September 29, 2011

no comment

I spent my day with ... nothing useful to do.
Just staying at home after the school times ended. And did the Physics task which the teacher gave us in the last meeting (actually it's today). I didn't know how to answered the answer sheets. That's why I kept gaming in these times. hohoho~

I watched the 1st series of Detective Conan Live Actions in and my opinion ... it was really (a bit) strange and I prefer to watch the 3rd series then. Because .... (I'm not arguing about the lead actors and actresses as well, but ... ) I like the 3rd series. It's more ... I don't know how to described it. hehehe

Hari ini tuh, berkah banget ya!?
Ketika waktu menunjukkan tepat pukul 6.55am, aku berdiri tepat di perempatan antara 08-A dan 17. Seperti hari biasa, aku menunggu kedatangan sebuah mobil transportasi yang harus kunaiki untuk mencapai sekolah. Memang, kenyataannya tak lama kemudian bel sekolah akan segera berdering. Namun, apa daya (?!) angkot tak jua menunjukkan batang hidungnya. Akhirnya, saya berharap bahwa ada seseorang yang mengajak saya untuk berangkat bersama menuju sekolah. Dan ternyata, setelah wishes itu terucap, tak lama berhentilah sebuah mobil kijang dihadapanku. Lalu, terdengarlah suara wanita memanggil kearahku dari arah mobil itu, "Ayo nak! Bareng sama Ibu berangkat ke sekolah." Ku palingkan mukaku ke arah suara wanita itu yang ternyata tak lain dan tak bukan adalah Guru Agama saya dikelas XI. Sontak ku jawab dengan jawaban yang singkat "Nggak usah Bu. Naik angkot aja. Makasih." karena dari kejauhan telah terlihat sebuah angkot akan datang menghampiriku. Ibu itu menjawab dengan tegas, "Ayo sama Ibu! Ibu juga mau kesekolah. Ayo naik! Nanti terlambat." Akhirnya .... Gua bareng deh sama Ibu Agama itu kesekolah. Makasih ya, Bu - Pak. Karena Bapak sama Ibu, jadi saya ngga telat deh dateng ke sekolahnya. haha

Today I planned to listening the radio (as usual, every Fridays night - PRO 2 FM) at 9.30pm.
Because, in these times, the times for 'Kover' = Korean Lover. They talk about all of Korea, started from their musics, actress - actors, their shopping areas, and many more. Byeee ....
* I want to study first before I change my concern into the radio. fufu~

I hope, my mother will buy this camera soon for me. Amen ....
LOVE it! adorable, unique, 'vintage', antique and .... want it!!! (ܫ♥)

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September 27, 2011

Detective Conan 3 -live actions

Wooow ... today is the 'free' days I ever had in this week! ahaha
Because the teacher who I don't like (a bit) is not attend to my class. haha. It's such a great moment which happened today. Besides I like to watched The Musical Drama (Korean), I like to watched Detective Conan too. The story was simply to understand and I like the actors - actress whom played in this drama. But, I didn't watched the first drama. I watched the 3rd series or Detective Conan 3 from all the series (this series had 3 different kinds of series. The 1st and the 2nd series who played as Shinichi Kudo is Shun Oguri. But, on the 3rd series the actor who played as Shinichi Kudo is Junpei Mizobata) The Genres of Dramas or Movies that I like is Detectives, Comedies, Murders, Sci-fi, Horrors, Actions, and Romances (is the last genre that I like).

Firstly, I don't like this drama at all (Detective Conan 3) but ..., when I saw the first episode, I knew it would be an really exclaimed drama. I love to watch every cases that could be solved by Shinichi Kudo. Here's tha posters of Detective Conan 3 :

It's the main poster which shows the main characters in this drama
Usually, Drama in Japan called = J-Dorama
To know more about this drama click here
And to watch this drama just click here

It's the main poster if you watched every cases in the beginning
I love it. Simple and mysterious

Here's the main characters of Detective Conan 3 :
who played as Shinichi Kudo is Junpei Mizobata
who played as Ran Mouri is Shiori Kutsuna

I recommended this drama to you because it's a great J-Drama on this year!
And now, I'm waiting for the final episodes which would be aired on ... (I don't know when -keep waiting for this drama). Today, I saw a preview of the final episodes. It's really makes me wanted to watch is soon! And I like the theme song from this drama (click here for listening) I think, I need to watch the 1st and the 2nd series. I thought, it would be as exclaimed as the 3rd series.

