April 28, 2011


Holla !
Today is the dizziest day in the week. hehe
I'm almost late came to school cause I'm arrived at 7.04am. hehe
And, started from 7.05am, the punishment begins.
Oooh, Thanks Allah SWT, because of You I could avoid the punishment.

First lesson is Music lesson and the teacher didn't come
Second lesson is Civic lesson and the teacher is attended to my class. We learned about International Relationship and International Organization.
Third lesson is Japanese lesson and we wrote a letter to 友達 (friend - to another friend). And my letter paper is nice. lovelovelove 
Then, the letter looked like . . .

*I decorated this envelope with cupcake and doughnut. hehe*

Today my schedule is went to the bank and course (absolutely).
I spent my time in the bank approximately 30minutes. because there's something ERROR with the bank machine. so, we must be patient. I got the queue number 22. Then, it make me late to came to the course. I'm arrived there at 3.20pm (20 minutes late).

The courses ends at 6.00pm.
Because I didn't have any small nominal money, so I should change it.
I decided to go to Bogor Permai Bakery and Cafe to buy a bread so it can make my money has a small nominal. hehehe. I took a pictures in my way to Bogor Permai :

I like the night lamps

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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