ngebul (BANGET!), laper (Tingkat DEWA~) dan alhasil gua nggak ngerjain lebih dari 15 soal #sedih? jangan ditanya! banget itu sih!

Belum lagi nyontek ke temen (Sari pastinya) kan butuh energi untuk memalingkan muka ke belakang #elee~. Ngeliat sih ngeliat, tapi nggak gua copy-paste sama sekali (kecuali no.1) -punten banget ya sar. Dan itu adalah bagian mateMATIka yang dimana belum gua isi sama sekali #sedih banget. Belum lagi nanti test terakhir hari rabu (lusa) yang isinya mateMATIka, fisiKAMPRET, kimiASEM, dan Biologi. Angkat kaki deh saya lama-lama (?)

My POUPEE  screen :

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October 09, 2011

Mid Semester

Tomorrow is the day! #alay banget deh~
The Mid Semester Test was in front of my face. But I haven't study either about the subjects which would test tomorrow. Aaaah~ I'm lazy in the holiday especially Friday.
I planned for studying hard this morning, but the result is sleeping in the middle of my study. When I woke up (at 1pm) I forgot that my mother told me to kept watching her gas stove because she was boiled something in it. Then, I jumped off from my bed and see if it's okay, or ... burnt ?! And ... the result is ... the gas stove was off. Huuuuh~ I'm safe.

All the day, I just learn about Biology.
You must know that tomorrow, I will take many test (both in the morning and in the afternoon). Such as : Biology test and English test at school then, Academic Potential Test, Basic Math, English and Indonesian at course. Waaaah~ It's a bunch of works, right?!

It means, I should ends my story here and see you tomorrow ...

Have a nice day!
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October 08, 2011

Rainy = HURRAY!!

Rainy fallen down this morning at the moment I prepared for schools.
I was both really happy and sad. Happy for rainy and sad for school.
Reason :
  • HAPPY = because finally the soils were watering by the rain. yeaaah! Loud for the farmer! (YIPPIE!!) They could get their paddy back from the drought which tight them for several months ago. I hope you'll happy -farmer ~(''~)  (~'')~
  • SAD = because my uniform would get wet when I arrived school.

I imagine my day is like Nodame Cantabile's life.
I don't know how to explain it now, but what I felt this morning is really BAD.
I met chemistry, religion, and biology subjects as well. I didn't like those subjects too much.
and because of it , I only kept silence at school with nothing to do besides wrote my novel.
Arrived home, I draw something on my 'mini' sketch book :

Have a nice day!
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October 05, 2011

wednesday = hari ABRI

Today is like another day, I went to the courses at 2.30pm and ends at 4.30pm.
Like usual lah~ And like usual too, my day was fulfilled with nothing (0). I hate today because of some reasons which I don't know either. HAHAHA. Today I really wanted to do something right, but it doesn't work at all

My phone is broken this evening!!! aaaaah~
But it's not my fault at all! It's the phone's fault! -nggak mau disalahin
I hate it, friends! You know? My phone was on my hand since 2009 and it means I was hold my phone approximately for 2 years! aaaah! Actually, it's not a huge damage but it makes the screen a bit defected. My mother haven't know about it. I haven't tell her about my phone. If she knows, she will angry to me.

Hari ini juga kan Hari ABRI ya (!?) terus ...
Heboh banget kayaknya untuk Hari ABRI tahun ini. Soalnya Hyun Bin (the one of famous entertainer from South Korea) come to Indonesia as a delegation from his country. Nggak jelas banget deh~ (menurut gua). Nggak ngerti juga kenapa gua mesti bilang bahwa ini tuh aneh banget. Nggak ngerti deh gua sendiri. Rasanya ada yang aneh aja gitu. Secara, kayanya bangga banget gitu ya Hyun Bin dateng ke Indonesia yang notabennya dia hanya sebagai perwakilan negaranya di Indonesia. Kalau menurut gua sih biasa aja. Tapi kenapa temen-temen gua pada antusias ya?! Ko gua biasa aja ya? hahaa -efeknya beda kali ya sama yang nyangkut ke gua (?)

And for today, my chairmate and I make a sketch in the canvas.
GOSH! it's my first masterpiece (excessive). hahaha
I won't ruin it. I promised.
* I'll post the picture soon

Since my house is being renovated, I really very feels uncomfortable at home and makes me want to hanging out all day long! And I plan to watch a movie which titled 'Simfoni Luar Biasa' at cinema and 'The Unborn Child'. For the unborn child, it's a thai horror movie.

Have a nice day!
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October 03, 2011

early morning

Ahsan and Bona (a Young Badminton Players from Indonesia) got a GOLD medal in Indonesia Open Grand Prix Gold at East of Borneo. I was finished watch the Detective Conan Movie series III 2 days ago. Uaaah! They leaved clue in the end of the movies and it makes me more, more and more want to watch it!

Hari ini tuh masuk sekolah ya!
I'm lazy to go to school today ... I need a passion to wake me up. grook~ grook~
Today is time to study, time to do the test well, time to sleep (?)