And a thing that I realized today is ... MY ENGLISH WAS really WORSE = BAD

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September 26, 2011

Monday Nightmares

Today, I'm both happy and sick.
The reasons are ...
  • I'm happy because I has been finishing my story telling today. I'm really very thankful to Allah SWT, my parents, my big brother (who was drawing the characters for me), my friends (for listening my story even though I was knew that you felt boring in the times I told you about my story) and my last thanks is for my English teacher because she was gave me the first and the last chance to telling my story today and I got an enough scores for my report's book.
  • I felt sicks because of (some) headache which I got in my way to the courses. I hate it, really! Because I couldn't concentrate with the subjects that we learned today. I just sleeping in the class all the times when the teacher teach us (in the courses)
And, before the courses time came, I draw something on my pocket book :

The face showed that I felt really bad today

Nowadays, I watched a drama which titled The Musical
I love this drama before the episode one released on websites.
Firstly, I only watched the trailer first and it's really gorgeous! -that's why I watch this drama now. haha. Then, I tried to find any websites which shown this drama and I found the website! click here

I'm watch this movie because the actors and actress who played in this drama

Go Hye Sun (long time no see~) and Choi Daniel

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September 19, 2011

so-so. .

Today, at school .... the English teacher doesn't attend to my class and that's why she delayed the story telling part in my class. Huh Allah SWT .., Thank You . But what makes me hate today is ... there's a test which held only one day and its fell on today. The test is about school's rank in Indonesia. I meant ... we got a thin book which filled with many questions (which I hate the most) and we must answered it (CORRECTLY) because my school's rank would depends on our class's answered for the whole National Schools in Indonesia. Wanna see my answer sheet?

see the cover of the books which I got?
PINK!! ahaha (I hate it, but sometimes I love it) and they gave us the pencil (it's not important at all)

Today is my schedule to go to the courses as usual.
And rainy has been fallen down in the time when I'm still on my classroom.
Luckily I brought my umbrella inside my school's bag. And I took a picture right when I crossed the zebra cross. hahaha *it's dangerous friends! don't try it

unfortunately there's a women inside my picture. hhehe *not important- spam

And you must know that I got my uniform wet all over my body today.
I hate it, but I'm excited in the same time. I missed my day (when the rain was rained Bogor in my childhood) with my Big Brother. We enjoyed the rains by dancing under the rains. huhhh . . . ~ unforgettable moments on my life. And you know? I draw something too in my small book :

Bad drawings. haha

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September 18, 2011

Sunday yuhu~

Today I spent my day with I N' U!!! a.k.a with Novi and Indri. Huh~
Finally, the day was came and I has been waiting for this moments since a months ago.
Waaah~ It was paid with jogging in the morning and eating breakfast together. As our breakfast menu, we chose chicken porridge with sold in the side of road. The taste is .... 75 out of 100. And you know the price is?? IDR 8.000. I know, maybe some of you said it's a cheap nominal (if you change it into your country's currency) but it's like a half of bowl. aaaargh! I don't like it (a bit) but I keep ate it. hehe

And today, my plan is memorizing English Folk Tales.
I knew that I'm not present it tomorrow, but I'm know that I'll present it in the day after today. I KNEW IT! because the last presentation is on Tuesday a.k.a the day after today. hehe
But I was memorized it since 5 days ago because I'm just prepare it.
And My Big Brother helped me to draw the character of my folk tales. I hope it will be a great drawing. Because I'll use it like a wayang (like a puppet theater). Hope my show will be successful ya ! hehe. Amin ...

