December 23, 2012

all this week

Hello everyone and . . happy December, yaaa!
I'm truly sorry that I couldn't post the posting frequently like before. Because my schedules is more tight than my high school schedules. Hmmm . . .to start new conversation with you, I would like to share my weekly in this blog and in this moment.

Shining Monday
The title for Monday is Shining Monday. Because only on monday my day is as bright as the sun. Also the subjects which taught by the teacher is not that hard to understand. Monday. Monday. On this monday I drew human anatomy and its really hard to be drawn. I hate anatomy. But, last week, we drew 3 different types of human hands. My drawing looked like :

*sorry for the bad resolution of the picture

Be loved Tuesday
Tuesday is also the day where i like so much, including Monday. Yeaaaah, just because tuesday I don't have too much assignment from lecturer on Tuesday. Uaaah! I like Monday and Tuesday. I love those days so muuuuuch (˘▿˘ʃƪ).

Nah, the picture above is my sketch of a half of human faces.
On Tuesday, usually I'm starts to make the nirmana 2nd dimensional and usually I'm use my poster colors. Then, to erase my bored feelings sometimes I use the rest of my poster colors to drew something in paper. Hehehe. This is it! I sketched it 2weeks ago.

Horrible Wednesday
Yah! Wednesday is the horrible day of the week *even every week
For this week, I didn't draw anything. Because I have lots of assignment in the next day. Hmmmph. hmmph. On Wednesday last week, I drew :

Thus Thursday
Nah! Do you believe it or not, but climax of the horrible's day is on Thursday.
Nirmana 3rd Dimensional is the hard subject. My works didn't accepted twice, and . . . one of the teacher. Somehow I just doesn't like him *while the others prised him so much. And to 'erase' my bored feeling, I drew small thing inside my binder :

utha ngantuk banget = utha so sleepy

Happy Friday
I went home after done one project in the morning, that's blood donation in the university's area. I'm participated as the donor. I felt really happy and wants more after doing that thing.

Saturday So-so
Saturday I just stayed at home all day long to rest my body.
Today, in the morning, I received a bad news which came from the bus which I used on Friday. I went to Bogor using bus. The bus which I rode have an accident. 7 peoples died and 20 peoples were injured. My mom really thankful to Allah SWT that I didn't ride the bus on Saturday morning.

happy mother's day for all of mothers in Indonesia~

Tired Sunday
Today, I go to Museum [or supposed call it gallery] with my dad which located at Jakarta. It takes 3hours from Bogor using motorcycle. Uaaah! My bottom is really hurt. I don't know how can my father ride a motorcycle to his office and the route that he passed is soooo far. Far away. Hmmm. . .you are truly a strong man, dad. And on today, I know that my dad's family [especially his father- alm] is the one of famous person in Jakarta. But . . .*let me as the one who only knows the truth is


Random pictures presented for you 

Have a nice day!
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December 16, 2012


Unpredictable is a word which can explain my condition in this early morning.
I had been chosen as the one of the representative for badminton tournament for my university's division also.   Astagfirullah. It's also a word which possible to express my feeling right now. Keep playing the same songs with mp3 player in laptop, also keep thinking about my partner who I didn't have any good relations with her.

let's see if I could make a miracle for today.
and also, let's see if I can wake up early in the morning. bye. . bye. .
last message : Laper~ Hungry~

September 04, 2012

my come back

Subhanallah . . .
Akhirnya!!! Akhirnya setelah 2 hari, saya hidup tanpa internet dan hari ini saya kembali lagi!!! Waaaah, terima kasih banyak Ya Allah. Akhirnya hamba-Mu ini bisa kembali ke peradaban. Subhanallah . . . Terima Kasih Ya Rabb.

Did you know?
I had been stayed in Bandung since last Sunday -Sept 2nd, 2012.
But I couldn't get any internet accesses since that day. So that, I'm really happy when I found out that wi-fi connection wasn't far apart with my dormitory. It was okay since I'm possibly able to get connected to internet. Hehehe.. In my first night in Bandung, I has been woken up by a dogs barking and . . . I couldn't sleep at all in that time. But accidentally, I slept without my knowing.

Actually, last night I got homesick. I missed my Dad, my Mom, and my Big Brother. I missed them so much. I missed when my Big Brother and I were fought together everyday. I missed my room. . . I missed my foods miniature, and many more.

