October 04, 2013

while the lesson is still going

Okay, today in the classroom, the lesson is totally not interesting.
The Lecturer only checking our tasks and then the whole class is totally focus on their own activities. Like those pictures below. As you can see, we're even able to take a picture inside the class. hehehe. The lecturer didn't even aware that we're posing like and that. Fortunately, when the lecturer left his chair and start to walk around the class, we didn't get caught, except my another friend who sat in the behind. Thank You Allah SWT. For the photo application, usually I'm using webcam toy.

person in crime : (3 picture above started from the 1st one) -> Tiwi, Me, and Dhita.
the last picture above -> Tiwi, Me, Dhita, and Riris

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September 08, 2013

another blog

Today, I make a new blog from a site, named ameblo.jp.
they have many kind of characters inside (emoticons). that's why I want to make it. kikikik. actually, I have been keeping my eyes on that site for 2 years.

try to visit it (here)

September 01, 2013

hi september

new day
new month
new semester
new place to be placed
wished that 'September' can make my day is wonderful like another day in another month.

August 21, 2013

SPEC *final movies*

After watching the last movie of SPEC and the ending still has a mystery. because the ending still make a big question mark. that's why I keep browsing the information and I find their official website :

to visit the website, click here.

finally! *kyaaaaaaa~
entah gimana jadi suka banget sama film ini. awalnya sih, karena film ini hampir tidak mengandung unsur romantis sama sekali dan ada 'darah-darah'-nya gitu. heee. and also because of the lead actress which played on this film, Erika Toda and Ryo Kase. what a perfect couple for this film! (ever) I hope their last movies which will be aired on November 1st (SPEC: Close~Progress Version) and November 29th (SPEC: Close~ Crisscross Version) this year also have a great ending! try to watch the trailer? click here.

you must watch this film and before watch this movie, you need to watch the drama.
so that, you'll understand the threads of the story.
*here, to watch the drama and (1) (2) its sequels.
I give  for its drama and the sequels.

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ps: I've been put the movies link right on the title of each episodes, so feel free to watch it there and enjoy!

August 14, 2013

homeless kitten

this post is talk about the homeless kitten.
this kitten is recently come in to my house. when the first time this kitten come in to my house, its fur was stands upright (I think he/she is chilled), and its shout *meow* *meow* so that I give he/she a cup of milk and some meat (leftovers meat). and the kitten eats pretty well.

3 pictures above is the kitten that I mentioned before.
Its looks cute, but . . . my parents disallow me to take care of this kitten. they afraid that this homeless kitten have a serious illness, so that I let this kitten go. go back to his/ her previous home. bye homeless kitten!

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August 13, 2013

h.b.d august girl!

birthday doesn't have special meaning inside my brain.
birthday means that we're getting older and need to be a better person (both of personally and mentally) in life. birthday also means that we need to get closer to Allah SWT, and prayed :
"Allah SWT, please don't let me turning my attention from You and guide me to the straight way that blessed by You. Also, Thank You for everything that you've already gave me."

August 11, 2013


the times has come in to Indonesia.
today is the awesome day ever for The BWF World Championships which held in Guangzhou, China. Indonesia got 2 titles for Mixed Double and Male Double. Waaaah! What a great gift for the upcoming Indonesia's Independence day! The 1st picture is Mixed Double team consists of Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir (3), they played against Xu Chen and Ma Jin (1) from China. And as the result, Indonesia win the games with scores 21-13, 16-21, and 22-20. The 2nd picture is Male Double team which consists of Hendra Setiawan and Mohammad Ahsan (6), they played against Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen (3) from Denmark. The games played 2 sets straight with scores 21-13 and 23-21. To watch their matches, click here and here.

okay . . .,
gua akui, meskipun gua ngga pergi melihatnya langsung di China sana dan hanya bisa menyaksikan permainan itu dalam layar televisi, tapi gua ikut bangga kok sama hasilnya. Subhanallah banget. ngga nyangka aja. udah hopeless tuh karena mixed double Indonesia udah ketinggalan 2 angka dari China. apa mau dianya (?!) udah pasrah deh dapet runner up. tapi ternyata, Allah berkehendak lain. Indonesia menang~ sebuah perjuangan keras yang berbuah manis. Bapak Presiden RI juga menyampaikan rasa senangnya terhadap prestasi yang telah ditorehkan oleh 2 ganda Indonesia yang diunggulkan itu, berikut kutipannya :

“ Saya sangat bangga, saya dan para menteri menyaksikan langsung pertandingan ini. Saya juga sangat terharu, apalagi saat bendera Indonesia berkibar dan lagu Indonesia Raya dikumandangkan. Terima kasih atas perjuangan Tontowi/Liliyana, Pak Gita, dan semuanya, kata Presiden SBY seperti disampaikan Liliyana kepada badmintonindonesia.org.

