September 19, 2011

so-so. .

Today, at school .... the English teacher doesn't attend to my class and that's why she delayed the story telling part in my class. Huh Allah SWT .., Thank You . But what makes me hate today is ... there's a test which held only one day and its fell on today. The test is about school's rank in Indonesia. I meant ... we got a thin book which filled with many questions (which I hate the most) and we must answered it (CORRECTLY) because my school's rank would depends on our class's answered for the whole National Schools in Indonesia. Wanna see my answer sheet?

see the cover of the books which I got?
PINK!! ahaha (I hate it, but sometimes I love it) and they gave us the pencil (it's not important at all)

Today is my schedule to go to the courses as usual.
And rainy has been fallen down in the time when I'm still on my classroom.
Luckily I brought my umbrella inside my school's bag. And I took a picture right when I crossed the zebra cross. hahaha *it's dangerous friends! don't try it

unfortunately there's a women inside my picture. hhehe *not important- spam

And you must know that I got my uniform wet all over my body today.
I hate it, but I'm excited in the same time. I missed my day (when the rain was rained Bogor in my childhood) with my Big Brother. We enjoyed the rains by dancing under the rains. huhhh . . . ~ unforgettable moments on my life. And you know? I draw something too in my small book :

Bad drawings. haha

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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