I want to post a views which would I see everyday since yesterday.
Perhaps, I can make it quick yaaaa .  .  . *because its still on a transferring section

Could you see the clouds surrounding the trees and buildings?
It is my favorite things in Bandung. Clouds -Lovable and Awesome.

It was my locker also my desk.
I brought only few of my things because I hate to bring heavy things. Also I thought it was like I'm moved to another house which the fact is not, gitu. Maka dari itu, banyak banget barang yang ketinggalan pula. hehehhe. Hidup jauh dari rumah ituuu . . . ada enaknya, ada engganya. Enaknya, ya . . .kita jadi lebih mandiri, sedangkan ngga enaknya, kita ngga bisa makan dan beli apapun sesuka hati kita -mesti mikir untuk kedepannya. Begitu, coy.

Hmmm . .
I think it's enough to know about little bit of my new university's life, so . . . byeeee.
see you lateeeeeer -Have a nice day!
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September 01, 2012

さよなら 8月。

Today is the last day of August also my last day in Bogor.
Nothing special happened lately, but I'm fill up my laptop with lot of dramas also movies and Running Man. HUAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, last year in the same months, the things that I love is snow. But, the snow that I said is totally different from the other snow. It couldn't melt also fallen slowly than the real snow. It was . . . cotton (kapok). I love those kapok. And . . these kapok also things that I've been fall in love accidentally. Hehehe. Here's the pictures of cotton trees that I'm taken 6days ago.

I know that my phone's camera had their maximum resolutions.
Only 5MP so the out come picture also doesn't seems really good.

I'm so sorry but I love you da geojitmal -Big Bang, Lies
Hahaha . . . I mean, I'm so sorry that the photo that I took have bad resolution and blur.

And as the closing, let's seeing it from a distance!!
Those cotton trees not only located in the Bogor Agricultural Institute areas, but also along the Pajajaran St. near from the Bogor Agricultural Institute. But, the cottons production was not the same like the last year, or . . . perhaps its has been collected by the government. Perhaps~
*if only you want to see my previous posting about those cotton trees from last year, just click my labels named : Flashback . enjoy~ -you can see the differences between.

And at the same day with those picture above taken, I took some picture too at my house. Because the sun was really light in the middle of the day, that's why I'm taking the picture. Totally hoooot~ and if you could see it clearly, there was some water which came from the water pipes. There was a small hole in the water pipes. That's why the water also came out. Hmmm . . . どうぞ。

Can you seeeee? The water's splash right in the upper right of the photo *the rare white one.

Then, in the couple days later, I draw my last piece of my imagination's house was like.
Actually, it was a small version of my dreamed house. But, when I draw it in a large scale, it doesn't look alike anymore. Heheheheheehehehe. ここで。

Sorry for the bad picture.
Maaf banget ya . . . でも、わたし は すきですね。。

And for the latest picture that I have is about a slice of dessert.
As you can see on my previous post, I bought a dessert from amadeus cafe. And on August 28th, 2012 -I went there [again] with Indri and ate amadeus house tart!! eaaaa . . here the picture~

Take a look closely . . . look delicious?! Hmmm . . the price is IDR 27.000

And this early morning, the speed of downloading is extremely fast!!! -as far as I experienced it.
Here the details : 

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August 25, 2012


Hello Everyone . . .
It's more than 5days I didn't post anything here in my Blog.
There were reasons which I couldn't post anything here, the one of those is . . . . because I spent my day mostly at home with doing nothing. That's why I didn't post anything except movie or drama *sometimes. Also, I don't have any topic to be talked. I'm so sorry, all. So, I'll pay it today on my posting!!! yeaaah~

Minal 'Aidin wal-Faizin - من العائدين و الفائزين 
I knew that every human have done lot of mistakes in their past life. That's why, let's apologizing each other in these sweet moments which we never knew that we will be met again with Eid next year. My family and I saying : 
" Happy Eid 1433 H, On behalf of the family's name, we're really apologize for all of mistakes that we had been done in the past, an intentional mistakes or not. "

For this month . . . I don't have too much happy experiences in my last day before I went to University's life in the next month, September. I hope, fully hoped that I'll have lot of friends there and no one try to hurt me, especially my pride. Jiahaha~

Perhaps, I'll remember the past event which happened to me in the previous day.
Because I'll narrow it down soon. Yahooooo!!!
In the earlier August, I spent my day by . . . doing nothing. Hek.hek. I didn't get any penny in back previous day. The reason is only one, that's I didn't go anywhere except stayed at home all day long and connected with my friend using any social medias. And in the middle of August, I pulled myself to went outside to find any fresh ideas. Then finally, Febby and Femi arranged a meeting between us. You know what we're doing to do next?! We exchanged soft copy of Running Man! I don't know that we had a same common in watching a variety shows.