It's our porridge look like

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September 17, 2011

Dunkin Donuts :*

Huh ...~Finally, the day was came to me. What is it?
It's about my day with myself. I should have a time with myself to introspected what kind of mistakes that I've done in the past or a week ago. Nah, my plan for today is ... spending my times in Dunkin Donuts Store which placed in the Ekalokasi Plaza. I knew that I could be the one of extravagant peoples who threw away they money everywhere a.k.a LAPER MATA.

Here's the items which I bought at Dunkin Donuts :

It's the first items which I ordered today on Dunkin Donuts.
Their HOT CHOCOLATE is ... G O R G E O U ! ! !
I love their spoons shape. Small and Adorable (my opinion)

Let's saw it closely!
I love this drink more than iced chocolate. Then, a things which I like more from this drinks is ... the price is cheaper that the iced one. Only IDR 19.500 (not included tax)

It's my favorite sandwiches in Dunkin Donuts = Sunny/ Scramble Egg
The price ... I'm forgot friends. Because I was thrown away the bill after I paid and took a pictures of it. hehe. It's the simple and healthy sandwich there. Because it's not including any meats inside. Only an eggs and vegetables. 

So! Maybe I was spent my money about IDR 40.000 only for today.
Actually the total prices for this meals is IDR 42.000, but I used my DISC card. So, I got 10% of discount. it safes me (little bit). I don't know if only Males who worked on Dunkin Donuts Store which placed in Ekalokasari Plaza, but I didn't see any Females worker there. And today, I met my friend with her family when her walked away in front of Dunkin Donuts Store and called my name : "Utaaa .... " -waving to me.

Terus, ada cerita yang bikin heboh banget deh hari ini. Hahhaa
Hanya sekedar meny- share aja sama kalian.
Jadi gini ceritanya :

Pas gua lagi makan di Dunkin Donuts ini nih, pas banget cuma gua seorang yang duduk disana. Ngga ada orang lain tuh. Yaudah, gua mah nyantai aja. Mulai dari ngerjain PR di Dunkin Donuts itu, sampe ngelanjutin 'novel' singkat gua, gua lakuin disitu. Sampai terdengarlah suara gebrakan meja dan teriakan wanita dari arah meja belakang saya (berhubung gua duduknya ngebelakangin para costumers lain, jadi ngga tau deh apa yang terjadi. Yang jelas mah selanjutnya ...) 'GUA NGGAK BUTUH UANG LU!' dan berkat kalimat singkat yang cukup keras inilah, akhirnya saya memalingkan kepala saya dari arah buku tulis KIMIA yang amat meny*******. haha. Pas gua nengok, itu cewek udah pada jenggut-jenggutan rambut (padahal udah pada punya rambut sendiri! Masih aja pengen rambut orang lain). Ngeliat kejadian itu, mas-mas yang kerja di Dunkin Donuts langsung ngelerai mereka (secara, mereka baru aja beli makanan di Dunkin Donuts, gitu.) Nah, cewek yang satu dipegang sama mas-mas Dunkin Donuts, yang satunya lagi dipegangin sama security dan langsung dibawa keluar. 

Dan tau apa yang bikin kocaknya dari cerita ini?!!? Mas-mas Dunkin Donuts nya kan masih megangin tangan si cewek yang satunya itu, pas si cewek ini memberontak, mas-masnya malah menguatkan pegangannya. Lalu si cewek berkata : 'Mas! Lepasin tangan saya dong!' Mas-masnya malah diem aja (mungkin dia fikir, ini anak SMP bakalan ngelanjutin berantem lagi) si cewek itu berkata lagi 'Mas lepasin dong! Gue mau pulang!' dan Mas-mas Dunkin Donutsnya nyeletuk berkata 'Oh yaudah, hati-hati.' idih ... bener-bener anak SMP! Udah dilepasin sama mas-mas Dunkin Donuts, dia langsung ngejar cewek yang dipegangin sama security Elos dan langsung menuangkan minumannya dengan tepat diatas kepala wanita yang berantem dengan dia tadi. Dan yang lebih heboh lagi, itu pertengkaran masih berlanjut di lapangan parkir!

