August 10, 2011

Horrible day is started now

Yesterday . . . (sambil ISTIGFAR)
Is the hardest day in this week, friends. Actually, today is like that too.
Yesterday, there's Indonesian subject and English subject. Nowadays, I hate those subjects in my life in the last Grade. I don't know the reason for English subject, but for Indonesian subject, I have my own reason for it. But, I won't exposed it. hahaa. Yesterday I made my character for my narrative text. My Genre is Fable. It talked about a forest. wanna see my drawing is?

Here the name of my characters (left-right) :
Squirelman, Sweetbuns, Du Rara, and Mr. Rabbito
My story is talked about a forest that will be destroyed by Squirelman. But, Du Rara saved the forest especially her Apple's tree house from Squirelman. She made an agreement with Squirelman, and their agreement sounds like : "There's another forest near here, you might build your market. Because you don't have to cut any trees. The trees is rarely there." and Squirelman said "OK." Here's the Apple's tree house look like :

I knew it's not like another tree house. But, I like it.
This tree house have a small lift too. My imagination is too much to be poured.
And if we mix it together, it will look like this :

Most of my closest friends in school said that they'll come to my house to celebrate my birthday on this saturday. but I said, don't you dare to come over to my house because I'll go outside with my parents. trust me. but they think, I did a white lie. aaargh~ It's true that I'll go outside in that night. Because I planned it from several days before my birthday come.
sorry, I'm not trying to reject all of you.

HOREEE . . .!
Nazaruddin akhirnya ketangkap juga. Alhamdulillah banget.
terus sempet ngobrol gitu sama ayah. 
Ayah bilang, "Kasihan banget itu orang mbak."
Gua jawab, "Ngga kasihan-kasihan amat utha mah yah. Biarin deh dia ditangkep. Niat pergi ke Columbia buat bersembunyi, tapi malah ketangkep juga. Masuk ke jurang yang sama untuk ke 2kali nya deh. Nah, sekarang kan dia udah ditangkep nih, tinggal beresin deh masalah dia. Pasti banyak banget orang yang terlibat."
Ayah kekeuh, "Iya, kasihan banget ya mbak."
(okay, ayah selalu benar)

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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