Then, after we exchanged Running Man, Febby and I met in the next day because she wanted to copy the latest Running Man from my laptop. That's why she came to my house for the first time *after we're be friends since we're in Elementary school. From her laptop, I got :

Hyouka. Hyouka is awesome!!!!!! I like Houtaro the most! He just handsome in every single sides when we look at him. I wonder if in a real life, there was a man looking like Houtaro. Maybe, I'll like him and try to know more about him. Hahhaa. I don't know the genre of this anime, but most of it is mystery. You must watch it! Even though it was a mystery anime, but it doesn't scary at all.

As one! Finally, it was subbed by any subber *that's the way I called the person who translate the movie and drama. I like these movie. The reason is only one, because I like table tennis and also Bae Doo Na~  I like the way she acted. Watch it from here and want to know more about the movie, click here.

Hari ini (malem ini sih tepatnya), tetangga sebelah rumah gua dateng sama keponakkan laki-lakinya. Emang mau lebaranan sih niatnya. Subhanallah. . .lama banget. Kaya orang dateng mau ngelamar. Ya Allah. . . Mereka dateng dari jam 7.30pm sampai 9pm. Lama kan?! Keponakkannya ngobrol sama Bapak gua, Tantenya ngobrol sama Ibu gua, gua?! ngenet mode on. hehehe. Udah gitu, terasa udah akrab banget lagi keponakkan laki-lakinya sama Ayah-Ibu gua *easy going kali ya orangnya. Hmmm . . .gitudeh.


Ya . . . couple days ago, I went to Ichiban Sushi 「 いちばん すし。」 with Novi, Indri, and Novi's little sister. There, mostly Novi and Indri which had a talk, I think, I'm the only one who hear and keep focus with their topics about. Hehehehe, sorry Novi and Indri. I ate :

True Colour Roll for IDR 35.200 -tax included

Yesterday, I went Botani Square Bogor with my mom and aunt.
I decided to visiting amadeus cafe to buy some dessert. Amadeus cafe, the place is nice and I like their interior light. The colour is . . .*I don't know how to describe it. hehehe. Want to see their gorgeous desserts?! Here :

sorry I'm edit it in the middle of night, so the result doesn't come out well. hehe

Have a nice day!
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August 16, 2012

The Cat Returns - 猫の恩返し。

Uaaah, finally I watched this movie!
I got the copy file's from my closest friend after received lot of Running Man series. hahaaha.
I thought, The Cat Returns movie was the sequel movie from the previous one -The Whisper of the Heart. But, It wasn't. There were big differences between The Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns. Also the only thing who made it looks similar is Baron. Baron the cat. aaaaa, I'm tricked.

The Cat Returns.
As your references (perhaps), I would give a try to share some synopsis.
The story is about Haru a high school girl who has an ability to talk with cats since her childhood. One day, she saved a black cat which is Lune, a prince of the cat kingdom. And as the gift after saving Lune, his father give Haru a catnip and mice, also she is offered the prince's hand in marriage. And . . . watch it by yourself for the rests.

Here's Baron. The main icon from the movie besides Haru.
Entah kenapa, gua jadi pengen punya patung si Baron itu. Sepertinya akan terlihat antik.

The only reason that I had before taking the picture above, is caused the map looks weird and increasing my curiosity. See? The picture is just 'woooow' -for me. hehehe. Because I like something smelled history and adventure. Studio Ghibli is the awesome cartoon maker!!

To know more about the movie, click here and to watch or download the movie, click there.

Enjoy the movie! Have a nice day.
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August 06, 2012


Uahahaha. . .
The title suppose to be weekly, but because my mind wasn't in a good condition then I wrote it 'week-ky'. My week . . . extremely bad and getting worse after my university's day getting closer enough. Day by day passed like usual. I do the same thing everyday. It make me bored.

