April 28, 2011


Holla !
Today is the dizziest day in the week. hehe
I'm almost late came to school cause I'm arrived at 7.04am. hehe
And, started from 7.05am, the punishment begins.
Oooh, Thanks Allah SWT, because of You I could avoid the punishment.

First lesson is Music lesson and the teacher didn't come
Second lesson is Civic lesson and the teacher is attended to my class. We learned about International Relationship and International Organization.
Third lesson is Japanese lesson and we wrote a letter to 友達 (friend - to another friend). And my letter paper is nice. lovelovelove 
Then, the letter looked like . . .

*I decorated this envelope with cupcake and doughnut. hehe*

Today my schedule is went to the bank and course (absolutely).
I spent my time in the bank approximately 30minutes. because there's something ERROR with the bank machine. so, we must be patient. I got the queue number 22. Then, it make me late to came to the course. I'm arrived there at 3.20pm (20 minutes late).

The courses ends at 6.00pm.
Because I didn't have any small nominal money, so I should change it.
I decided to go to Bogor Permai Bakery and Cafe to buy a bread so it can make my money has a small nominal. hehehe. I took a pictures in my way to Bogor Permai :

I like the night lamps

Have a nice day!
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April 25, 2011

Monday = . . .

Today I'm start to drawing anything that I do for these week.
Actually, nothing special happened today.
But, to spend my time. . .,I write something here (just for full filled it. haha)
I'm feel (a bit) dizzy, and I think my body got (a bit) high fever started from in Course.
And it continued until now.
(but I can sit as straight as a flagpole in front of the laptop now)

When I'm arrived at Course today, rainy was fallen down again.
So, it made my clothes wet like I took a bath for the second times but in the wrong situation
*hope you'll understand what I meant

University. . .
If I heard this word, my heart beating faster than usual, nervous, and dizziness come to my head immediately.
Oh, I'm not comfortable as usual if there's a friends who asked me, "Utha, where's University that you wants to go in?" I just can answered a short answer, "I don't know either. Because there's many choices. hehe"

I hope soon, I can make my parents proud of me

# Now Playing : Dreams Come True - 4minute
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April 22, 2011

Earth Day

Hello everyone!
I'm Astrid Dwi Cahyaningtyas, and you can called me Uta.
I'm 17th Years Old (this year), and I'm studying at Senior High School Seven in Bogor.
I'm 11th Grade now and I'm not GOOD in English . hehe

Today, in Bogor rainy fallen down like yesterday.
But, today's rainy is more dense than yesterday. The water splashing get inside into my house.
In another reason, 난 그게 너무 좋아요.  hohoho

You know?
Today is Earth Day.
I thought it's like Earth Hour but, Earth day is for whole environmental (not like earth hour which focuses only on electricity, but it's like for all of a things in the world - air, water, soil included electricity)
more about Earth Day, click here.

HAPPY EARTH DAY Everyone. . .~

Kartini's Day


Today is Kartini's Day. Kartini's Day held to remember her kindness because of her, Indonesian woman could get the same degree with a man [in that time]. On the top, that's Kartini. She's full name is Raden Ajeng Kartini [we can abbreviated it to be R.A Kartini]. She's born in April 21st, 1879 and passed away in Sept 17th, 1904. Kartini is known as a pioneer in the area of women's rights for native Indonesians. Kartini as known as an Indonesian national heroine.

another photos from Kartini with her sisters
left-right : Kartini, Kardinah, and Roekmini (read : Rukmini)

more about R.A Kartini, click here.


            Kenapa ya, Hari Kartini sekarang tuh udah mulai ngga diinget sama anak-anak Indonesia. Taunya, Hari Valentine, Hari Jadian sama someone special, dan hari-hari lainnya. Dulu tuh ya, kayanya seminggu sebelum Hari Kartini dateng, Ibu-ibu udah ribet nyariin baju Kebaya buat anaknya, milihin Salon mana yang bagus - or prefer do it by herself = HEMAT, nyari KONDE, pokonya udah rame banget deh itu pasar. Tapi kok sekarang [gua rasa] kebiasaan itu tuh udah sedikit memudar. Ngga ngerti kenapa. Pasti setiap Hari Kartini dateng, kita tuh [pasti] selalu pakai baju Kebaya ke sekolah, terus di sekolah tuh udah ada panggung kecil buat peragaan busana gitu [hahahapasih, gaje banget gua]. Seru banget! Pokoknya, kerasa banget deh ngerayain Hari Kartini. Sampai-sampai ada om-om tukang foto yang suka asal jeprat-jepret anak-anak yang pada pake baju Kebaya terus langsung dicetak dan digelar gitu ngejualnya. Beuh. . ., kalau itu om-om dateng ke sekolah gua, apalagi disebelah gua ada Ibu gua, dan ada muka gua terpampang di gelarannya itu, PASTI gua langsung minta beliin fotonya deh. Abis gua fikir, itu muka-muka gua, ya kalau ngga diambilkan sayang. Kapan lagi gua punya foto dengan muka kaya begitu [?!]

