August 23, 2011

Tuesday boring (really)

Huh . . .just staying at home and doing my homework as well.
Boring! = absolutely YES!!
But, I must make it clear today (my homework) because several days later I want to spend my holiday with being a new procrastinator. HA-HA ...
And today, after did my homework and feeling bored, I continued my schedule to drawing!!!
I drew one new short story about 'what I'm doing right now' is :

It's a thing which happened to me today.
But, because I'm fasting, I'm not eat anything today. This picture is a work of my imaginations.
Little bit strange actually. HAHAHA, but it's funny *I think

Actually I was drew some on my note book for 3 days ago.
Here is it :

Both of this pictures I drew at the night in Aug 20th, 2011

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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