So! Couple days ago, I found something funny also weird about the keywords that people used to find my blog. It just really must seeing items for the month. Let's check it out!

And only 2 keywords above which make me laughed. haha.

Pernah tuh ya, waktu bulan kemarin, ada yang nyari resep sambel pula di Blog gua. Nggak tau dah itu sambel apa. Tapi gua ngga ngerasa kalau gua pernah masukin resep sambel ke Blog gua sendiri. Hah!

Yesterday, started in morning and night, I spent my day by . . . downloading Chibi Maruko Chan live action movies. Aaaargh! The movie is awesome. My tears fell down for the second time after watching it again this morning. Batal nggak ya puasa gua?! The first thing that I thought after tears fallen down. The story which made me cries.

どうぞ。It was . . . the first season I think. 
The season of this movie that made me cry in the early morning after suhoor *sahur.
To download the 1st season of Maruko-chan live action, click here.

Nah, it was my first Maruko's live action that I watched. My Big Brother who bought the DVD and watch it at home. I tried to stop my tears at then end of the movie, but it doesn't works. Its keep running and when My Big Brother found out, he laughed and asked : " Did you just cry!? HHAHAHA. You cried because of this movie!? Can't believe it. "
To download the 2nd season of Maruko-chan live action, click here. enjooooy!
歌ははブログスポット。com -I just try to write my blog using japanese chart. hehe

I'm also (still) watching an old Japanese drama about Wagashi 「和菓子。」.
The title is Ando Natsu and the drama aired in 2008.
Actually, there's an old one of Japanese drama before this drama aired. The drama also talked about wagashi is Asuka which also known as Sweet Ambition. Aaaargh! I can't find any sites to download this drama. This drama is more awesome than Ando Natsu *I think.

2 picture above is wagashi that I admired.
Such a lovely shapes and colours. I'm really really want to try it once when I found a place which sell wagashi in Indonesia or . . . wait till the times come to mylife. yeaaaah~
To watch or download it, click me and to know more about the drama, click you.

And my last schedule today are . . waiting the last drama of Ghost 2012 be aired and also Running Man ep.105 which had been canceled during the London Olympics 2012. Uaaaaaaa. The very-very last thing is . . . draw a new house for my future house which must be finished before I go to Bandung to continue my study in the University. bye bye! *hah?!

Have a nice day!
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August 02, 2012

jadi . . .

Hello August!?
Don't know why, today I think about my university and its town also.
Sometimes I prefer to stayed in Bogor than moved to Bandung. In Bogor, even though there is a traffic jam most of the vehicles possibly moved. But in Bandung, it wasn't. If it can be moved, I think it only an inch. Aaaa . . . entah kenapa, gua rasa Bandung itu lebih panas dari pada di Bogor. Jadi gimana dong?! Apa iya, gua mesti cari Universitas lagi?! Have a bit feels sorry for both my mom and dad. Gimana dong!?

AH ya!
Usually I'm post a new picture from my sketch book in the early months.
But now, I think I'll delay it. Because I have a project which it must be finished before I go to University at August 25th. The project is about a design about my new house. I'll draw it by myself in my new sketch book or in a piece of paper. Because my dreams is failed [the fact that I couldn't be an Architect] it will be my last drawing for reach my goal to be an Architect before my dreams delayed by Allah for a while. Perhaps not becoming an Architect will be brings lot of happiness also fortune to my future life in the university. Amin . But it doesn't mean that I wouldn't draw anything! Just be patient, cause I'll post it couple days later.

His ages has been reached 82 years old these year.
Waaa . . congrats ya. Be healthy and stop smoking.
*actually his birthday is yesterday~

Have a nice day!
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July 22, 2012

another week on a days

Everyday is a tough days.
The tough days in a week. Because I need to rest more but I couldn't.
Lots of important things need to be finished than spending my time by doing nothing. I realized that my time for the orientation's day in University was getting closer, but . . . it ends with I have not prepare anything.

Monday is the day with lot of preparing.
Because the next day is the day for me to went to Bandung, Indonesia. The purpose for me to visiting Bandung for the first time also, to done some requirement from my 'new' university. All of the needed application be collected in the night and  .  .  . on the early morning, I went to Bandung with my family.

