March 31, 2011

Study Planner

Today is the 4th day from Mid Semester Test in my school.
Uaaaa, drive me crazy! -> for all of the subjects which tested.
I hope I can finish it happily, nicely, and immediately. haha
A subject which tested today is Biology and Sport (?)
Biology is so-so, but Sport (I can't answer any question correctly) = HOPELESS
*wishes : get a good score

Yesterday I went to Gramedia Bookstore to buy a Study Planner.
Finally . ., I bought you ♥♥ (haha)
It's a book which can help us to control our study schedule and we can get the result after seeing it approximate 1-2months (what I know is like that)
What does the Study Planner look like . . .

the prices of these Study Planner is IDR 20.000 (The Discount was over)

and I bought a notes with bubble and alarm clock pattern. The prices is IDR 6.000, cheap right?
The notes is look like . .

mmm, and also. . .a thing that I never ever forgot to buy is Bread at Breadtalk.
I bought these bread because my stomach was sang a song along the way I went to the Gramedia Bookstore.
My choices fell to this bread . . .

New Choco Lava
The price is IDR 8.000

byee, I want to go to the Courses now. haha
Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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