September 26, 2011

Monday Nightmares

Today, I'm both happy and sick.
The reasons are ...
  • I'm happy because I has been finishing my story telling today. I'm really very thankful to Allah SWT, my parents, my big brother (who was drawing the characters for me), my friends (for listening my story even though I was knew that you felt boring in the times I told you about my story) and my last thanks is for my English teacher because she was gave me the first and the last chance to telling my story today and I got an enough scores for my report's book.
  • I felt sicks because of (some) headache which I got in my way to the courses. I hate it, really! Because I couldn't concentrate with the subjects that we learned today. I just sleeping in the class all the times when the teacher teach us (in the courses)
And, before the courses time came, I draw something on my pocket book :

The face showed that I felt really bad today

Nowadays, I watched a drama which titled The Musical
I love this drama before the episode one released on websites.
Firstly, I only watched the trailer first and it's really gorgeous! -that's why I watch this drama now. haha. Then, I tried to find any websites which shown this drama and I found the website! click here

I'm watch this movie because the actors and actress who played in this drama

Go Hye Sun (long time no see~) and Choi Daniel

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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