The day is a day with no mercy include.
Why? Cause I need to woke up earlier than before also I got an ill couple days ago and it makes me more uncomfortable to go to Bandung. But, fortunately I didn't feels anything when I reached the University. After all of the problems has cleared there, my family chose to went shopping for a while. So, we chose Kartika Sari, McD, also the Mosque. Not much place that I visited that day. Because we need to arrive at Bogor before the sun sets. And unfortunately also fortunately we reached Bogor at 9pm.

I lived near the main highway in Bogor. So, it was the situation when I went to Bandung in the early morning. The times in the picture showed 5.25am. Hmmm . . . too early to be woken up. Hehehe

The picture above is the situation when we were in the middle of our way to Bandung. Did you see the white spot in the bottom of the street lights? It is the moon. I tried to take it properly, but I couldn't. So, the result was like that *apologize.

LOOK! There was a giant rock which covered with lot of leafs.
I took it because it looked rare to be found.

Waaaa . . The Mosque above make me feels like in abroad. Because it doesn't looked like in Indonesia. Hehehe. Serasa ada di Gurun Sahara -Afrika sana *halah!

Could you possible to see the flying bridge there? Right in front of my car. It reminds me with Japanese movie or drama. Because sometimes they took some scene in the flying bridge and it just felt awesome.

Nice view, doesn't it?

Hah! This one! My aunt who went Bandung with my family who show it to me.
I love this views the most! I saw it once in my way to Yogyakarta and after saw it twice in my way to Bandung, I'm truly love the flying railroads. much-much-much

The picture above is . . . chocolate mouses which I bought at Kartika Sari. The one of a famous gift food in Bandung, especially bread. But, they also sell a dessert. And my choice fallen to that one. The price is IDR 8.000 only = USD 0.84. cheap right?!

I also bought this chocolate. I don't know the brand but I had seen it once at TLC. When a chef makes a small-easy dessert from this kind of chocolate. Aaaarrgh. I'm forgot the name. *the brand is HERSHEY'S KISSES. The flavor?! Mmm . . . really-very-so delicious.!!!

I just stayed at home and . . . relaxed my body, mind, also my mouth.
I kept my mouth closed because yesterday I ate lots of foods in my way to Bandung and when we went back to Bogor. Aaaah, I think I need to diet now. Hmm~ *baca : mustahil

On thursday, I spent my day by watching Running Man ep.103 which titled Beauty and The Beast. The guest stars : Noh Sa Yeon, Shin Se Kyung, and Yoo Jun Sang.

The scene above is when Gary and Jong Kook tried to find Se Kyung. Because they were in danger. But, which make it ridiculous is . . . Gary run straight forwards and then turn right then Jong Kook run to the right side and they met again! You must watch it by yourself. Because my description in English was really bad. Pardon me ya~

Nah, this picture was when Se Kyung and Jong Kook tried to rip the name tag of the beast which is none other is Yoo Jun Sang. To watch this funny and ridiculous variety shows, click me.

And on the day too, Novi and Indri visited my house. They told me about they failure for the umpteenth times. We talked about Study, Universities, The Jakarta's Gubernatorial elections, The candidates for the next President elections, Lapindo Mud, and many more. I hope for both of you guys that the last test that you followed, would be the last destinations for your next education. Amin. FIGHTING!!!

On friday, I spent my day by watching the Japanese drama titled Rich Man Poor Woman. Those drama is getting better and better and that's why I really like to watch it again. 

Uaaaah! the day is the first day of Fasting month.
For the moslems all over the world, happy fasting days ya. Hope all of the things that you have done in this months will brings the goodness for your life. Amin.

Happy Birthday mommy~
And I spent my day by being a slave with my big brother for one day.
We cleaned the old stuffs together *read : playing with the water also the soaps. Huehehehe

Have a nice day!
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July 06, 2012


Hari ini, hari dimana . . untuk kedua atau lebih Allah belum mengizinkan saya untuk mendapatkan apa yang saya inginkan. Yang mungkin apa yang saya inginkan belum tentu yang terbaik untuk saya. Maka dari itu, Allah memberikan jalan yang terbaik untuk saya. *itu aja sih makna yang bisa diambil dari hari ini.

