August 02, 2012

jadi . . .

Hello August!?
Don't know why, today I think about my university and its town also.
Sometimes I prefer to stayed in Bogor than moved to Bandung. In Bogor, even though there is a traffic jam most of the vehicles possibly moved. But in Bandung, it wasn't. If it can be moved, I think it only an inch. Aaaa . . . entah kenapa, gua rasa Bandung itu lebih panas dari pada di Bogor. Jadi gimana dong?! Apa iya, gua mesti cari Universitas lagi?! Have a bit feels sorry for both my mom and dad. Gimana dong!?

AH ya!
Usually I'm post a new picture from my sketch book in the early months.
But now, I think I'll delay it. Because I have a project which it must be finished before I go to University at August 25th. The project is about a design about my new house. I'll draw it by myself in my new sketch book or in a piece of paper. Because my dreams is failed [the fact that I couldn't be an Architect] it will be my last drawing for reach my goal to be an Architect before my dreams delayed by Allah for a while. Perhaps not becoming an Architect will be brings lot of happiness also fortune to my future life in the university. Amin . But it doesn't mean that I wouldn't draw anything! Just be patient, cause I'll post it couple days later.

His ages has been reached 82 years old these year.
Waaa . . congrats ya. Be healthy and stop smoking.
*actually his birthday is yesterday~

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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