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September 16, 2011

Bad Free-day (Friday)

Ya ampun ...
Bete banget!!! Setiap ulangan, pasti ketemu sama remedial!
Ngga cape apa remedial ketemu sama gua mulu?! Gua aja cape ketemu dia mulu (?)
Dan juga, ngga hanya itu yang bikin gua bete! Ada lagi ! Yaitu ... biasalah~ tempat les.
Sekarang itu, gua ngga suka sama 'murid baru' yang emang baru masuk ke kelas gua. BETE banget! Bagus sih, udah sedikit membaur sama anak kelas yang lama. Tapi menurut gua itu .... terlalu berlebihan. Gimana ya (?!) I couldn't describe it with a words. Ngga apa-apa sih sebenernya, malah bagus, gitu. Tapi ...

Sebenernya sih gua no problem with your presence. But ... you should keep your mouth off (just a little) to show your respects to the old students. That's my opinion. And I wanted to move on to another classes (if any). I must ask it to the receptionist first. I should ask it next week.
And I took this picture after the courses time ends :

I edited it

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yesterday's story

Yeah ...
It's not today's story, but it's my yesterday's story.
Because I couldn't post it yesterday, that's why I'm post it today.
Today, I woke up at ... 1.30am. I don't know, perhaps Allah SWT told me to woke up in the middle of the night. You know the reason why? Because I haven't washed my hijabs and I haven't preparing for today's daily test.

Yesterday I back to my original routine as before.
That's it .... Playing Badminton!!! -it's not important but it's the only one sports that I like most.
Aaaaah ... my body hasn't recovered yet from the last trainer with my sports teacher. It's still hurt all over the body. That's why I need a rest. But ...., these week is full of daily tests.

It's the time when I has been did the training with my friend. It's really tired.
I was drunk 3 cups of mineral water which I bought in the canteen before I played badminton.

Nah ... ~
It's the first court which empty before they played.
The first court, usually used for the athletes or any of my friends who play well and also had a good smash (and they certainly know how to play -almost called as an athlete) One of my friends told me that the persons who played in the first court is 'teeth' -it's like a joke for those people. Because if you see their teeth ... you might know. hehehe - peace friends

While I was watching their games, I'm also took this picture. hehe
We played in our school's building.

I'm the one who draw it

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September 14, 2011


Ih! Nggak suka banget deh sama hari ini!
Hari ini tuh full of mistakes deh!
Let's count it together, ya :
  • First = In the Math test which held today, I putted a wrong integral from sinus and cos. Ah! I thought I would remember it. But I was wrong a.k.a ceroboh banget gue!
  • Second = In the Chemist test, I was wrong to put the right answers of boiling point. Seharusnya tuh, pas udah nyari nilai  .... (apa ya, gua lupa!) itu tuh ditambahin dengan 100 derajat Celsius a.k.a Bete - ASLI
  • Third = In the courses classroom. Today, there's (too) many persons who attend in my class a.k.a new students. And I'm not comfortable as before. That's why I have a plan to move to another day or another courses place in Bogor. Mungkin pindah ke NF Paledang a.k.a Berisik banget --> SUMPEK
  • Fourth = In the time when I'm arrive at home. Kan sebenernya tuh gua nggak ada (sama sekali) uang IDR 2.000 buat bayar ojek, terus gua bilang ke abang ojeknya : "O, tunggu deh." udah tuh ya, gua ubek-ubek tempat receh (berhubung gua ngga punya selembaran uang 2.000 perak). Nggak sabar banget deh itu abang ojeknya! Sampe ngegas-gas nggak jelas di depan rumah gua (maksud gas disini bukan gas 'kentut' loh tapi gas kenalpot) Yaudah deh, gua kasih aja sedapetnya gua. Akhirnya, gua kasih tuh si abang-abang ojek dengan uang total --> 3 koin uang 100 rupiah, 1 koin uang 200 rupiah, 1 koin uang 500 rupiah dan selembar uang 1.000 rupiah. Terus sambil gua ngasih uang itu, sambil gua bilang : "Makasih." dan tau apa yang dia lakukan setelahnya ???? iya cuma bilang "ish!" sambil ngebuang uang recehannya begitu aja! Eh demi apa yu! Gua kan ngasihnya nggak kurang! Pake ngga mau uang recehan segala, lagi. Masih banyak yang masih ngebutuhin uang tau, meski hanya 1.000 rupiah saja a.k.a AAAAARGH! bikin emosi gua jadi tambah naik aja + pusing