2hours before the result revealed.
Before the result of written test of SNMPTN revealed, I was writing my previous posting. And its end around 6pm. So it means, the times getting closer to the exact time. So far, from the first day of written test was held, I was saying to myself that if the result was bad, don't blame yourself and keep fighting!

1hour before the result revealed.
I choose to covering my whole body using my batik blanket. But, before that . . .
Ku tutup jendela kamar dengan sehelai tirai berwarna putih bercorak bunga mawar. Ku arahkan jari telunjukku ke arah saklar untuk mematikan sumber cahaya di kamarku. Barulah ku rebahkan badan ini diatas kasur yang nampaknya sudah sedikit tidak benar. Ku tarik selimutku sampai benar-benar menutupi ujung rambut yang ikal ini. Ku letakkan kedua tangan ini tepat di atas dada. Mengatur nafas dengan perlahan agar aku dapat mengetahui seberapa gugupnya diriku untuk mengetahui hasil test snmptn tertulis yang akan datang beberapa menit lagi. Ternyata . . ,detak jantungku benar-benar tak karuan. Ku putuskan untuk tertidur agar aku dapat melupakan semua rasa gugup ini dan berharap bahwa ini semua hanya mimpi yang akan berakhir sesaat lagi. Telapak tangan dan kaki pun mulai tak bisa merasakan apa yang seharusnya dapat dirasakan. Mati seketika.

When the times come. . .
Ku pandangi layar laptop dengan keadaan normal mode.
Terlalu terang untuk mataku yang mulai berkaca-kaca. Perlahan, air mata ini mengalir dengan tersendat-sendat. Terpaksa ku tahan agar kakakku tidak mengetahui bahwa aku menangis untuk ke sekian kalinya akhir-akhir ini. 7.15pm. Perlahan namun pasti, ku arahkan jari jemari ini ke arah keyboard laptop dan mulai berdansa diatasnya, "". Namun apa yang ku dapatkan? Error. Error. Error. Tak gentar ku coba untuk mengetik dan meng-enter ulang rangkaian kata itu. Dan . . . kagetnya diriku bahwa aku gagal untuk kedua kalinya dan . . . sekarang jauh lebih sedih rasanya, "Ya, apa daya? Inilah hasilnya." Ibu pun berkata, "Punya mimpi boleh, tapi jangan terlalu tinggi. Sakitkan kalau udah jatuh untuk kedua kalinya?!"

Tertegunlah diriku dengan seketika dan mulai berfikir.
Kenapa ngga dari awal gua mencoba untuk merendah?! Merendah itu baik, kok. Bukan berarti kita merendah bahwa kita itu lemah! Ah, utha! Kenapa ngga dari awal???

Saying Thanks to :
  • Ayah. Ibu. Kakak, Terima Kasih atas do'a dan nasehatnya yang ngga pernah abis setiap kali utha bikin masalah. Makasih juga udah ngasih apa yang utha mau meskipun utha ngga tau gimana cara balas semua itu. Terima Kasih banyak . .
  • Untuk temen-temen gua!!! Kristal, Febby, Icha, Pege, Yossi, Sari, Puspa, Natal dan yang lainnya. Makasih banyak atas pertanyaannya tentang berhasil atau tidaknya saya mengarungi lautan yang berombak itu. Makasih banyak yo~ atas semangatnya juga, makasih! Itu lucu banget, bikin saya bisa sedikit melupakan kesedihan itu. Hehehe
  • Untuk I.N'.U .Long time no see, ya~ Novi, Indri, mungkin rejeki kita bukan lewat snmptn undangan maupun snmptn tertulis kali ya. Tetep semangat ya, buat kalian yang mau ikutan SIMAK UI. Semangat loh! Mungkin perjuangan aku cukup sampai disini. Kalian semangat ya! Ayo kayuh perahunya dengan baik ya.
  • Buat diri gua sendiri : Buat otak, makasih ya selama ini udah nitip berbagai macam nama penyakit, rumus mate-fisika-kimia, nama latin yang aneh-aneh, berbagai kosakata yang unik, dan pengalaman yang ngga akan bisa terlupakan. Buat badan, makasih ya udah bisa bawa saya ke berbagai tempat di Bogor. Buat organ dalam, makasih banget!! Meskipun kalian suka rada-rada letih dan terluka gara-gara saya telat makan, dsb. Buat alat indra, makasih ya. Ya Allah, tanpa kalian semua, mungkin saya bukan apa-apa 

Have a nice day!
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the movies and dramas

So far, since the last day of written test of SNMPTN ends. . ,I had been watched lot of movies and dramas using some site certainly. But nowadays, I want to really watch a Japanese drama which showed about cooking and cooking! I really need to watch it now. If there any movie or drama which talks about cooking, please tell me pleasurably.

