August 06, 2012


Uahahaha. . .
The title suppose to be weekly, but because my mind wasn't in a good condition then I wrote it 'week-ky'. My week . . . extremely bad and getting worse after my university's day getting closer enough. Day by day passed like usual. I do the same thing everyday. It make me bored.

So! Couple days ago, I found something funny also weird about the keywords that people used to find my blog. It just really must seeing items for the month. Let's check it out!

And only 2 keywords above which make me laughed. haha.

Pernah tuh ya, waktu bulan kemarin, ada yang nyari resep sambel pula di Blog gua. Nggak tau dah itu sambel apa. Tapi gua ngga ngerasa kalau gua pernah masukin resep sambel ke Blog gua sendiri. Hah!

Yesterday, started in morning and night, I spent my day by . . . downloading Chibi Maruko Chan live action movies. Aaaargh! The movie is awesome. My tears fell down for the second time after watching it again this morning. Batal nggak ya puasa gua?! The first thing that I thought after tears fallen down. The story which made me cries.

どうぞ。It was . . . the first season I think. 
The season of this movie that made me cry in the early morning after suhoor *sahur.
To download the 1st season of Maruko-chan live action, click here.

Nah, it was my first Maruko's live action that I watched. My Big Brother who bought the DVD and watch it at home. I tried to stop my tears at then end of the movie, but it doesn't works. Its keep running and when My Big Brother found out, he laughed and asked : " Did you just cry!? HHAHAHA. You cried because of this movie!? Can't believe it. "
To download the 2nd season of Maruko-chan live action, click here. enjooooy!
歌ははブログスポット。com -I just try to write my blog using japanese chart. hehe

I'm also (still) watching an old Japanese drama about Wagashi 「和菓子。」.
The title is Ando Natsu and the drama aired in 2008.
Actually, there's an old one of Japanese drama before this drama aired. The drama also talked about wagashi is Asuka which also known as Sweet Ambition. Aaaargh! I can't find any sites to download this drama. This drama is more awesome than Ando Natsu *I think.

2 picture above is wagashi that I admired.
Such a lovely shapes and colours. I'm really really want to try it once when I found a place which sell wagashi in Indonesia or . . . wait till the times come to mylife. yeaaaah~
To watch or download it, click me and to know more about the drama, click you.

And my last schedule today are . . waiting the last drama of Ghost 2012 be aired and also Running Man ep.105 which had been canceled during the London Olympics 2012. Uaaaaaaa. The very-very last thing is . . . draw a new house for my future house which must be finished before I go to Bandung to continue my study in the University. bye bye! *hah?!

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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