June 22, 2013

1st year is (never) ends

hello everyone . .
good night.
tonight is the last night for me to stay inside the dorm.
going to miss this kind of place. the place which I stayed in for about 1 year, lot of memories had been made, like making friends, ordering meals, finishing the homework, and many more.
at first, I was like a . . . . an unknown people who lives by myself and far away from my parents. Living in with lot of people which come from every provinces in Indonesia. waaaw. . .

ngga kerasa banget.
waktu semester 1, masih jadi maba di kampus, segala peraturan lisan dan tertulis gua lakukan secara teratur dan sesuai jalurnya. masuk ke semester 2, udah mulai rada meleset dikit. dateng ke kampus ngepas banget sama waktu masuk, keluar kelas rada awal, udah berani meng-eksplore apa yang gua punya secara bebas, mulai sering begadang dan berduaan sama tugas, daan . . . . banyak lagi lah.

1st semester project

The persons in charge at Documentation Division during the Inauguration days.
There were no female freshmen who joined this division. So, I was the only female in this division.

SIREUM Inaugurations
The inauguration theme for my generation called Sireum (it's the Sundanese for Ant). All of the freshmen in campus, should be a crew (like committee). We need to take a part in the inauguration by being a crew in every division that we can do well.

Sensation for TKMDII XI at Solo. .
it an annual event which held every 2 years in different University. what a memorable event for the closing of 1st semester in campuss! -also being an Interior Design's student.

have a nice day!
have a memorable and a nice year for the freshmen!
and thanks for visiting my Blog~

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