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copyright : here, here, and here

August 08, 2013

happy eid mubarak 1434 H

Happy Eid Mubarak 1434 H
*to all moslems over the world*
I'm sorry that I ever made a mistake in the past. Let's forgive each other and open the new page of life. Try to be a better person in the real life (don't just arguing around) and happy eid mubarak everyoneeeeee! I think I need to renew my blog to be a better blog. so that, the spammer didn't joke around with my blog. amen.

astrid & her BIG family

August 04, 2013

what a bad holiday (ever)

"please deh. liburan kuliah kali ini rasanya bukan liburan. ngga diizinin pergi, kecuali ada temennya."

what a bad holiday ever! but it's okay. I'm just doing 'fine' inside my house.
don't expect any good things happen in my life. my smile didn't worth for any common things. sometimes, those smile is just a frame to be seen by people means 'I'm fine'.

today is the fasting or Ramadhan month.
Allah really is blessing this month. I think I must not do anything that could be ruining this month. I think, I shouldn't do that. please keep that in mind, taaaa! 

July 29, 2013

did you realize?

when I went to mosque to take tarawih pray, the ustadz told us about the reason why we're really hard to wake up to take a pray in the morning. did you realize that when we didn't wake up in the morning to take a pray, it means that the jinn tie us tightly in 3 layers. so that, to avoid the jinn tie us tightly, before we sleep, try to read :

  • Surah Ayat al Kursi
  • Surah Al-Ikhlas
  • Surah Al-Falaq
  • Surah An-Nas
the ustadz said that those surah can help us to wake up in the morning and the jinn doesn't tie us tightly. and . . . . . to make the jinn disappear from us, you need to :
  • wake up for pray in the morning (remember because of Allah SWT)
  • take wudu
  • the last is take a pray

hope it can help you, guys *who hard to take a pray in the morning.
this method also can be applied to take an early pray like Tahajud, Istikharah, etc.


malem ini, ketika saya pergi ke mushola untuk melaksanakan sholat tarawih, pada saat kultum, pak ustadz memberitahu kita alasan mengapa kita sulit untuk bangun pagi untuk melaksanakan sholat subuh. apakah kamu menyadarinya bahwa ketika kita tidak bangun di pagi hari untuk sholat subuh, tandanya jin sedang menglilit tubuh kita dengan kuat dalam 3 lapis. maka dari  itu, untuk menghindari jin menglilit tubuh kita dengan kuat, sebelum tidur, sebaiknya membaca :
  • Ayat Kursi
  • Surat Al-Ikhlas
  • Surat Al-Falaq
  • Surat An-Nas
  • p.s: biasanya sih aku juga suka baca do'a agar kita ngga diganggu sama yang ngga keliatan itu (berhubung aku suka kena ganggu) dan pastinya do'a sebelum tiduuur!!
pak ustadz bilang kalau surat-surat itu dapat menolong kita untuk bisa bangun pagi dan jin tidak menglilit kita dengan kuatnya. dan . . . . . . untuk membuat jin hilang/ pergi dari kita, yang harus kalian lakukan :
  • bangun untuk sholat subuh (karena ingat kepada Allah SWT)
  • ambil wudhu
  • yang terakhir adalah sholat subuh

saya harap ini bisa sedikit membantu kalian, teman-teman *bagi yang susah untuk sholat subuh

tetap semangat untuk 10hari terakhir bulan Ramadhan ini, yaaaa!
ayo, berlomba-lomba mengumpulkan amal kita di bulan yang penuh dengan berkah.
jangan lupa, tadarusnya juga dilanjutin setelah bulan Ramandhan usai.

the loneliness

mmm . . .
sebenernya, udah males banget untuk nulis di Blog sendiri.
kenapa? ya karena para spammer itu. gua ngga mau akibat mereka, blog gua jadi mempunyai citra yang buruk. padahal, pada kenyataannya gua ngga pernah nulis yang aneh-aneh kok, kecuali tentang aktivitas atau kegiatan yang gua lakukan. ngga lebih dari itu. tapi kenapa, para spammer malah 'hilir-mudik' kesana-kemari mencari celah untuk bisa membius blog gua *secara tidak langsung.

