July 23, 2011

Cloudy Saturday

I think I will do a window shopping tomorrow. Haha
I really want to buy a new school shoes. kikik
But, I should did an exercise first in the morning [not synchron at all]

Today I'm planning to search the study planner book at Gramedia Bookstore, hopefully that I find it. So, I decided to bring my older scheduler to the bookstore. Because I worried that the sales promotion girl doesn't know about the scheduler, that's why I brought my older scheduler. And also trying to found any workbook with a brand : morning glory. Here the goods that I bought today :

Yeeah! Finally I found you, my new scheduler . . .
Yesterday, when I visited Gramedia bookstore at Bogor Botani Square, I couldn't find it. But, the next day when I came here [today] I find it! THANKS ALLAH SWT .
And the important thing is, the brand ! = Morning Glory
The price is IDR 20.000

I buy this pencil because my old pencil was broken at school today. hehe
I like the brand too, PILOT. The price is little expensive, IDR 29.000. kikik
But I'm not telling my mom that the price is expensive.

New workbook
It's cute isn't it?! I love the color covers. Pale Blue and also I like the cutie cat. HAHA
The price is IDR 11.500/pc

And new exercise book = MATH Edition
The price is IDR 38.000 but I got a discount 15%. yeah!

And today is the first day that I feel I'm is the part of the XI SCIENCE 2. Why?
Because, I started to know the characteristics of my classmates. Even though, they still 'jaim-jaim' ngga jelas. What I feel right now is my newest classmates, it's almost look 'ALIKE' with my oldest classmates. I love it even though [only] a bit. Thank you, friends!
[Maybe you don't know what was you do for me, right?!]


Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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