Hari ini mah, pokonya Bad day banget deh!
Terus, besok ulangan juga lagi! Aduh .... kenapa minggu ini jadi minggu ulangan sih?
(Jawaban : Soalnya, 2 minggu kemudian, sekolah mesti ngadaain ulangan MID Semester)
Haah! I must get the best scores for Mid Semester Examinations which will be held on 2 weeks later. Amin ... I hope no more remedial for me. hahaha - because I has been feel tired all the times I got remedial.
Tomorrow, I'll face the History test and Environmental test. G-O-S-H !!
Both of its is remembering subjects. I hate it! The History that I learned nowadays is like a Civic subject. Such as ... wars, independence, figures, dates, politics, and many more. HATE it most! hhhaha -please deh ta! Nanti jadi senjata makan tuan, lagi ?!

Udah ya bro!
I will study now to get a best scores for tomorrow test. Byeee ...
*I'll post the picture later

Today's poupee :

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September 12, 2011

senin lelah

"Huh ."
A word which can describe what I feel right now.
Semester 2, kurikulum baru, siap dimulai. tapi, tapi, tapi,  udah bikin kepala ini pusing. haha.
Saya sadari bahwa saya ngga bisa konsentrasi sepenuhnya ke semua mata pelajaran seminggu ini karena liburan sekolah 'nan singkat' baru aja berakhir. Terima kasih banyak, Ya Allah. why? karena saya ngga perlu 'story telling' di depan kelas esok hari. uyeeeey.

oh iya.
should I called it a bad news?
hmmm. . .,gossip-nya, besok bakal ada ulangan fisika, men!
bismillah aja. belajar dah gue. belajar. be-la-jar.

Hari ini di tempat les udah mulai belajar kaya biasa.
ampun deh! mata pelajaran yang ngga pengen gua pelajari hari ini, ternyata malah ketemu sama gua!! Oh no! It's horrible! otak gue yang langsung agak nge-freeze gitu ngeliat jadwal les hari ini. hahaha. selama pembelajaran berlangsung, tangan ini ngga pernah lepas untuk menopang kepala ini via dagu. well, akhirnya selesai juga tuh pelajaran kimia hari ini. Seneng banget!!! Kyaaa! Kyaaa! *apa banget sih. Pelajaran kedua hari ini, matematika!! seneng banget deh. entah apa yang membuat saya tertarik dengan matematika meski pelajarannya begitu membingungkan. halah~ tapi tetep aja saya suka meski udah dapet soal yang ngga mengenakan otak.

Inti dari hari ini sih ....
seneng banget lah~ tanya kenapa???
Soalnya, saya ngga presentasi bahasa inggris besok. hahha -ngga perlu story telling deh.
(please, dengan gua ngomong begini, jangan sampe ... jadi KARMA buat gua dikemudian hari)

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September 11, 2011

minggu yang ...

hari ini.,
Oh no! Staying at home all the day. huh~
Besok! Oh no! Besok udah mulai les lagi, man! (Ta, please ...,semangat!) waduh, udah balik lagi ke aktivitas kaya biasanya nih. Selamet lah~ Seneng banget. Soalnya ...,gue, bisa, meng-upgrade, otak gue, yang udah, ngga maksimal ini. (?!) hahahapasih!

The sky look like in the (early) morning.
 I took it right in front of my gate's residence

oh ya!
besok akan ada 2 jenis ujian yang mesti saya lewati.
biologi dan bahasa inggris (presentasi gitu sih), dan sampai sekarang pun gue belum ngapa-ngapain. BOOM. semoga aja, jam 6 nanti gue udah kelar belajar. aamiin. 
-at 4.43am

Finally, I met novi and indri again. yeaaah.