English ver. :
mmm . . .
why? ya because of those spammers. I don't want that because of them, my blog got a bad impressions. the fact is I never ever wrote any 'suspicious' things, besides about my activities or events that I did. no other than that. But why, the spammers 'back and forth' here and there to find a gap to be able to anesthetize my blog *indirectly.

collage holidays is really bored.
I can't take it anymore. I need my collage days back! Somehow, I don't really like holidays.
holidays means 0. because I really didn't do anything at home. just googling, facebook(-ing?), and playing games. I don't like those things. I hoped and wished that my holiday will be O.K. and changed into an unforgettable collage holidays eveeeeer!

several days ago, my mom celebrate her birthday.
happy birthday mom. don't be angry, I like to say that if you realized, your age has been reduced year by year. keep getting closer to Allah SWT, don't let anything breaks your defenses *especially your faith.
your beautiful daughter 

have a nice day!
happy fasting month and don't let your temper makes your fasting invalid.
thanks for visiting my Blog~

July 26, 2013

hey, you! spammer!

for : the annoying spammer

tolong ya, para spammer!
ngga usah suka nge-spam link deh di blog ini! ngga banget tau ngga sih! Sok-sok naik-in angka pageviewers-nya, yang pada kenyataannya yang berkunjung cuma sedikit. Ih. Ih. please let me stay on my line peacefully. don't disturb me anymore, spammer. and I really don't like it. get lost!

July 21, 2013

happy fasting

wiiiii . . . .
it has been 2 weeks that I didn't post anything inside this Blog. It has its own reason, loh! It's because I'm afraid that the spammers will 'hit' my blog again for spamming. It's extremely disturbs me on my daily posting. Well, well, well, today is the 12th day for fasting month! Alhamdulillah~ Subhanallah banget yaa, udah masuk hari ke-12 puasanyaaaa. Semoga diberikan kekuatan dan rezeki disetiap kegiatan yang kita lakukan di Bulan yang penuh berkah ini (Amin Ya Rabbalallamin).

sebenernya, hari ini pengen banget posting tentang . . . sedikit gambar yang sudah saya gambar selama bulan Juli ini. tapi . . . bad mood abis, lah. karenaaaa . . .,ayah. ayah itu, kalau udah marah, serem. jadi bisa bikin suasana yang tadinya tenang, jadi hening. Ayah kalau marah juga ada sebabnya, diantaranya :

  • Kalau misalnya ayah lagi ngerjain sesuatu dan ada aja hal yang bikin ayah gua jadi males lagi ngerjain pekerjaan yang tadinya ayah sempat kerjakan (e.g. marah sama kakak gua yang dimana dia marah sama ayah karena 'sesuatu' yang sedang dia kerjakan belum ter-save dengan benar). Hellow~ it is a simple matter, bro! don't make it looks like a big problem. just do it again, even we'll feel a bit annoyed.
  • Ketika ayah lagi beres-beres rumah. Itu hawanyaa . . .serem banget. Mungkin kalau di film kartun atau anime, aura ayah udah berubah jadi api kali, ya?! Horror banget deh. jadi, baik gua atau kakak gua, kita lebih memilih untuk berdiam diri dikamar, supaya ngga kena marah ayah.
gua akui, bahwa hubungan antara ayah-anak dirumah gua itu . . . kurang terjalin dengan baik. entah sejak kapan, anak-anak ayah jadi kurang deket sama ayah. padahal, waktu gua SMP, gua masih deket loh sama ayah. . . *entahlah.

untuk menutup perbincangan kita yang singkat ini, I'd like to say :
happy fasting for every moslems in the world, hope that you'll be a better person in this blessed month which come only once a year, and happy fastiiiiiiiiiing month (perhaps days? -hehehe *joking)

have a nice sunday!
and thanks for visiting my Blog

July 06, 2013

what a short holiday (!?)

uaaa . . . .
lot of spammers had been doing 'those kind of short things' to me for this time.
thanks for your spams, huh!? -ngga ada kerjaan lain apa selain spamming?

