January 29, 2011

Saturday is like usual

walah. . . , today is unwordable [I can't describe it with a words]
at school, we got physics test today [without announcement yet]
I'm not study physics last night. but I kept 'Googeling' hehe
and I got the result today. Maybe I'll got 50 or 40 or 30 or 20 or 10 even 0.
please it shouldn't happen to me. please let me passed this test. uaaa. . .~

I met him twice a day [like drunk a medicine]
and it feels like. . . I fell into the wonderful land which I don't know where is it.
because it felt so [gorgeous] waaaah, LOVE it
firstly I saw him in front of his class and secondly I met him in teacher room
waaaaaw, please let me be the one of his special friends. hehehe *ngarep
but, now. I thought it would be better that I'm not be the one of his special friends. it's impossible to me to reached it now

:: suddenly gave up ::

He's older than me [just a year]
I like him since 2009 [when I'm in the first year at school]

oh ya!
today I spent my day with Rizki and Diana.
we went to Bogor Junction to eat Ramen in Daiji Ramen.
Here my Ramen :

I ordered Original Daiji Ramen (it meant this Ramen not adding any topping in the top. just like it)
The prices is IDR 24.000 (without taxes)

And here some of our picture :
the first picture is : (left-right) Rizki and Diana. The second picture is Me

Have a nice day (weekend)
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January 26, 2011

Dream High

uaaah, today is the climax of the week [even we haven't meet the Sunday]
today is the better day I ever had since I got sick in a week [but still went to school]. because my eyes, my body, my headache disappear immediately [step-by-step]. 
waaa, Thank You Allah
My body is better now.

oh ya!
In the way to school, I dreamed about : Is it possible to meet him today? *don't know which one the man will I met today. and. . . it happened! I met him ! [not at all. just saw his face, smile, and new hair style] when I wanted to 'Sholat Dzuhur' in the School Mosque. and I met another man [how lucky am I today?!] when I finished take a pray and he was take a 'wudhu' [actually I don't know that he's in there today]. He came out from behind wall and fixed his hair and. . .he's too COOL for me. he made me melting when I saw him. aaaaa. . .
and he stopped his step when he knows that I'm there, in front of him
waaaaaaa. . . many flowers gain there when he stopped his step.
wants to hold his hand [the effect from too much dreaming the noon]

Nowadays [exactly yesterday] I've watched Dream High
it's a new drama from KBS2 which airing in Monday and Tuesday, and it's the one of drama that I'm waiting for this year.

enjoy this drama
those picture above belongs to google.com

because there's IU and Taecyeon 2PM. weeew~
I thought it will be the drama for the opening year 2011.
I recommended this drama for you guys.

Have a nice day
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January 25, 2011


hari ini tuh gimana ya?!
*actually I'm confused how to explain my feelings. because it little bit strange I thought.

Today when I practiced 'Pencak Silat' with my group, it feel so tired.
And I want to drink and drink it more *water absolutely
if I must said it honestly, today is the tired day, the bad day, the uncomfortable day I ever had since I'm in the second year in Senior High School. 3 days that I hate in a week : Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I hate [few subject from] these day.
until now, I keep searching on the internet because I couldn't get the material yet.
*but I can posting in my Blog. HAHAHA

DEADLINE for Tomorrow :
  • Biology subject : [keep searching the material NOW]
  • Music subject   : haven't find the melody and the chord
  • Citizenship subject : karikatur
  • Indonesian subject : make a proposal
  • English subject : the student wooksheet
Kepala gue ngepul. . .

But a things that made me feel a little bit strange is I got headache in a whole time when the first lesson began, but when mathematics lesson began in the end of school time, my headache suddenly disappear. it's the second time that my headache disappear in the calculate lesson, such as maths and physics. waaaw, I can't believe it at once but it was happened twice. hehehe

eh, what should I do to my homework which piled up like a mountain?
emmm, I felt that I want to burned it all now. hahaha *stress level : 4 of 5

Have a nice day
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January 21, 2011

bad mood, bad condition : BAD DAY

mata saya hari ini masih seperti kemarin.
kondisi fisik saya juga begitu.
ngga tahu kenapa. ujug-ujug, begitu aja. . . ~
pengennya pergi jalan-jalan, tapi mata ngga enak, kepala pusing mulu, badan pegel-pegel. gimana dong? *ngga usah pergi aja sekalian! tapi tuh ngebet banget pengen jalan-jalan.
ngga tau nih penyakit dampak dari apa?!
semenjak 2 atau 3 hari yang lalu, mata, kepala, serta badan saya rasanya capek. . . . k banget.
pengen rasanya istiraat seharian. mungkin itu salah satu obatnya kali ya!?

