December 23, 2012

all this week

Hello everyone and . . happy December, yaaa!
I'm truly sorry that I couldn't post the posting frequently like before. Because my schedules is more tight than my high school schedules. Hmmm . . .to start new conversation with you, I would like to share my weekly in this blog and in this moment.

Shining Monday
The title for Monday is Shining Monday. Because only on monday my day is as bright as the sun. Also the subjects which taught by the teacher is not that hard to understand. Monday. Monday. On this monday I drew human anatomy and its really hard to be drawn. I hate anatomy. But, last week, we drew 3 different types of human hands. My drawing looked like :

*sorry for the bad resolution of the picture

Be loved Tuesday
Tuesday is also the day where i like so much, including Monday. Yeaaaah, just because tuesday I don't have too much assignment from lecturer on Tuesday. Uaaah! I like Monday and Tuesday. I love those days so muuuuuch (˘▿˘ʃƪ).

Nah, the picture above is my sketch of a half of human faces.
On Tuesday, usually I'm starts to make the nirmana 2nd dimensional and usually I'm use my poster colors. Then, to erase my bored feelings sometimes I use the rest of my poster colors to drew something in paper. Hehehe. This is it! I sketched it 2weeks ago.

Horrible Wednesday
Yah! Wednesday is the horrible day of the week *even every week
For this week, I didn't draw anything. Because I have lots of assignment in the next day. Hmmmph. hmmph. On Wednesday last week, I drew :

Thus Thursday
Nah! Do you believe it or not, but climax of the horrible's day is on Thursday.
Nirmana 3rd Dimensional is the hard subject. My works didn't accepted twice, and . . . one of the teacher. Somehow I just doesn't like him *while the others prised him so much. And to 'erase' my bored feeling, I drew small thing inside my binder :

utha ngantuk banget = utha so sleepy

Happy Friday
I went home after done one project in the morning, that's blood donation in the university's area. I'm participated as the donor. I felt really happy and wants more after doing that thing.

Saturday So-so
Saturday I just stayed at home all day long to rest my body.
Today, in the morning, I received a bad news which came from the bus which I used on Friday. I went to Bogor using bus. The bus which I rode have an accident. 7 peoples died and 20 peoples were injured. My mom really thankful to Allah SWT that I didn't ride the bus on Saturday morning.

happy mother's day for all of mothers in Indonesia~

Tired Sunday
Today, I go to Museum [or supposed call it gallery] with my dad which located at Jakarta. It takes 3hours from Bogor using motorcycle. Uaaah! My bottom is really hurt. I don't know how can my father ride a motorcycle to his office and the route that he passed is soooo far. Far away. Hmmm. . .you are truly a strong man, dad. And on today, I know that my dad's family [especially his father- alm] is the one of famous person in Jakarta. But . . .*let me as the one who only knows the truth is


Random pictures presented for you 

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog~

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