Last week, I went to Yogyakarta to visit my Grandpa's brothers and sister.
It's kind of short holiday for me as well, because the holiday just been started a week ago. hehehe. In Yogyakarta, I . . . . didn't spend my time to visit many places, because of the times that given by Allah to me is short and . . . in Yogyakarta, there's no relatives that used to be the same age to me. So . . .it's kind of bored and also feeling alone.

The first day in Yogyakarta, I stayed at *Mbah Japar's house (Mbah is Javanese language that refers to Grandpa/ Grandma). He's my grandpa's little brother. We stayed in there for 3 days 2 nights. And for the last day, we stayed in Mbah Supri's house. She's my grandpa's little daughter. In Mbah Japar's house, actually the environment has a beautiful scenery ever! We can see the sun rises and the sun sets. hmm . . . they house wasn't near a beach, but near to the mountain and the International Adi Sutjipto Airport. You also can see the plane clearer than before and how huge it was. Unfortunately, I missed that time. Ngga sempet ngambil gambar sun rise sama sun set-nyaaaaa. Padahal, bagus banget loh pemandangannya. Love~ love~ laaah.

Last day in Yogyakarta is used for . .

It is near from Malioboro Market

my grandfather with his little sister

a bicycle which parked near the gate of Pesanggrahan Taman Sari -Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Inside the Pesanggrahan Taman Sari building

There was an event that held when I visited Yogyakarta. This event located right in the way before we want to reach the Pesanggrahan Taman Sari (after browsing in the internet, I found that the event called FKY 25 constant for Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta 25)

have a nice day and thanks for visiting my Blog!
happy holiday!
happy fasting months!

June 24, 2013


Finally, I stayed at home for 2-3 months ahead.
Because the final exams has over, so . . . it's time for holiday, fasting periods, complete reading Al-Qur'an (amin ya rabbalallamin), Eid's day, getting money from the seniors, slimming time, meeting up with friends, and . . . .many more. Oh ya!

today is my first day in Bogor, but still I worry about the tasks that have been made by me in the 1st semester. one of my task is made from 'matches', so I just keep thinking about this matter : "what if the matches is burn by the sun light?" ; "what if my room is really in a bad state like my friend did with her matches?!" aaaargh. I hope it just what I'm thinking about, and never happen till I come back to Bandung. amin . . coming back home, reminds me when I was in senior high school. rasanya, suasananya, seperti gua balik lagi ke masa SMA. kangen sama temen-temen SMA. semua temen SMA dari yang kenal, sampai yang ngga kenal sekali-pun (meskipun gua termasuk ke dalam orang-orang yang 'ter-lupakan' dalam buta). somehow, I want to meet up with them in one moment before we continue our study in University.

a piece of macarron in my way to go home and a piece of letter which written by myself for cheering myself to do the homework and all of the assignment that I got from the lecturer.

Bandung and its scenery, also Bogor and its flowers.

happy holidays and keep smiling!
have a nice day and thanks for visiting my blog~

June 22, 2013

1st year is (never) ends

hello everyone . .
good night.
tonight is the last night for me to stay inside the dorm.
going to miss this kind of place. the place which I stayed in for about 1 year, lot of memories had been made, like making friends, ordering meals, finishing the homework, and many more.
at first, I was like a . . . . an unknown people who lives by myself and far away from my parents. Living in with lot of people which come from every provinces in Indonesia. waaaw. . .

ngga kerasa banget.
waktu semester 1, masih jadi maba di kampus, segala peraturan lisan dan tertulis gua lakukan secara teratur dan sesuai jalurnya. masuk ke semester 2, udah mulai rada meleset dikit. dateng ke kampus ngepas banget sama waktu masuk, keluar kelas rada awal, udah berani meng-eksplore apa yang gua punya secara bebas, mulai sering begadang dan berduaan sama tugas, daan . . . . banyak lagi lah.

1st semester project

The persons in charge at Documentation Division during the Inauguration days.
There were no female freshmen who joined this division. So, I was the only female in this division.

SIREUM Inaugurations
The inauguration theme for my generation called Sireum (it's the Sundanese for Ant). All of the freshmen in campus, should be a crew (like committee). We need to take a part in the inauguration by being a crew in every division that we can do well.

