April 22, 2011

Earth Day

Hello everyone!
I'm Astrid Dwi Cahyaningtyas, and you can called me Uta.
I'm 17th Years Old (this year), and I'm studying at Senior High School Seven in Bogor.
I'm 11th Grade now and I'm not GOOD in English . hehe

Today, in Bogor rainy fallen down like yesterday.
But, today's rainy is more dense than yesterday. The water splashing get inside into my house.
In another reason, 난 그게 너무 좋아요.  hohoho

You know?
Today is Earth Day.
I thought it's like Earth Hour but, Earth day is for whole environmental (not like earth hour which focuses only on electricity, but it's like for all of a things in the world - air, water, soil included electricity)
more about Earth Day, click here.

HAPPY EARTH DAY Everyone. . .~

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