September 04, 2011

GREAT foods

Today I get a bunch of foods from my Grandmother.
Actually you knew my first plan right? *what i'm talking on yesterday
YUP!! stayed at home for whole day -FULL. but it happened (almost) then afterward my aunt called me and said that my grandmother was grilled chickens and would you want to come to grandmother's house today to picked it? I answered Yes, absolutely!!!
Want to see what kind of chickens who makes me fallen in love with it, huh?

it looks horrible (a bit) but the taste is really GORGEOUS!!!
I wanted to get it more and more when I tried it on last Sunday.

And also, the tempe!!
Tempe is made from soy bean which fermented with a yeast.

And today I draw something on my sketch books and here is it :

I don't have any account in what I wore (on flick) but sometimes I drew it on my sketch and publish it on my own Blog. hehehe -but I have a plan to make an account now.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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