April 25, 2011

Monday = . . .

Today I'm start to drawing anything that I do for these week.
Actually, nothing special happened today.
But, to spend my time. . .,I write something here (just for full filled it. haha)
I'm feel (a bit) dizzy, and I think my body got (a bit) high fever started from in Course.
And it continued until now.
(but I can sit as straight as a flagpole in front of the laptop now)

When I'm arrived at Course today, rainy was fallen down again.
So, it made my clothes wet like I took a bath for the second times but in the wrong situation
*hope you'll understand what I meant

University. . .
If I heard this word, my heart beating faster than usual, nervous, and dizziness come to my head immediately.
Oh, I'm not comfortable as usual if there's a friends who asked me, "Utha, where's University that you wants to go in?" I just can answered a short answer, "I don't know either. Because there's many choices. hehe"

I hope soon, I can make my parents proud of me

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Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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