Chonmage Purin 

This movie, so far talked about a . . . samurai who transported to today's life. But he has a hidden talent that he could make a dessert well like a pro. In 2000's era, he lives with a woman with one children. And everyday, he makes a breakfast for the woman's son like a real husband. And . . . . you must watch it by yourself. Its plot were well organized and . . . I love all of desserts that he made. looks like a pro. So, I gave for this movie.
To watch this movie, click here and to know more about it, click there.
Starring : Ryo Nishikido, Rie Tomosaka, Fuku Suzuki, etc.


Ghastly is a Korean Horror Movie. But, I think it was not really horror like Indonesian horror movie. hehehe *you know lah~ And which make this movie worth to be watched is . . . this movie have a average tense. Not too much blood appears here. So, for someone who afraid of blood, you can watch it peacefully. Hehehehe. I gave for this horror movie. To watch this horror movie, click here and to know more about this movie, click there.
Starring : Hyomin (T-ara), Han Eun Jung, No Min Woo, Park Seong Min, etc.

Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de special

Well, my first prediction was . . . Reiko will ended together with Kageyama. But, it was not. Yaaaah~ what a pity. .But, in this special episode, they were not only shows one issue, but 2 issues directly. I love it! That's why I'm waiting with all of the patiences that I had. Hehehe. Want to try to watch it by yourself? Just hit this one and to know more about the drama special episode, hit another one.
I gave for my favorite drama and also the special episode.
Starring : Sakurai Sho (Arashi), Kitagawa Keiko, Shiina Kippei, etc.

Kokosei Restaurant

Aaaah . . This Japanese drama is the one that I like. The reason?! It was extremely simple. Just because . . . this drama talked about cooking and . . from this drama also I possibly understand how to cook the dish properly *because they also gave some tips inside -just try to listen and see it well. Oh ya! Which made me hypnotized with this drama is . . . Kamiki Ryunosuke. He's handsome enough. Hehe. I gave this drama .enjoy~
Try to watch it? Click here and click there to know more about it.
Starring : Matsuoka Masahiro, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Fukiishi Kazue, etc.

Ninja Kids Live Actions

Waaah . . . I think it was the most waited movie for me, because I have wait it for . . . a year to be subbed. The 3 kids above are Kirimaru, Rantarou, and Shinbei. It was a . . laughable movie. If you have watched the anime series, you must know that its contained with lot of comedies inside. The movie also known as Nintama Rantarou. Let's watch this movie together with your families or your friends! I gave for this gorgeous movie.
Click me to watch the movie and click them to know more.
Starring : Seishiro Kato, Futa Kimura, Susumu Terajima.

Wonderful Radio

The reason why I watch the movie is . . . there was Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Min Jung, and Lee Jung Jin. And . . they were called 'Lee Brothers' *because : you know lah~ you can see it after know the main actress and actors who played there. Firstly, I love the plot (not too much romance here) but at the end . ., Lee Jung Jin and Lee Min Jung has fallen in love each other. Arrrrgh.

Nah, I love this scene!
It was the most favorite scene in this movie. Because Kim Jong Kook and Gary (Running Man) played as passanger. But I think they played as Lee Kwang Soo's friends.
I gave this movie . To watch it, click here and to know more about the movie, click there.
Starring : Lee Min Jung, Lee Jung Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, etc.

Whispering Corridors 5 : A blood pledge

Aaaah, this horror movie was not really scary *for me. I'd like to watch it because of the cover. The cover makes this movie 'looks' was not that scary. The fact, that's true. Not that scary. Because the blood wasn't that much, only a pinch of salt (?!). I gave this movie . And to watch it, click here and to know about the movie, click there.
Starring : Son Eun-seo, Jang Kyeong-ah, Song Min-jeong, Oh Yeon-seo, Yoo Shin-ae, etc.

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