May 29, 2011

Mucis Rehearsal

Today probably my schedule is Go to GRAMEDIA bookstore to buy any comics and stationary.
But it canceled [again]. Why I put word 'again' there, because I planned it for 4days ago that I wanted to go to Gramedia Bookstore. Actually the main reason that I wanted to go there is I want to throw away my problem and my worrying minds.

Actually this month is my really tired day ever.
The whole day that I passed is fulfilled with problems, weariness, and disappointed.
. .My problems is our problems guys. It's us. .
I knew that I couldn't do any useful things for all of you, but please. . music is not my path.
My path is Drawing. You can ask me about drawing. I'll free to answer too.
But, for music . . ,I'll give up. SORRY Femi.
. .My weariness is our music project will ends badly. .
And it happened today.
Congrats for my class 'SCIENCE 1'. because all of you our music project ends outrageous.
. .My disappointed is. .
I didn't want to talk about it here.
Let it be my secrets and our secrets, friends
Tomorrow is the music concert . . ! = music test
I'm afraid of it. Hopefully I can pass it well. Amin . .. .

I'NU . . 
long time no see. ., missed you~
Wanna try another cupcakes recipes?
I got it from Gramedia several months ago *before I graduated from LIA - English Course

I just dreaming all the day about you and us.

Yesterday. .
I'm shocked with this announcement that I got at Polyvore
It sounds like : One new contest win
I joined Jeans contest there.

I'm shock really. Why?! because I never be the winner on a contest.
It's my first time. HAHAHA. I love it
Want to know my sets? Here it's . . .

There's arrow there. it shows that the sets is mine

My Wishes for next week a.k.a Tomorrow :
  • I can get nice result from Music test and we're not get the remedial
  • I can spend my day by watching a movie on Cinema
  • I can see your face for a seconds and more. .
  • I can did my remedial test and any schools homework well
  • I can go to the bank to save my money there - not in the piggy bank anymore


Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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