September 03, 2011

The 2nd week of HOLIDAYS

The 2nd day of holiday?!
Oh no!! The entrance days of school was getting closer and I'm not finishing my homework either. Like today, I accompanied my mother to market and supermarket. And also I could choose anything (HAHAHA) what I wanted then put it on the trolley. Firstly, My father -the person who would accompanied my mom, but . . . he said it's better if I'm -the one who accompanied her. Haaaah~ That's why I'm going out today. Actually, my plan is not going anywhere -just stayed at home. Perhaps my plan to stay at home will happen tomorrow.

I picked a rice packages (A) -it's a rice which placed in a box with spicy potatoes, fried noodles, and spicy boiled eggs inside. Uaaa . . . .the taste??? NICE -lumayan lah buat orang yang laper mah. The price? It's really affordable! Only IDR 8.000. Where did I buy it? It's at Jogya Junction in Bogor. And also I bought 2pcs of bread from 'Magic Oven'. It's my first time to tasted it.

It's the breads that I bought
but, when you asked about the taste is ..., I would like to answered : NICE tough. But I prefer to Breadtalk (the usually breads that I buy). 
left-right = Red bean paste bread and River satisfaction

River Satisfaction 
This bread is filled with smoked beefs, boiled corns, peas, and mayonnaise
The price is (really affordable) only IDR 7.000
how I describe the taste ... (?!)
LOVABLE -I meant, when I'm eat it, I feels like I want it more and more

Here's the Red bean paste bread
The ingredients? You already know from the name of this bread. YES!! It filled with red bean pastes and spread with some oat meals in the top. SEE??
The price is IDR 5.000 (really cheap, isn't it?)
Red bean paste ... love it. But, I think the pastes is too sweet.

Because today I'm feeling really bored all the day (??), I chose to draw something inside my sketch book. It tells about my holidays. Started from the first day I planned to be a (new) procrastinator on my holidays and it happened then, and so on.

It's the full picture which I draw.

In my 1st day of holiday, I'm still showed up my teeth widely as I could.
the point is ... I was really happy to WELCOMING the SCHOOLS Holidays!!!

I was a bit worried when I realized that I was spent a weeks at home and I haven't finishing my HOMEWORK neither. Then ... (for make me feels better, I talk to my self) it's okay, I still have a weeks left to done my homework. It's ookay! 괜찮아 (read : gwaenchanh-a)

And NOW??? I'M DEAD ...
because I haven't done to do my homework. homework (?!)
it feels like something hanging on my head and won't releasing the grip -GOSH!

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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