July 21, 2011

It's not my day

aaargh. . .
I really want to buy a new scheduler, a new workbooks that come from : Morning Glory (brand). But, it's failed cause the books is out of stock. I didn't buy those things today. I hate it. . hopefully, when I go to another Gramedia Bookstore, I'll find the Morning Glory workbooks and the scheduler. hihihi

Today, in my school during the 2nd time of lessons a bunch of person came to the XII Science 5 class. One word : "SUBHANALLAH. . .~" I'm amazed.
It's a bunch of man with their uniform which came from Military Academy a.k.a Akmil. One of my teacher said they did some presentation in that class and all of students who feels that they're man, they should came into the classrooms.
you know? Their waist is smaller than me!!! NO WAY!
Ya Allah . . .badannya lebih montok dari pada saya. Kaya pramugari versi cewek gitu deh. Ya ampun . . . mereka bisa sampe langsing singset begitu. Bikin envy deh  ┐(‾‾┐) (┌‾‾)┌

Have a nice day!
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