September 04, 2012

my come back

Subhanallah . . .
Akhirnya!!! Akhirnya setelah 2 hari, saya hidup tanpa internet dan hari ini saya kembali lagi!!! Waaaah, terima kasih banyak Ya Allah. Akhirnya hamba-Mu ini bisa kembali ke peradaban. Subhanallah . . . Terima Kasih Ya Rabb.

Did you know?
I had been stayed in Bandung since last Sunday -Sept 2nd, 2012.
But I couldn't get any internet accesses since that day. So that, I'm really happy when I found out that wi-fi connection wasn't far apart with my dormitory. It was okay since I'm possibly able to get connected to internet. Hehehe.. In my first night in Bandung, I has been woken up by a dogs barking and . . . I couldn't sleep at all in that time. But accidentally, I slept without my knowing.

Actually, last night I got homesick. I missed my Dad, my Mom, and my Big Brother. I missed them so much. I missed when my Big Brother and I were fought together everyday. I missed my room. . . I missed my foods miniature, and many more.

I want to post a views which would I see everyday since yesterday.
Perhaps, I can make it quick yaaaa .  .  . *because its still on a transferring section

Could you see the clouds surrounding the trees and buildings?
It is my favorite things in Bandung. Clouds -Lovable and Awesome.

It was my locker also my desk.
I brought only few of my things because I hate to bring heavy things. Also I thought it was like I'm moved to another house which the fact is not, gitu. Maka dari itu, banyak banget barang yang ketinggalan pula. hehehhe. Hidup jauh dari rumah ituuu . . . ada enaknya, ada engganya. Enaknya, ya . . .kita jadi lebih mandiri, sedangkan ngga enaknya, kita ngga bisa makan dan beli apapun sesuka hati kita -mesti mikir untuk kedepannya. Begitu, coy.

Hmmm . .
I think it's enough to know about little bit of my new university's life, so . . . byeeee.
see you lateeeeeer -Have a nice day!
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September 01, 2012

さよなら 8月。

Today is the last day of August also my last day in Bogor.
Nothing special happened lately, but I'm fill up my laptop with lot of dramas also movies and Running Man. HUAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, last year in the same months, the things that I love is snow. But, the snow that I said is totally different from the other snow. It couldn't melt also fallen slowly than the real snow. It was . . . cotton (kapok). I love those kapok. And . . these kapok also things that I've been fall in love accidentally. Hehehe. Here's the pictures of cotton trees that I'm taken 6days ago.

I know that my phone's camera had their maximum resolutions.
Only 5MP so the out come picture also doesn't seems really good.

I'm so sorry but I love you da geojitmal -Big Bang, Lies
Hahaha . . . I mean, I'm so sorry that the photo that I took have bad resolution and blur.

And as the closing, let's seeing it from a distance!!
Those cotton trees not only located in the Bogor Agricultural Institute areas, but also along the Pajajaran St. near from the Bogor Agricultural Institute. But, the cottons production was not the same like the last year, or . . . perhaps its has been collected by the government. Perhaps~
*if only you want to see my previous posting about those cotton trees from last year, just click my labels named : Flashback . enjoy~ -you can see the differences between.

And at the same day with those picture above taken, I took some picture too at my house. Because the sun was really light in the middle of the day, that's why I'm taking the picture. Totally hoooot~ and if you could see it clearly, there was some water which came from the water pipes. There was a small hole in the water pipes. That's why the water also came out. Hmmm . . . どうぞ。

Can you seeeee? The water's splash right in the upper right of the photo *the rare white one.

Then, in the couple days later, I draw my last piece of my imagination's house was like.
Actually, it was a small version of my dreamed house. But, when I draw it in a large scale, it doesn't look alike anymore. Heheheheheehehehe. ここで。

Sorry for the bad picture.
Maaf banget ya . . . でも、わたし は すきですね。。

And for the latest picture that I have is about a slice of dessert.
As you can see on my previous post, I bought a dessert from amadeus cafe. And on August 28th, 2012 -I went there [again] with Indri and ate amadeus house tart!! eaaaa . . here the picture~

Take a look closely . . . look delicious?! Hmmm . . the price is IDR 27.000

And this early morning, the speed of downloading is extremely fast!!! -as far as I experienced it.
Here the details : 

Have a nice day!
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