Sensation for TKMDII XI at Solo. .
it an annual event which held every 2 years in different University. what a memorable event for the closing of 1st semester in campuss! -also being an Interior Design's student.

have a nice day!
have a memorable and a nice year for the freshmen!
and thanks for visiting my Blog~

June 13, 2013


It almost 2 weeks that I didn't post anything in this site.
Occasionally, I was really in a drop condition to know that my site has been attacked by someone who keep spamming his/ her site through my site. Then I told Google about this stuff and . . . I tried my best to protect my blog since then. 本当 に すみませんでした。

Today, I'm at home by doing nothing ,except eating, watching, listening musics, and .  .  . dreaming. You may know that I had a bunch of homework for my final exam next week, but . . . don't know. Suddenly I become someone lazy like someone out there #spending their time by doing nothing.

Entah kenapa, dari kemarin hati gua jadi puitis ketika melihat atau mendengar sesuatu yang sederhana. kadang gua mikir, kalau kesederhanaan itu nikmat banget daripada sesuatu yang berlebihan. Bersyukur banget sama apa yang Allah SWT udah kasih ke gua dan keluarga gua. mungkin, sampai hari ini, inilah hasil dari jerih payah dan semua rencana yang keluarga gua punya. Tetapi, apa daya!? Manusia hanya bisa berencana, sedangkan Allah yang memutuskannya.

Rasanya . . .
hampa. kosong. *tapi gua anti-galau loh.
galau yang orang-orang mayoritas rasakan tuh  . . . galau tentang cinta.
kadang gua juga mikir, ngapain sih orang-orang nge-galau-in cinta. padahalkan masih banyak banget yang bisa digalauin selain cinta, misalnya, SBMPTN gitu. tuh. itu tuh yang bikin gua jadi anggota galau-ers disana. gua galau ketika gua mesti memilih diantara SBMPTN dan uas di kampus. Kenapa mesti barengan, si?! kenapaaaaaaaaaaa? sedih banget. 

" tapi gua udah ikhlas kok. ini, jalan yang udah Allah kasih buat gua dari sekian banyak rencana yang udah gua acc ke Allah. hehe. gua mesti ngejalaninnya dengan sebaik mungkin, karena Kesempatan tak selalu datang dua kali, lebih baik bertindak cepat & salah daripada ragu hingga menyesali kesempatan telah berlalu. - Anonim "

ini ngga becanda loh.
gua mikirin ini matang-matang sampe 2 minggu.
sampe gua curhat sama temen-temen gua tentang ke galau-an ini.
waktu itu tuh, gua seperti seonggok kayu yang mengapung di danau (biar keren dikit) dan di 'pungut' sama orang tua dan temen-temen gua. sedih banget-lah. selama 2 minggu itu, gua jadi kaya anak labil. luntang lantung ngga jelas, suka ngelamunin si SBMPTN, ngegambar ngga jelas (sampe hasilnya aja ngga jelas itu gambar), tapi anehnya, gua jadi tambah lahap untuk makan. ck #susah kalau udah naluri

Have a nice day!
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May 09, 2013

mei - may - 5月 - mai - مايو

" Alhamdulillah, sampai bulan Mei datang, Allah SWT masih mengizinkan saya untuk bernapas di dunia ini. Terima Kasih Ya Allah. "

Hello there!
It had been a week since my last posting.
Sorry for not posting any stories here. My day really were full with the assignments that I got from the lecturer. Hope that you'll enjoy to read my previous posting (from the first posting till the latest posting. ehhehe). Today is a National Holiday in Indonesia, and most all of the residence of the dorm has been gone to their hometown for long weekends. GREAT and I'm envy them. I'm alone here in the room and accompanied with the songs only. 

My first drawing for this month.
There's no theme for this illustration. hohohoho

I make this silhouette today.
I like to collect and imagine all of the girl's stuffs, but I'm not brave enough to wear it outside.

This drawing is the last illustration that I made in last month.
And I'm forgot to post it here, so I post it today.

The sketch which I worked with in this month.
Construction subject. Yeah, in the first year, I really enjoy it, and now, somehow I hate it. hehehe. 

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

hari ini

Hari ini, saya secara tidak sengaja menemukan sebuah link yang ada di salah satu FB teman saya. Subhanallah . . . saya lupa puasa hari ini. Kenapa saya ngga puasa di hari yang bagus ini? -udah libur dan jauh dari segala aktivitas berat yang biasa saya lakukan di kampus. Ya Allah, lupaaaaa. . . .
Bagi kalian yang sedang berpuasa atau tidak, yuk kita lihat apa yang saya temukan tadi!

