August 21, 2013

SPEC *final movies*

After watching the last movie of SPEC and the ending still has a mystery. because the ending still make a big question mark. that's why I keep browsing the information and I find their official website :

to visit the website, click here.

finally! *kyaaaaaaa~
entah gimana jadi suka banget sama film ini. awalnya sih, karena film ini hampir tidak mengandung unsur romantis sama sekali dan ada 'darah-darah'-nya gitu. heee. and also because of the lead actress which played on this film, Erika Toda and Ryo Kase. what a perfect couple for this film! (ever) I hope their last movies which will be aired on November 1st (SPEC: Close~Progress Version) and November 29th (SPEC: Close~ Crisscross Version) this year also have a great ending! try to watch the trailer? click here.

you must watch this film and before watch this movie, you need to watch the drama.
so that, you'll understand the threads of the story.
*here, to watch the drama and (1) (2) its sequels.
I give  for its drama and the sequels.

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ps: I've been put the movies link right on the title of each episodes, so feel free to watch it there and enjoy!

August 14, 2013

homeless kitten

this post is talk about the homeless kitten.
this kitten is recently come in to my house. when the first time this kitten come in to my house, its fur was stands upright (I think he/she is chilled), and its shout *meow* *meow* so that I give he/she a cup of milk and some meat (leftovers meat). and the kitten eats pretty well.

3 pictures above is the kitten that I mentioned before.
Its looks cute, but . . . my parents disallow me to take care of this kitten. they afraid that this homeless kitten have a serious illness, so that I let this kitten go. go back to his/ her previous home. bye homeless kitten!

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August 13, 2013

h.b.d august girl!

birthday doesn't have special meaning inside my brain.
birthday means that we're getting older and need to be a better person (both of personally and mentally) in life. birthday also means that we need to get closer to Allah SWT, and prayed :
"Allah SWT, please don't let me turning my attention from You and guide me to the straight way that blessed by You. Also, Thank You for everything that you've already gave me."

August 11, 2013


the times has come in to Indonesia.
today is the awesome day ever for The BWF World Championships which held in Guangzhou, China. Indonesia got 2 titles for Mixed Double and Male Double. Waaaah! What a great gift for the upcoming Indonesia's Independence day! The 1st picture is Mixed Double team consists of Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir (3), they played against Xu Chen and Ma Jin (1) from China. And as the result, Indonesia win the games with scores 21-13, 16-21, and 22-20. The 2nd picture is Male Double team which consists of Hendra Setiawan and Mohammad Ahsan (6), they played against Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen (3) from Denmark. The games played 2 sets straight with scores 21-13 and 23-21. To watch their matches, click here and here.

okay . . .,
gua akui, meskipun gua ngga pergi melihatnya langsung di China sana dan hanya bisa menyaksikan permainan itu dalam layar televisi, tapi gua ikut bangga kok sama hasilnya. Subhanallah banget. ngga nyangka aja. udah hopeless tuh karena mixed double Indonesia udah ketinggalan 2 angka dari China. apa mau dianya (?!) udah pasrah deh dapet runner up. tapi ternyata, Allah berkehendak lain. Indonesia menang~ sebuah perjuangan keras yang berbuah manis. Bapak Presiden RI juga menyampaikan rasa senangnya terhadap prestasi yang telah ditorehkan oleh 2 ganda Indonesia yang diunggulkan itu, berikut kutipannya :

“ Saya sangat bangga, saya dan para menteri menyaksikan langsung pertandingan ini. Saya juga sangat terharu, apalagi saat bendera Indonesia berkibar dan lagu Indonesia Raya dikumandangkan. Terima kasih atas perjuangan Tontowi/Liliyana, Pak Gita, dan semuanya, kata Presiden SBY seperti disampaikan Liliyana kepada

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August 08, 2013

happy eid mubarak 1434 H

Happy Eid Mubarak 1434 H
*to all moslems over the world*
I'm sorry that I ever made a mistake in the past. Let's forgive each other and open the new page of life. Try to be a better person in the real life (don't just arguing around) and happy eid mubarak everyoneeeeee! I think I need to renew my blog to be a better blog. so that, the spammer didn't joke around with my blog. amen.

astrid & her BIG family

August 04, 2013

what a bad holiday (ever)

"please deh. liburan kuliah kali ini rasanya bukan liburan. ngga diizinin pergi, kecuali ada temennya."

what a bad holiday ever! but it's okay. I'm just doing 'fine' inside my house.
don't expect any good things happen in my life. my smile didn't worth for any common things. sometimes, those smile is just a frame to be seen by people means 'I'm fine'.

today is the fasting or Ramadhan month.
Allah really is blessing this month. I think I must not do anything that could be ruining this month. I think, I shouldn't do that. please keep that in mind, taaaa!