                Yang gua harapin buat beberapa tahun ke depannya sih, semoga aja Hari-hari bersejarah tuh lebih sering diingat dan diapresiasikan dengan mengadakan berbagai acara yang mudah diminati oleh anak-anak Indonesia. Itu aja sih. Sekian dari saya, apabila ada kesalahan mohon dimaafkan. Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb [??]

April 20, 2011

Bad (Holly) day

Today I just spend my day with sleeping over the day.
And it sounds that how lazy I am today.
Aaaah, actually I want to find something that make me busy for a day.
But, I don't know what.
Ultimately, I just read a book. Iii. . ., I wanna make a changes, but it's hard. I need a spirit, passion and motivation. Yeah! Utha FIGHTING!!! xoxo.

Today in TV, I watched a movie.
The title is RED COBEX -> Indonesian movie.
The movie aired on May 2010 at Cinema.
The Genre is Romantic Comedy (but I prefer Comedy, because it shook my stomach)

How the poster looked like

Synopsis :
Red Cobex is the name of Gang from each region which had a members, that is Ma'am Ana (Ambon person), Aunt Lisa (Manado person), Yu Halimah (Tegal person), Mbok Bariah (Madura person), and Cik Meymey (descendants of Chinese) is a mothers group who protected the weak community and anti - immorality. They aren't hesitate to hurt a person who take an advantages from the dirty business. With Yopie (Ma'am Ana's son), they act like thugs to apprehended and vigilante.

left-right : Cut Mini, Aida Nurmala, Sarah Sechan, Tika Panggabean and Indy Barends

The Cast :
  • Tika Panggabean as Ma'am Ana (Mama Ana)
  • Indy Barends as Aunt Lisa (Tante Lisa)
  • Aida Nurmala as Yu Halimah
  • Sarah Sechan as Mbok Bariah
  • Cut Mini as Cik Meymey
  • Lukman Sardi as Yopie
  • Revalina S. Temat as Astuti
Watch these movie because I recommended

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April 02, 2011

Gnomeo and Juliet (3D)

Hurray! Finally, the Mid Semester Test was end
But, even the test ended, every problem on my life never ended.
It keep spinning, like 3R -> Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle (?)

I plan that today I'll watch a movie in cinema and I DO IT !
But, I watched a movie just-only with myself, my bag, and my caramel pop corn
What I needs for today is relaxing my brain from any problem that I had for several weeks left.
It's nice with myself in a day. It relaxing me more.
Because I just walks, talks, and thinks with myself.
I'm not share it to everyone. Just keep it inside my heart.
Not became a new problem if I kept it in my heart, but as a new motivation.

I watched Gnomeo and Juliet (3D) in Bogor Botani Square -> it's the one of a largest mall in Bogor. The Prices of one ticket if we watch it in weekend is IDR 30.000 but because I watched a 3D movie, the ticket price rising become IDR 50.000. hehe and I bought a Caramel Pop-corn as my friend there.

Actually this movie is similar like another Romeo and Juliet stories, but this one is funny.
Not full filled with romantic plot, but comedy plot. That's why the genre of these movie is General. hehe. The movie that I really wanted to watch is 'The Extraordinary Adventure of Adele Blanc-Sec' -> I don't know the reason why I'd really wants to watch it, but I think it's nice movie. Can't wait. . .!

Oh ya!
I was wrote a note in my study planner. because today is FREE TIME, so I wrote there like this : 

And I want to share another new style on gameangel.com
I like it, because it so stylish (I mix and match it with my own way), then it looks like :

*click the photo if you want to play it

Have a nice day!
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