Hari ini mah, sama kaya kemarin sih.
ngga ada yang special. ketemu si itu juga biasa aja. ngaga ngebet-ngebet banget kaya dulu.
udah termasuk normal lah. . . (sedikit)
satu Hal yang paling ngena banget hari ini, yaitu Guru Biologi saya bilang kalau "Pantaskah kalian masuk IPA? Renungkan baik-baik."
awalnya sih, ini Ibu baik-baik aja. tapi, pas temen saya udah ceplas ceplos sana-sini ngga karuan, dia langsung ngomong kaya gitu deh. aduh. . . ternyata peringkat ke2 dikelas itu tidak membuahkan apa-apa. masih banyak orang yang lebih pintar dari saya dikelas.
liat aja semester 2 ini, pasti nih ya, saya kesusul deh peringkatnya (yang artinya gue mesti lengser dari peringkat ke2 itu) NGGA MAU. .  .!~
udahlah, lagian udah kejadian. toh ini yang terjadi hari ini, dan masih ada hari esok.
liat aja hari esok bakalan gimana (semoga sakit sekujur tubuhku ini cepat sembuh. Amin)

Dan asal kalian tau juga, masa iya gua udah ngerjain LKS Bahasa Inggris capek-capek, taunya Gurunya bilang "udah, minggu depan aja dikumpulinnya."
iiii. . . ,dalem amat?! berarti feeling gua bener.
diangkot pas berangkat tadi pagi, gua mikir "gimana kalau nih LKS bahasa Inggris ngga dikumpulin? garing amat ya, gua udah ngerjain capek-capek."
eh taunya!? it HAPPEN. . !
aduh, nasib, nasib. . .
*males ngedit pula

Have a nice day
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January 16, 2011

Sunday ckck~

This Sunday is like usual.
Nothing special happen, just like a flowing water.
Started from 8.30am I tidy up by bedroom and it ended at 11.00am.
Today I had appointment with Rizki and Diana (again) in Botani Square Bogor (again) hehe
We meet because we did our homework and presentation (actually the presentation is for Rizki and Diana. because they got number 3 and appearing in next Wednesday. And I'll presentation in 2 weeks later)
My material is about disorders and diseases of respiratory system.
waaa. . . nervous, huh?!

We met at 2pm in Botani Square Bogor.
Then we direct our homework immediately.
Before we went to Taman Koleksi (English : Collection Garden) we bought Breadtalk first for our snack.
I bought 'Pay 1 for 2' which price IDR 10.000.
Rizki bought Butter Sugar with the price IDR 6.000.
And Diana bought Golden Rabbit and Bank of Chocolate with the price IDR 6.000 for each bread. We took some pictures there :

left-right : Me - Rizki

The weather is nice in the afternoon. so we didn't feel too HOT~

Have a nice days
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January 12, 2011

New Semester, New Spirit

today my classmate is really funny.
They made a parody drama at class (in the middle of study time. because the teacher not attending to class today). It makes my stomach (little bit) hurt and I want to...(pee)... after laughing so long. kikkik

And I really like this situation, because it made us feel so close each others.
This month is a New Semester for us, so we must doing a better things to got a good score then. I believe that my class will be batter for this new semester.

I'm not meet him today.
but I met another man in school. HAHAHA
we're so close (I mean he's next to me when I'm in canteen) kikikik
and I met him (for another 'another man') in the Mosque (when I want to take a pray)

Have a nice days ♥
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January 07, 2011


Ngga tau kenapa, pas lagi (baru) buka salah satu game online, saya berfikir "udah SMA mau nerusin kemana?"
Hal yang saya impikan sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu adalah menjadi seorang Arsitek (Amin Ya Rabbalallamin)
Ini tuh cita-cita saya yang bener-bener saya pengen capai agar bisa menjadi 'orang'.
Terus, saya nanya ke kakak saya (yang berada tepat didepan saya) : "Prefer Architect or Design Interior?"
Kakak saya ngejawab : "Kalau diliat dari enak apa ngganya itu pekerjaan, menurut gua mending Design Interior. Tapi, kalau bicara masalah penghasilan?! Mending jadi Arsitek lah~ Gua nyoba di ITB sama di UI ngga keterima. Mending jadi Arsitek sih de."
terus Ibu saya nambahin : "Ayo mbak...bisalah jadi Arsitek." (Amin Ya Allah)
saya cuma jawab : "Amin Ya Allah. Semoga hamba-Mu ini bisa menjadi seorang Arsitek." -> (dalem hati)

15minuets later...~

Saya nanya lagi ke kakak saya : "Nde, kalau tesnya itu kaya gimana?"
Kakak saya ngasih tau : "Tesnya? Ya kalau pake SPMB, ngga usah di tes-tes begituan lagi. tapi kalau ikutan tes, ya paling disuruh ngedesign gitu. Bisa ga lu?"
Saya diam sejenak dan berkata (dalem hati) : "Insya Allah bisa. Amin."

Tapi, yang jadi kendala adalah kalau saya ngga keterima di Perguruan Tinggi Negeri gimana?
Apa jadinya saya?
Haruskah saya menunda 1 tahun dulu?
atau Apa? Apa yang harus saya lakukan?
berdiam diri dikamar? (tidak membuahkan hasil)
Maka dari itu, saya sudah membulatkan tekad bahwa saya ngga akan putus asa untuk meraih gelar Arsitek itu. Amin

January 05, 2011

today's report

started from 11am rainy fall down in Bogor and it stopped at 15.35pm.
waaw.., so long~
[actually, I slept at 12pm until 14.25pm]
I took it at 15.00pm

oh ya!
I promised to give you my photo in the day when Kristal, Febby and Me spent our day together.
actually it just the yogurt-not us.

5 minuets later...
ahahha (•˘.˘•)ʃ

Have a nice day...