September 18, 2011

Sunday yuhu~

Today I spent my day with I N' U!!! a.k.a with Novi and Indri. Huh~
Finally, the day was came and I has been waiting for this moments since a months ago.
Waaah~ It was paid with jogging in the morning and eating breakfast together. As our breakfast menu, we chose chicken porridge with sold in the side of road. The taste is .... 75 out of 100. And you know the price is?? IDR 8.000. I know, maybe some of you said it's a cheap nominal (if you change it into your country's currency) but it's like a half of bowl. aaaargh! I don't like it (a bit) but I keep ate it. hehe

And today, my plan is memorizing English Folk Tales.
I knew that I'm not present it tomorrow, but I'm know that I'll present it in the day after today. I KNEW IT! because the last presentation is on Tuesday a.k.a the day after today. hehe
But I was memorized it since 5 days ago because I'm just prepare it.
And My Big Brother helped me to draw the character of my folk tales. I hope it will be a great drawing. Because I'll use it like a wayang (like a puppet theater). Hope my show will be successful ya ! hehe. Amin ...

It's our porridge look like

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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