July 22, 2012

another week on a days

Everyday is a tough days.
The tough days in a week. Because I need to rest more but I couldn't.
Lots of important things need to be finished than spending my time by doing nothing. I realized that my time for the orientation's day in University was getting closer, but . . . it ends with I have not prepare anything.

Monday is the day with lot of preparing.
Because the next day is the day for me to went to Bandung, Indonesia. The purpose for me to visiting Bandung for the first time also, to done some requirement from my 'new' university. All of the needed application be collected in the night and  .  .  . on the early morning, I went to Bandung with my family.

The day is a day with no mercy include.
Why? Cause I need to woke up earlier than before also I got an ill couple days ago and it makes me more uncomfortable to go to Bandung. But, fortunately I didn't feels anything when I reached the University. After all of the problems has cleared there, my family chose to went shopping for a while. So, we chose Kartika Sari, McD, also the Mosque. Not much place that I visited that day. Because we need to arrive at Bogor before the sun sets. And unfortunately also fortunately we reached Bogor at 9pm.

I lived near the main highway in Bogor. So, it was the situation when I went to Bandung in the early morning. The times in the picture showed 5.25am. Hmmm . . . too early to be woken up. Hehehe

The picture above is the situation when we were in the middle of our way to Bandung. Did you see the white spot in the bottom of the street lights? It is the moon. I tried to take it properly, but I couldn't. So, the result was like that *apologize.

LOOK! There was a giant rock which covered with lot of leafs.
I took it because it looked rare to be found.

Waaaa . . The Mosque above make me feels like in abroad. Because it doesn't looked like in Indonesia. Hehehe. Serasa ada di Gurun Sahara -Afrika sana *halah!

Could you possible to see the flying bridge there? Right in front of my car. It reminds me with Japanese movie or drama. Because sometimes they took some scene in the flying bridge and it just felt awesome.

Nice view, doesn't it?

Hah! This one! My aunt who went Bandung with my family who show it to me.
I love this views the most! I saw it once in my way to Yogyakarta and after saw it twice in my way to Bandung, I'm truly love the flying railroads. much-much-much

The picture above is . . . chocolate mouses which I bought at Kartika Sari. The one of a famous gift food in Bandung, especially bread. But, they also sell a dessert. And my choice fallen to that one. The price is IDR 8.000 only = USD 0.84. cheap right?!

I also bought this chocolate. I don't know the brand but I had seen it once at TLC. When a chef makes a small-easy dessert from this kind of chocolate. Aaaarrgh. I'm forgot the name. *the brand is HERSHEY'S KISSES. The flavor?! Mmm . . . really-very-so delicious.!!!

I just stayed at home and . . . relaxed my body, mind, also my mouth.
I kept my mouth closed because yesterday I ate lots of foods in my way to Bandung and when we went back to Bogor. Aaaah, I think I need to diet now. Hmm~ *baca : mustahil

On thursday, I spent my day by watching Running Man ep.103 which titled Beauty and The Beast. The guest stars : Noh Sa Yeon, Shin Se Kyung, and Yoo Jun Sang.

The scene above is when Gary and Jong Kook tried to find Se Kyung. Because they were in danger. But, which make it ridiculous is . . . Gary run straight forwards and then turn right then Jong Kook run to the right side and they met again! You must watch it by yourself. Because my description in English was really bad. Pardon me ya~

Nah, this picture was when Se Kyung and Jong Kook tried to rip the name tag of the beast which is none other is Yoo Jun Sang. To watch this funny and ridiculous variety shows, click me.

And on the day too, Novi and Indri visited my house. They told me about they failure for the umpteenth times. We talked about Study, Universities, The Jakarta's Gubernatorial elections, The candidates for the next President elections, Lapindo Mud, and many more. I hope for both of you guys that the last test that you followed, would be the last destinations for your next education. Amin. FIGHTING!!!

On friday, I spent my day by watching the Japanese drama titled Rich Man Poor Woman. Those drama is getting better and better and that's why I really like to watch it again. 

Uaaaah! the day is the first day of Fasting month.
For the moslems all over the world, happy fasting days ya. Hope all of the things that you have done in this months will brings the goodness for your life. Amin.

Happy Birthday mommy~
And I spent my day by being a slave with my big brother for one day.
We cleaned the old stuffs together *read : playing with the water also the soaps. Huehehehe

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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