May 03, 2011

Tuesday boring

Today is Tuesday.
Tuesday is Sport lesson.
Sport lesson is the one of school subjects that I'm not interested in. hehhe

The first subject for today is Sport lesson [ish~]
Then we went to school backyard to start the sport.
But, only the male students who did the sport lesson and the female students just staring them nicely.
Because we [more precisely is Me] didn't do anything in the backyard, so I decided to took some pictures of mountains, skies, and trees. Love it - and the snap shoot is looked like :

The mountains looked like

The sky looked like

The trees looked like. Love it
actually in the top of the trees, there's a flowers look alike with lavender

You know guys [?!]
I ever thought this before, when I walked to school today.
I thought that today is the last day to see your face.
I don't know why, even you weren't come to school today, I only thought it and kept in mind.
Then, when the school times was end, I saw your face even in a second in my way to home.
It's like a blessing for me [excessive] hahaha
But, I'm not happy at all, just smiled.

Oh ya!
Tomorrow I'll go to Botanical Garden to do some oral test .
[actually it's nothing. because we can do it at school]
Hopefully, I'll get the best score that I could get. Amin . . .

The time when I'm thinking to Stop eat more food, it would be getting worse than I ever thought.
But, when I'm not thinking about losing some weight, it would decreasing by itself.
aaaah  . . .~
I'm tired to did it everyday.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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