June 20, 2011

1st day : Field Trip to Yogyakarta

Hello everyone!
I came back today! HAHA.
Sorry for not posting any daily activities for few days ago.
Because I was back from Yogyakarta for The School Field Trip, so I really wants to share my stories there. I saw any beautiful scenery there. Not any but too MUCH!

Yogyakarta is the one of provinces in Indonesia which located in Java Island.
One day before I leave Bogor for The Field Trip, I went to Bogor Botani Square to accompanied my mother. She wanted to buy something and when she choosing any items on Electronic City, I decided to bought Tiramisu in Bogor Permai Stand (in front of the Electronic City Store)

The Tiramisu looked like
The prices is IDR 14.500
I ate it alone in Bogor Permai Stand

Okay, let's share my stories now. . .
In June 17th, 2011 I went to the bus which parked in front of Kamandaka senior high school at 5am. A lot of students was attend there before me.
I saw Maya first before I see any other friends there. I only said 'Goodbye' to my parents and 'I'll back soon'. uaa .. .I'm crying in that time and I hug both of my parents before I go.
Because I never go to Yogyakarta, so it meant it's my first time to go there.
I took any pictures in my way to Yogyakarta and here they are . . .

See?It's easy to find an old train rail and rice field in Bandung (and the surrounding areas). I love it and I had an ideas to take a pictures of it.Then the result is,my mobile battery is LOW. haha 

Beside I saw the scenery of hills,rice field,and many more,my friends (xi ipa 3) showed their short film to us and it's really funny&nice film. hahaha I'm laughing all time when I watched it.

What I say?! In Bandung it filled with trees and rice field and it makes the weather feels better than Bogor. In Bandung the weather is nice ~ = friendly

And my mobile phone is really dead here!
So, it mean I couldn't take any pictures again = my last pictures

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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