Perhatikan hadist ini:
"Tiga orang yang do'anya tidak tertolak:
1. Do'a orang yang shaum sampai berbuka,
2. Do'a pemimpin yang adil, dan
3. Do'a orang yang dizalimi
Allah menggantungnya (do'a itu) diatas mega. Dan berfirman, Demi Kemuliaan-Ku, Aku akan menolongmu walau sampai akhir zaman."  (H.R. Tirmidzi)

Ayo yang punya keinginan?
"Semoga Allah hadirkan didalam keturunan kita, anak yang solih dan solihat, yang kelak membantu kita di dunia maupun akhirat, " -Aamiin..

#saya kutip dari : link ini

Beberapa hari yang lalu juga, saya menemukan :

Empat kata yang memiliki makna berbeda:

Have a nice day!
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April 20, 2013

mid term test is . . .

"mid term test is over."
Alhamdulillah . . . Thank You, Allah SWT. . . 
Basic Photography is the subject that I'm afraid of. But, my score was not that bad. so I was celebrating it by cleaning up my room and then had an enough sleep for 5hours. waaa . . . 


Yesterday, I found my drawing in a stack of papers ( because on this week there were a mid term test, my room is really messy. but its easier to find something that I needed ). The drawings from the past 2 months and when I felt boring in the class, I just doodling in my book -full of drawing

this picture is the oldest one.
I drew it in my first semester in university.

the picture above is my illustration when I'm filling empty inside but not outside.
kalau bahasa gaulnya sih, gua lagi galau ketika itu. tapi kalau ditanya kenapa gambar itu, ya ngga tau?! ngga tau kenapa, pas ngegambar jadinya begituuuu aja~ hhehehe

this picture is the continuous from before. hehe

the illustrating ideas come from "Alice in Wonderland" book's that I had. but this Alice is a bit mysterious from the Alice that Lewis Carroll made. I admire his books. And which make me more exciting about Alice is . . . I found an old movie from Alice in Wonderland! hehe. "Wonder"-ing to know? click here.

it was nothing.
just helping my friend with her typography assignment. the lecturer told her to make a new font with a new name also, but with Indonesia's theme.

just illustrating my friend's faces and dreaming about what should I drew in this piece of white paper.

little red riding hood.
I drew it in the middle of computer class.

the newest drawing.
it is about my friends and I. pssst . . . I made 'giggle scheme' as google chrome for the ancient era, and tadpole as twitter. hehehe

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog, also keep drawing!

April 10, 2013

blood donation

In the morning, I had done a blood donation at campus.
Blood donation is the one of the most exciting event which written on my list as 'a must to do' things besides book fair, photo exhibition, short-movie launcher, fashion show, etc. It held on 10am till 2pm. And I asked my friend to take a photo of me ,because I want to show it to my parents that their daughter had been donated her blood for other people. Hehehe

Donor darah menurut gua . . .
Bikin nagih! Ini tuh acara yang gua tunggu-tunggu setelah gua nyoba untuk yang pertama kalinya tahun kemarin. Ya Allah . . .nagih deh, beneran! Jadi, untuk kalian disanaaaa: (fact about blood donation)

Ayo beranikan diri kalian untuk mendonorkan sekantung darah segar yang kita punya kepada orang lain yang membutuhkan di luar sana!
-jangan mau kalah sama aku yaaa

* * *

a story after donating my blood :
what I felt after my blood was taking is . . .my hand is a bit weak (is it happened because I haven't taken my breakfast in the morning, perhaps?)
so that, my friend who accompanied me, taking care all of the things that I carried to campus today -especially sketch book and camera. but I don't want to make other people felt hard if they walked together with me in that condition. then, the resolution is . . . I opened my dorm room's door using my left hand and . . . I let my friend who accompanied me to take a rest for a while before we were going back to campus.

another friend asked my when we walked together to campus after it,
"How much blood that they took?"
"Mmmmm. . .1 pack of blood bag."
"How much? 1 liter?"
"Perhaps?! Haaaah!? I must be fainted after they taking my blood that much. 250ml = 250cc, perhaps!?"
"Ooooh, ya, ya, ya. Because I kept resembling how much your blood is taken with a gallon of water in our room."
"You must be insane ,huh!? Comparing it with water in a gallon?"
-and our talking ended there

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog.
also, don't forget to donate your blood (ya) at the nearest hospital in your city~

March 30, 2013


from yesterday, I couldn't help myself to not playing a games on my laptop.
it's kind of habitual actions when long holidays weekend is coming.
even, I'm aware that i had bunch of homework to be done quickly.
and when I'm thinking in a while, myself turns out like . . . . .

