September 05, 2011

tomorrow is the last day of holidays

Oh no!!!!Tomorrow is the last day of holidays! I can't believe it!!!
And today, I spend my day by watching Korean Dramas in website and playing a games. hehe
Then, I received a letter from Icha.
She sent me this letter and my big brother who picked it through the post-man. I thought it's from Natsumi (my friend from Japan. hehe) I read it slowly and here's her letter:

left-right :
  • The left picture is the front cover and the back cover of the letter that I received today (she used a pink envelope) -it's okay. Every letters that I got, I always collect it.
  • The right picture is the whole letters part that I got from her. She said : "HAPPY EID DAYS ... " and the last right is the old stamps that I got from her. ehhehe. Because my brother and I haven't got those series. The Transportation Stamp Series. huh~  THANKS ICHA

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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