September 07, 2011

Today No-No

Today I'm staying at home with my big brother (only).
And i remember history lesson is 'there' tomorrow then i remembered (again) that my teacher have said (before the holidays come) after the holidays, there will held an oral test about the first chapter which we had learn before. Aaaaaa . .  . I'm bad in History lesson, especially oral test. Poor me!

Actually, today I would hang out with Novi and Indri. But it seems we delay it again.
And another reason that I have to cancel this things is ... tomorrow is the oral test between history lessons and civic lessons. It's like a BOMB which fallen down right above my head. Ish~
Allah SWT, please let me be the one who passed the oral test tomorrow. Amen :)

Hari ini 'katanya' disekolah mau langsung belajar (eh, demi apa yu!?). Most of my classmates doesn't bring any books to school because they thinks today is only saying : "forgive me, ya!" a.k.a Halal Bihalal. And luckily, it happened. So . . . most of students is HAPPY about that decision. Congrats ya!! (?) Whereas I was brought all of the books to school today, but UNFORTUNATELY (for me) we aren't study at all.

2days ago, I made this new sets :

which titled is ... my dream to japan.
if you want to see more my sets, just click the picture. Thank you~

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Have a nice day!
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