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sleeping. eating. playing = what mammals done.

Have a nice weekends!
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March 16, 2013


" I think I need to know about myself and everything surrounded me.
I think I need to be more patient like before.
I think I need to change my new behavior.
I think I need to be concerned about other people's life.
I think I need to be more concern about the subjects which I got today. yesterday. and onwards.
I think I need to get closed to my family members.
I think I need to study.
I think I need to . . . "

There were so many I think I need . . which really I need to do in this short life which sometimes will be destroyed by ALLAH SWT. Just I don't know, when the time comes to mylife. I think I need to . . .sleep now. I need to wake up at 5am ,because for this Saturday only I got an extra lesson for constructions class -happy! 

I bought 2pcs of English Classical Books. Because I have no idea what should I buy as a 'souvenir' in Tuesday [03/12]. So, I choose Alice's Adventure and Sherlock Holmes, IDR 40.000 per books. I bought it at TIMES bookstore inside Bandung Indah Plaza. I love a place which filled with books.

# Now Playing: Jung Eunji ft. Seo In Gook-우리 사랑 이대로 Love Story Part 2(Ost. Answer Me 1997)

February 22, 2013


Halo semuanya!
seperti yang kalian lihat, mungkin hari ini aku akan menulis cerita menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia -English : Like what you've seen, perhaps today I'll writing using Indonesian.
But, before starting my post, I'll greet you first, friends from over the world! yeeaaaay!

Good [early] Morning!
I'm glad to greet you here again after vacuum for a month.
I'm really sorry that I couldn't share any experiences that I ever got since University's life. It caused I had lot of  task to be done as soon as the task is given. Even though I had a month for holiday, I didn't used it at all. Because I'm using it for TKMDII XI at Solo. I'm the one that became a delegation there to represent my University. Mmm . . . . These stories below is the short version of 7days at TKMDII XI in Solo, Central Java.

: : First Day : :

You need to know that I was stayed in campus at 3:00am.
We gathered in front of the campus gates in the [very] early morning. You can imagine how do I looked that morning. Okay. We arrived in train station at 6:00am and reached Solo about 4:30pm. Hari pertama ini, gue udah dikerjain sama senior 2011 maupun 2010. Rasanya!? Jangan ditanya deh. Bakal bikin kalian nggak betah untuk berdiam diri disuatu tempat. Singkat cerita, gua emang kebagian duduk sendiri dikereta pagi itu, dan kedua mata gue tertuju pada sawah yang hijau membentang. Menurut pengelihatan semua senior dan temen-temen gue, gue itu lagi galau. Padahal, gara-gara emang nggak ada kerjaan aja due ngeliat kearah sawah! Sorry. Gue. Anti-Galau. Sampailah masalah gue pada klimaks-nya pagi itu. Semua senior ngerubungin gue, dan gue digodain sama semua senior yang ada dan gue hanya bisa terdiam membatu diantara mereka. Hanya satu yang mereka inginkan, yaitu gua pindah ke barisan belakang yang emang lebih banyak penghuni kampus gue. Tapi, gue memilih untuk menyendiri. Nah! Alasan inilah yang bikin semua senior mikir kalau gue lagi galau. Hmph. Sampe gue udah pindah tempat duduk, masih diikutin dan digodain loh sama senior. Malu gueeeee. Setiap ketemu gua, ingetnya : "Kamu yang orang Bogor itu ya!?" atau "Kamu yang galau waktu dikereta itu, ya!?"

