September 16, 2011

yesterday's story

Yeah ...
It's not today's story, but it's my yesterday's story.
Because I couldn't post it yesterday, that's why I'm post it today.
Today, I woke up at ... 1.30am. I don't know, perhaps Allah SWT told me to woke up in the middle of the night. You know the reason why? Because I haven't washed my hijabs and I haven't preparing for today's daily test.

Yesterday I back to my original routine as before.
That's it .... Playing Badminton!!! -it's not important but it's the only one sports that I like most.
Aaaaah ... my body hasn't recovered yet from the last trainer with my sports teacher. It's still hurt all over the body. That's why I need a rest. But ...., these week is full of daily tests.

It's the time when I has been did the training with my friend. It's really tired.
I was drunk 3 cups of mineral water which I bought in the canteen before I played badminton.

Nah ... ~
It's the first court which empty before they played.
The first court, usually used for the athletes or any of my friends who play well and also had a good smash (and they certainly know how to play -almost called as an athlete) One of my friends told me that the persons who played in the first court is 'teeth' -it's like a joke for those people. Because if you see their teeth ... you might know. hehehe - peace friends

While I was watching their games, I'm also took this picture. hehe
We played in our school's building.

I'm the one who draw it

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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