January 31, 2013

. . .

Hi, friends!
It has been a while after my latest posting last year.

Today, I'm come back from the darkest place in my life, named University. University's life was not like you've imagine before. It was scarier than its look. When I was in high school, I ever imagine how would my future university is, but now. . . It kinda . . . . problem. Hehehe. 

YES, you can dream about your own choices and lives, but let's try to think about the bitter things first. I am. Now, I'm acted as a victim of the excessive (day) dreaming. Try to not thinking an extravagant thing, just think about an ordinary thing (ever). Sometimes, the ordinary thing can be an awesome thing ever! -short of my story 


They. They who filled up my laugh battery and my emotions under their spells.

They're the one who shining my day
left - right : Salsa . Riris . Dhita

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