Have a nice day!
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September 07, 2011

Today No-No

Today I'm staying at home with my big brother (only).
And i remember history lesson is 'there' tomorrow then i remembered (again) that my teacher have said (before the holidays come) after the holidays, there will held an oral test about the first chapter which we had learn before. Aaaaaa . .  . I'm bad in History lesson, especially oral test. Poor me!

Actually, today I would hang out with Novi and Indri. But it seems we delay it again.
And another reason that I have to cancel this things is ... tomorrow is the oral test between history lessons and civic lessons. It's like a BOMB which fallen down right above my head. Ish~
Allah SWT, please let me be the one who passed the oral test tomorrow. Amen :)

Hari ini 'katanya' disekolah mau langsung belajar (eh, demi apa yu!?). Most of my classmates doesn't bring any books to school because they thinks today is only saying : "forgive me, ya!" a.k.a Halal Bihalal. And luckily, it happened. So . . . most of students is HAPPY about that decision. Congrats ya!! (?) Whereas I was brought all of the books to school today, but UNFORTUNATELY (for me) we aren't study at all.

2days ago, I made this new sets :

which titled is ... my dream to japan.
if you want to see more my sets, just click the picture. Thank you~

# Now Playing : Hot Summer - f(x)

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September 06, 2011

last holiday = laziest day

Last day of holiday's such a terrible day.
I won't let it go because I love holiday (nowadays) and I want to go somewhere (today) to spend my holiday, but just doesn't want to waste my money. Money is not everything (actually) but sometimes we needed it in one conditions, huh? So! to spend my day, I playing a games, watching a serial dramas in TV, or SLEEPING (oh come on! not sleeping again).

And today, on (Poupee Girl) I got this tickets!
woooow . . . ! I'm really happy and I haven't use it at all. hehe -someday I'll use it because there's no an expired date of it. hehe~ = JOKE

And also my schedule for today is cleaning up my room.
Cleaning my room is the happiest thing that I like because i'll possibly find something from the past in my rooms, and that's about my secrets between my friends which I could remembered till today. Or perhaps I found any diaries of mine in the boxes. You know (!?) when I was child, I wrote in my diary : MILIK UTHA CANTIK. khaanmaeeen, aib banget ini tuh! dan tau apa yang gue lakuin selanjutnya?? Langsung saya buang itu buku, terus saya bilang ke Ibu kalau jangan pungut buku itu. hahaha~ It's a small secret of me.

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September 05, 2011

tomorrow is the last day of holidays

Oh no!!!!Tomorrow is the last day of holidays! I can't believe it!!!
And today, I spend my day by watching Korean Dramas in website and playing a games. hehe
Then, I received a letter from Icha.
She sent me this letter and my big brother who picked it through the post-man. I thought it's from Natsumi (my friend from Japan. hehe) I read it slowly and here's her letter:

left-right :
  • The left picture is the front cover and the back cover of the letter that I received today (she used a pink envelope) -it's okay. Every letters that I got, I always collect it.
  • The right picture is the whole letters part that I got from her. She said : "HAPPY EID DAYS ... " and the last right is the old stamps that I got from her. ehhehe. Because my brother and I haven't got those series. The Transportation Stamp Series. huh~  THANKS ICHA

Have a nice day!
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Sushi Prince

2days ago, I watched a movie titled Sushi Prince.
I watched it on Red screen Channel (using Indovision). When I saw the trailer (like an advertisement in that time) it's full of sushi and the technique is woooooooow . . . that's why I must watch this movie immediately. And, when I saw the schedule, this movie would aired on Saturday. Oh! Immediately I took my phone and mark out the date and wrote : Sushi Prince -must watch. Then, here the sushi prince's poser look like :

I recommended this movie
Because you could see many kinds of sushi (yummy) and it's a comedy-friendship movie. And also you can see how to plant a rice rightly and . . . LET'S WATCH IT THEN~

Have a nice day!
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September 04, 2011

GREAT foods

Today I get a bunch of foods from my Grandmother.
Actually you knew my first plan right? *what i'm talking on yesterday
YUP!! stayed at home for whole day -FULL. but it happened (almost) then afterward my aunt called me and said that my grandmother was grilled chickens and would you want to come to grandmother's house today to picked it? I answered Yes, absolutely!!!
Want to see what kind of chickens who makes me fallen in love with it, huh?

it looks horrible (a bit) but the taste is really GORGEOUS!!!
I wanted to get it more and more when I tried it on last Sunday.

