March 31, 2011

Study Planner

Today is the 4th day from Mid Semester Test in my school.
Uaaaa, drive me crazy! -> for all of the subjects which tested.
I hope I can finish it happily, nicely, and immediately. haha
A subject which tested today is Biology and Sport (?)
Biology is so-so, but Sport (I can't answer any question correctly) = HOPELESS
*wishes : get a good score

Yesterday I went to Gramedia Bookstore to buy a Study Planner.
Finally . ., I bought you ♥♥ (haha)
It's a book which can help us to control our study schedule and we can get the result after seeing it approximate 1-2months (what I know is like that)
What does the Study Planner look like . . .

the prices of these Study Planner is IDR 20.000 (The Discount was over)

and I bought a notes with bubble and alarm clock pattern. The prices is IDR 6.000, cheap right?
The notes is look like . .

mmm, and also. . .a thing that I never ever forgot to buy is Bread at Breadtalk.
I bought these bread because my stomach was sang a song along the way I went to the Gramedia Bookstore.
My choices fell to this bread . . .

New Choco Lava
The price is IDR 8.000

byee, I want to go to the Courses now. haha
Have a nice day!
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March 29, 2011

The 2nd day of Mid Semester Test

Today is the second day of Mid Semester Test in my school.
And I feel normal like usual.
Nothing can change my time, my day, and my life even there's a problems, a surprises, a shame thing, etc. I'm still felt like usual.

Today subject which tested :
English (˘_˘"), Citizenship (•˘.˘•), and Environmental (ˇ▼ˇ)
I feel confidence today, because I can do all of them well. hehehe

I had a feeling that for this term I wouldn't get a rank in the class.
I don't know why these confidence words split out from my mouth, but I thought it would be like that. And also, many rivals shown up for several months ago. They start to show that they can do what I'm doing.

Oh ya!
Several weeks ago (maybe 1months ago) I went to Gramedia Bookstore and saw a book.
These book is imported from Korea (! !) hehe
The book's filled with a school schedule.
I like it. But, in that day, I didn't bring any money in my pocket. Just for transportation fee, drink a bottle of mineral water and a piece of bread. So, I encage my desire to buy it.
Suddenly, this feeling came out again 
My Heart said, "Please..., you need it now to arrange your school schedule. It help you a bit. TRUST ME. You can comparing the result after you try to used the school schedule. Please buy it. Don't you remember that there's a Discount for books now? Did you remember that?"
But, My Deepest Heart said "No! No! No more waste your money away. It better if you save it in the bank. You want to traveling to Japan, right? Manage your money, please. You can make it by your self! What kind of schedule that you want to arrange it? You can make it by your self. KEEP YOUR MONEY! どうやって?"
안돼! I'll buy you tomorrow.

But still I couldn't turn off your light from my brain.
It kept hang on. swing. . .~swing. . .~
But, when I meet you today, it's a bit different. I don't know.
The feeling that I felt for you is disappear. Not like yesterday, last weeks, or last months.
It's different. No more heart beating.
Perhaps my love for you is ended today.
Hahaha *gila! kalau temen gua baca nih ya, pasti udah diintrogasi deh 

Have a nice day!
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March 03, 2011

jodoh tempat les

Kelas 2 SMA kali ini (karena udah semester 2, men), saya ngerasa butuh asupan lebih hanya sekedar pelajaran dari sekolah. bukannya gimana, tapi . . . I'm just lack of something, gitu. Sejujurnya sih, juga karena 'les mata pelajaran' lagi hits banget di kalangan temen-temen sekolah gue. Entah gimana ceritanya gue bisa berakhir les mata pelajaran di salah satu tempat les ternama di Bogor, entah.

Hari pertama les mata pelajaran ini, gue terkaget-kaget, karena. . . 
I really am-is the dumbest person right here.
karena . . . gue yang nge-blank gitu pas nerima semua materi mata pelajaran IPA.
juga, karena gue cewek satu-satunya dikelas itu. ditambah lagi, gue satu-satunya anak SMA7 diantara pria-pria SMA6. jadi. . . ,tiap hari dimana les itu berlangsung, gue pengen cepet-cepet pulang atau cepet-cepet ketemu jam istirahat.

Have a nice days
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March 01, 2011

oh please. .

Hari ini udah 'tepar' banget bawaannya di sekolah.
mungkin saya akan sakit (bukan do'a loh, the feelings just hit my mind).

Alhamdulillah, the proposal project is done very well.
but don't even asked about my english presentation. cause I haven't touch.
laziness's come when I'm getting sick.
Just want to sleep, sleep, sleep. . .(well)

Oh ya!
Look at this one :
LOOK! The sky is totally dark . . . - in front of my house

This picture is the scenery of sky behind my house
*a bit scared, because it's too dark

karena tiap pulang sekolah pasti gue sendirian di rumah, dan pasti mati lampu juga hari ini (liat langitnya aja udah begitu), makanya hari ini saya beli bakpau yang biasa lewat di kompleks perumahan tiap sore. Yang jual orang chinese gitu (bukan rasis sih, tapi, entah kenapa kalau yang jualannya orang chinese, pasti rasanya enak), ada rasa coklat, kacang hijau dan ayam.

mung bean flavor
* //festive// *

Have a nice days
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