September 04, 2012

my come back

Subhanallah . . .
Akhirnya!!! Akhirnya setelah 2 hari, saya hidup tanpa internet dan hari ini saya kembali lagi!!! Waaaah, terima kasih banyak Ya Allah. Akhirnya hamba-Mu ini bisa kembali ke peradaban. Subhanallah . . . Terima Kasih Ya Rabb.

Did you know?
I had been stayed in Bandung since last Sunday -Sept 2nd, 2012.
But I couldn't get any internet accesses since that day. So that, I'm really happy when I found out that wi-fi connection wasn't far apart with my dormitory. It was okay since I'm possibly able to get connected to internet. Hehehe.. In my first night in Bandung, I has been woken up by a dogs barking and . . . I couldn't sleep at all in that time. But accidentally, I slept without my knowing.

Actually, last night I got homesick. I missed my Dad, my Mom, and my Big Brother. I missed them so much. I missed when my Big Brother and I were fought together everyday. I missed my room. . . I missed my foods miniature, and many more.

I want to post a views which would I see everyday since yesterday.
Perhaps, I can make it quick yaaaa .  .  . *because its still on a transferring section

Could you see the clouds surrounding the trees and buildings?
It is my favorite things in Bandung. Clouds -Lovable and Awesome.

It was my locker also my desk.
I brought only few of my things because I hate to bring heavy things. Also I thought it was like I'm moved to another house which the fact is not, gitu. Maka dari itu, banyak banget barang yang ketinggalan pula. hehehhe. Hidup jauh dari rumah ituuu . . . ada enaknya, ada engganya. Enaknya, ya . . .kita jadi lebih mandiri, sedangkan ngga enaknya, kita ngga bisa makan dan beli apapun sesuka hati kita -mesti mikir untuk kedepannya. Begitu, coy.

Hmmm . .
I think it's enough to know about little bit of my new university's life, so . . . byeeee.
see you lateeeeeer -Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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