January 25, 2011


hari ini tuh gimana ya?!
*actually I'm confused how to explain my feelings. because it little bit strange I thought.

Today when I practiced 'Pencak Silat' with my group, it feel so tired.
And I want to drink and drink it more *water absolutely
if I must said it honestly, today is the tired day, the bad day, the uncomfortable day I ever had since I'm in the second year in Senior High School. 3 days that I hate in a week : Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I hate [few subject from] these day.
until now, I keep searching on the internet because I couldn't get the material yet.
*but I can posting in my Blog. HAHAHA

DEADLINE for Tomorrow :
  • Biology subject : [keep searching the material NOW]
  • Music subject   : haven't find the melody and the chord
  • Citizenship subject : karikatur
  • Indonesian subject : make a proposal
  • English subject : the student wooksheet
Kepala gue ngepul. . .

But a things that made me feel a little bit strange is I got headache in a whole time when the first lesson began, but when mathematics lesson began in the end of school time, my headache suddenly disappear. it's the second time that my headache disappear in the calculate lesson, such as maths and physics. waaaw, I can't believe it at once but it was happened twice. hehehe

eh, what should I do to my homework which piled up like a mountain?
emmm, I felt that I want to burned it all now. hahaha *stress level : 4 of 5

Have a nice day
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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