August 27, 2011

Kungfu Panda 2

Finally, the day's come but I want to watch it alone.
Ngga tau deh hari ini. . . . bawaannya pengen keluar rumah.
pe-er. . .just had lot of assignments that need to be done soon, but i just to lazy to do it, soo. . .yaaa~
'am tired of you. GO AWAAAAAAAAAY . . . . . !!
(take a breath - huuuh . . .haaaaah . .. )

Today, the chairs if FULL. No space. 
I sat between a family and a couple. hehe. Because the highest row is filled. That's why I choose to sat in the 'available' chair left that placed between another peoples. 

I love his expression
Many scenes on this movie which could make your stomach (little bit) hurt. Because you'll laughing all the time when you watch the movie. hahha.  But I love the scene when Po trying to remember his past with his parents. The little Po is cuteeeeeeee ~

And a things that make me freeze is there's more Kungfu Panda in the future.
Because at the end of this movie, (in the time when Po realized that his father is not a goose) the real father of Po is still alive (including his mother) and lived with another Panda in the Mountain. Then the last words which shout from Po's real father is "My child is still alive. .".
Hope that I could watch the Kungfu Panda 3 soon 

Have a nice day!
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