And also, the tempe!!
Tempe is made from soy bean which fermented with a yeast.

And today I draw something on my sketch books and here is it :

I don't have any account in what I wore (on flick) but sometimes I drew it on my sketch and publish it on my own Blog. hehehe -but I have a plan to make an account now.

Have a nice day!
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September 03, 2011

The 2nd week of HOLIDAYS

The 2nd day of holiday?!
Oh no!! The entrance days of school was getting closer and I'm not finishing my homework either. Like today, I accompanied my mother to market and supermarket. And also I could choose anything (HAHAHA) what I wanted then put it on the trolley. Firstly, My father -the person who would accompanied my mom, but . . . he said it's better if I'm -the one who accompanied her. Haaaah~ That's why I'm going out today. Actually, my plan is not going anywhere -just stayed at home. Perhaps my plan to stay at home will happen tomorrow.

I picked a rice packages (A) -it's a rice which placed in a box with spicy potatoes, fried noodles, and spicy boiled eggs inside. Uaaa . . . .the taste??? NICE -lumayan lah buat orang yang laper mah. The price? It's really affordable! Only IDR 8.000. Where did I buy it? It's at Jogya Junction in Bogor. And also I bought 2pcs of bread from 'Magic Oven'. It's my first time to tasted it.

It's the breads that I bought
but, when you asked about the taste is ..., I would like to answered : NICE tough. But I prefer to Breadtalk (the usually breads that I buy). 
left-right = Red bean paste bread and River satisfaction

River Satisfaction 
This bread is filled with smoked beefs, boiled corns, peas, and mayonnaise
The price is (really affordable) only IDR 7.000
how I describe the taste ... (?!)
LOVABLE -I meant, when I'm eat it, I feels like I want it more and more

Here's the Red bean paste bread
The ingredients? You already know from the name of this bread. YES!! It filled with red bean pastes and spread with some oat meals in the top. SEE??
The price is IDR 5.000 (really cheap, isn't it?)
Red bean paste ... love it. But, I think the pastes is too sweet.

Because today I'm feeling really bored all the day (??), I chose to draw something inside my sketch book. It tells about my holidays. Started from the first day I planned to be a (new) procrastinator on my holidays and it happened then, and so on.

It's the full picture which I draw.

In my 1st day of holiday, I'm still showed up my teeth widely as I could.
the point is ... I was really happy to WELCOMING the SCHOOLS Holidays!!!

I was a bit worried when I realized that I was spent a weeks at home and I haven't finishing my HOMEWORK neither. Then ... (for make me feels better, I talk to my self) it's okay, I still have a weeks left to done my homework. It's ookay! 괜찮아 (read : gwaenchanh-a)

And NOW??? I'M DEAD ...
because I haven't done to do my homework. homework (?!)
it feels like something hanging on my head and won't releasing the grip -GOSH!

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

September 01, 2011

Horrible day passed away

Hahaha . . .
Finally my homework was finished well . . (moreover the speech scripts)
* Demi apa?? Pageviewersnya dikit banget =,= - malah mengarah ke ngga ada sama sekali. aduh . . ~ where are you my readers?? It's okay then, its life. So . . . many things that we must face it everyday moreover the hardest problem. iyeeeey!!
uthaaaaa . . . . ,fighting !!!!!!

Today my schedule is tidy up my room and stay the day long at my house.
I'm stayed at home for doing this today.
I don't know what should I told you about my day, today. hehe. Because nothing happen today. It's like  a usual. SLEEPING - EATING - BLOGGING - PLAYING - SINGING - DREAMING - DRAWING - FASTING (syawal) - SIGNING POUPEE GIRL - FINISHING MY HOMEWORK (the last)

that's all.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog