October 26, 2011

Pocari Sweat Factory

Today . . I was HAPPY!
But in the deepest my heart it was the opposite. I really was feel bad. Even though I did a mini study tour to Pocari Sweat Factory. Because these evening is filled with windy rains, I'll cancel to posting anything first. The My mom was reminding me about these one. so . . ,byeee. - 3.43pm

*   *   *

Okay, rains was offer and now I can continuing my daily activities such as posting in my Blog. I love this jobs! But I don't have any motive to be a writer one day. I just like to write anything on my Blog and make a short novel [maybe it's not properly to called as a novel] haha~

Tomorrow I'll not going to school because I'll attending on my Big Brother's collage graduation. Finally, the times was come. hohoho~ I'll wear a pink veil and . . . I don't know about the outfit which I'll wear tomorrow -still blank. Then I'll prepare for tomorrow in the morning. I hope I could wake up like usual at 4am. I'll woke up at 2am if there's any assignment or . . . there's any exams at school.

Oh ya! Talked about The Pocari Sweat Factory, I went there this morning with my classmates and 3 teachers [including our homeroom]. The Pocari Sweat's Factory is really BIG-HUGE-LARGE and uncountable. haha~ You can built your own school there, and also the hall room, and sport areas. I love it!

That's the one of the largest factory in those areas.
If you talked about the weather, Sukabumi-Indonesia had a cool weather. That's why I love to stayed there. And moreover these factory placed right in the mountain's foot. aaah~
And here some of my pictures which I took there :
left - right : Natal - Me

In my way to home, some of my friends got angry because a misunderstanding between them.
I think, it's a simple things but it could be bigger than we thought because of some reasons which I don't know either. kikik~ I just guessing. Maybe I'm right, huh!? But, I'm in the neutral positions. I'm not choosing A or B. I just keep offering the lunch to a persons who haven't got their lunch. And I ate all of the meals inside the lunch box except the meat. I'm not eat it because a reason which I don't want to published here.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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