April 20, 2013

mid term test is . . .

"mid term test is over."
Alhamdulillah . . . Thank You, Allah SWT. . . 
Basic Photography is the subject that I'm afraid of. But, my score was not that bad. so I was celebrating it by cleaning up my room and then had an enough sleep for 5hours. waaa . . . 


Yesterday, I found my drawing in a stack of papers ( because on this week there were a mid term test, my room is really messy. but its easier to find something that I needed ). The drawings from the past 2 months and when I felt boring in the class, I just doodling in my book -full of drawing

this picture is the oldest one.
I drew it in my first semester in university.

the picture above is my illustration when I'm filling empty inside but not outside.
kalau bahasa gaulnya sih, gua lagi galau ketika itu. tapi kalau ditanya kenapa gambar itu, ya ngga tau?! ngga tau kenapa, pas ngegambar jadinya begituuuu aja~ hhehehe

this picture is the continuous from before. hehe

the illustrating ideas come from "Alice in Wonderland" book's that I had. but this Alice is a bit mysterious from the Alice that Lewis Carroll made. I admire his books. And which make me more exciting about Alice is . . . I found an old movie from Alice in Wonderland! hehe. "Wonder"-ing to know? click here.

it was nothing.
just helping my friend with her typography assignment. the lecturer told her to make a new font with a new name also, but with Indonesia's theme.

just illustrating my friend's faces and dreaming about what should I drew in this piece of white paper.

little red riding hood.
I drew it in the middle of computer class.

the newest drawing.
it is about my friends and I. pssst . . . I made 'giggle scheme' as google chrome for the ancient era, and tadpole as twitter. hehehe

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog, also keep drawing!

April 10, 2013

blood donation

In the morning, I had done a blood donation at campus.
Blood donation is the one of the most exciting event which written on my list as 'a must to do' things besides book fair, photo exhibition, short-movie launcher, fashion show, etc. It held on 10am till 2pm. And I asked my friend to take a photo of me ,because I want to show it to my parents that their daughter had been donated her blood for other people. Hehehe

Donor darah menurut gua . . .
Bikin nagih! Ini tuh acara yang gua tunggu-tunggu setelah gua nyoba untuk yang pertama kalinya tahun kemarin. Ya Allah . . .nagih deh, beneran! Jadi, untuk kalian disanaaaa: (fact about blood donation)

Ayo beranikan diri kalian untuk mendonorkan sekantung darah segar yang kita punya kepada orang lain yang membutuhkan di luar sana!
-jangan mau kalah sama aku yaaa

* * *

a story after donating my blood :
what I felt after my blood was taking is . . .my hand is a bit weak (is it happened because I haven't taken my breakfast in the morning, perhaps?)
so that, my friend who accompanied me, taking care all of the things that I carried to campus today -especially sketch book and camera. but I don't want to make other people felt hard if they walked together with me in that condition. then, the resolution is . . . I opened my dorm room's door using my left hand and . . . I let my friend who accompanied me to take a rest for a while before we were going back to campus.

another friend asked my when we walked together to campus after it,
"How much blood that they took?"
"Mmmmm. . .1 pack of blood bag."
"How much? 1 liter?"
"Perhaps?! Haaaah!? I must be fainted after they taking my blood that much. 250ml = 250cc, perhaps!?"
"Ooooh, ya, ya, ya. Because I kept resembling how much your blood is taken with a gallon of water in our room."
"You must be insane ,huh!? Comparing it with water in a gallon?"
-and our talking ended there

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog.
also, don't forget to donate your blood (ya) at the nearest hospital in your city~