July 06, 2012

the movies and dramas

So far, since the last day of written test of SNMPTN ends. . ,I had been watched lot of movies and dramas using some site certainly. But nowadays, I want to really watch a Japanese drama which showed about cooking and cooking! I really need to watch it now. If there any movie or drama which talks about cooking, please tell me pleasurably.

Chonmage Purin 

This movie, so far talked about a . . . samurai who transported to today's life. But he has a hidden talent that he could make a dessert well like a pro. In 2000's era, he lives with a woman with one children. And everyday, he makes a breakfast for the woman's son like a real husband. And . . . . you must watch it by yourself. Its plot were well organized and . . . I love all of desserts that he made. looks like a pro. So, I gave for this movie.
To watch this movie, click here and to know more about it, click there.
Starring : Ryo Nishikido, Rie Tomosaka, Fuku Suzuki, etc.


Ghastly is a Korean Horror Movie. But, I think it was not really horror like Indonesian horror movie. hehehe *you know lah~ And which make this movie worth to be watched is . . . this movie have a average tense. Not too much blood appears here. So, for someone who afraid of blood, you can watch it peacefully. Hehehehe. I gave for this horror movie. To watch this horror movie, click here and to know more about this movie, click there.
Starring : Hyomin (T-ara), Han Eun Jung, No Min Woo, Park Seong Min, etc.

Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de special

Well, my first prediction was . . . Reiko will ended together with Kageyama. But, it was not. Yaaaah~ what a pity. .But, in this special episode, they were not only shows one issue, but 2 issues directly. I love it! That's why I'm waiting with all of the patiences that I had. Hehehe. Want to try to watch it by yourself? Just hit this one and to know more about the drama special episode, hit another one.
I gave for my favorite drama and also the special episode.
Starring : Sakurai Sho (Arashi), Kitagawa Keiko, Shiina Kippei, etc.

Kokosei Restaurant

Aaaah . . This Japanese drama is the one that I like. The reason?! It was extremely simple. Just because . . . this drama talked about cooking and . . from this drama also I possibly understand how to cook the dish properly *because they also gave some tips inside -just try to listen and see it well. Oh ya! Which made me hypnotized with this drama is . . . Kamiki Ryunosuke. He's handsome enough. Hehe. I gave this drama .enjoy~
Try to watch it? Click here and click there to know more about it.
Starring : Matsuoka Masahiro, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Fukiishi Kazue, etc.

Ninja Kids Live Actions

Waaah . . . I think it was the most waited movie for me, because I have wait it for . . . a year to be subbed. The 3 kids above are Kirimaru, Rantarou, and Shinbei. It was a . . laughable movie. If you have watched the anime series, you must know that its contained with lot of comedies inside. The movie also known as Nintama Rantarou. Let's watch this movie together with your families or your friends! I gave for this gorgeous movie.
Click me to watch the movie and click them to know more.
Starring : Seishiro Kato, Futa Kimura, Susumu Terajima.

Wonderful Radio

The reason why I watch the movie is . . . there was Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Min Jung, and Lee Jung Jin. And . . they were called 'Lee Brothers' *because : you know lah~ you can see it after know the main actress and actors who played there. Firstly, I love the plot (not too much romance here) but at the end . ., Lee Jung Jin and Lee Min Jung has fallen in love each other. Arrrrgh.

Nah, I love this scene!
It was the most favorite scene in this movie. Because Kim Jong Kook and Gary (Running Man) played as passanger. But I think they played as Lee Kwang Soo's friends.
I gave this movie . To watch it, click here and to know more about the movie, click there.
Starring : Lee Min Jung, Lee Jung Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, etc.

Whispering Corridors 5 : A blood pledge

Aaaah, this horror movie was not really scary *for me. I'd like to watch it because of the cover. The cover makes this movie 'looks' was not that scary. The fact, that's true. Not that scary. Because the blood wasn't that much, only a pinch of salt (?!). I gave this movie . And to watch it, click here and to know about the movie, click there.
Starring : Son Eun-seo, Jang Kyeong-ah, Song Min-jeong, Oh Yeon-seo, Yoo Shin-ae, etc.

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