August 29, 2011

Flashback - Winter in Bogor

In the moment when I watched Kungfu Panda 2 (2days ago), winter occurred in Bogor.
Hahaha . . . - impossible (but it was!)
I mean it, even it's not a real snow, it's just a kapok. Kapok everywhere . . .
flyin' in the middle of streets, stuck at the roadsides, and fallin' above the grasses.
Here's some of the pictures that I took that day :

I took it (these pictures) in front of the gate of Bogor Botani Square
See?? hahaa- it's like a snow!!!

it is flying everywhere. . .

It's in the moment when I walked into the bus stop
It just a few of the kapok which fallen down. You must see the next picture is!

WOOOOW . . . it's truly like a snow!
This picture which I took is beside the bus stop (in front of PMI Hospital)

I'm trying to took a nice picture of the kapok trees, but the result just bad.
do you know which one of the trees that's a real kapok trees?
If you saw it closely, there're trees (near from the billboard) which had a rare leafs.
That's the kapok tree!
Actually I had another picture which showed the kapok trees. haha

That's the kapok trees!
Which have a rare leafs and at least only the flowers who left in the trees with their kapok.

# Now Playing : Panah Asmara - Afgan
the real singer is Chrisye (Alm)

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