: : Second Day : :

Hari kedua merupakan pagi pertama gua di Solo.
Kita tidak melakukan kegiatan apa-pun kecuali ngelanjutin bikin maket bareng sama senior 2010. Lalu malamnya, gua diminta untuk ikutan mendekor stand Univ.gua di UNS. Alhamdulillah, malem itu banyak yang beniiiiing 

: : Third Day : :

Hari ketiga merupakan hari kedua di SOLO.
Sumfah! Solo itu, asik banget -baik di pagi hari maupun di malam hari. Kenapa?
Karena, pada pagi hari lu bisa sarapan di warteg yang murah abis dan nggak lebih dari Rp 5.000 dan malemnya! kalian bisa nemuin 'angkringan' -kaya warteg juga, tapi bukanya malem a.k.a nasi kucing- makanannya enak-enak. Lumayan lah buat makan malem. Kedua alasan itulah yang bikin gua betah tinggal di Solo. I  Solo. Hari ini, di standnya , gua cuma muter-muter masuk ke stand univ.lain dan. . .satu hal yang bikin gua sia-sia dateng ke solo waktu itu adalah : gua lupa bawa memori card -jadi, kamera gua ngga ada memorinya. Konyol banget. Temen gua aja sampe bilang : "Jayus banget lu ta! Bawa kamera, tapi nggak ada memorinya! Tsk."

: : Fourth Day : :

Hari ini ada workshop!
Workshop lepas gitu. Bikin topeng lukis. Berhubung gue ikut yang hari kedua workshop itu, jadi hari ini gua nggak ikutan workshop. Cuma ngeliatin temen gua aja yang ikutan bareng sama senior 2010.

The one who wore purple dress is my friend, Tiwi and the one who wore blue shirt is my senior year 2010. Both of them painted it well, so their mask nominated as the top 5 best mask. The mask that they painted is the one which colored with purple and pink. When Tiwi make a new creation, she didn't even forget to put purple colors in every inches of her creations. Trust me. You need to she her creation which filled with purples.

Dan mereka malah mainan sama topeng yang udah 1/2 jadi.
Topeng yang mukanya putih dan punya kumis itu, punya senior gua ,angkatan 2011.
Jadi, setipa universitas mewakilkan 4perwakilannya disetiap acara workshop.

: : Fifth Day : :

Seharusnya sih, pada hari keempat gua di Solo, gua ikutan workshop lepas part 2.
Tapi, karena bangku yang tersedia untuk itu hanya tinggal untuk 1orang, jadinya, gua sama temen gua memutuskan untuk ngga ikutan workshop itu. Kita malah muter-muter ngelilingin stand setiap universitas dan foto-fotoin yang ada disitu. Termasuk, cowok kecenya looh! Ahahahaha! Oh iya! FYI, Universitas gua, berhasil masuk kedalam 2 kandidat besar untuk menjadi tuan rumah TKMDII selanjutnya bersama dengan Univeritas Trisakti. Namun, sangat disayangkan, Universitas gua belum bisa menjadi tuan rumah untuk TKMDII selanjutnya, dan jabatan itu jatuh ke tangan Universitas Trisakti. Congratss loh!

Sorenya, gua bersama sebagian rombongan pergi jalan-jalan ke Pasar Klewer!!
Pasar itu, berada dekat area Keraton. Lumayan enaklah suasananya. Kita cuma dikasih waktu 2jam kurang untuk belanja. Ngga puas sih emang, karena gua belum bisa ngebeliin Ibu gua Batik Solo sebagai oleh-oleh. Tapi, ya apa daya?! Sudahlah. Nih fotonyaaaaa!

: : Sixth Day : :

Hari ini merupakan hari terakhir 'kita' di Solooooo.
Sedih banget. Pengen banget ikutan Closing Ceremony-nya TKMDII ini, tapi . . . keadaan berkata lain. Kita mesti packing untuk pulang Minggu paginya. Maaf banget nih, Rima sama Deni. Hanya beberapa dari kita aja yang ikutan closing ceremony. Hemmmph.

LO [Liaison Officer] kampus gue : Deni sama Rima

: : Seventh Day : :

Goodbye soloooooooooo.
gonna miss you sooooon 

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

January 31, 2013

. . .

Hi, friends!
It has been a while after my latest posting last year.

Today, I'm come back from the darkest place in my life, named University. University's life was not like you've imagine before. It was scarier than its look. When I was in high school, I ever imagine how would my future university is, but now. . . It kinda . . . . problem. Hehehe. 

YES, you can dream about your own choices and lives, but let's try to think about the bitter things first. I am. Now, I'm acted as a victim of the excessive (day) dreaming. Try to not thinking an extravagant thing, just think about an ordinary thing (ever). Sometimes, the ordinary thing can be an awesome thing ever! -short of my story 


They. They who filled up my laugh battery and my emotions under their spells.

They're the one who shining my day
left - right : Salsa . Riris . Dhita