October 05, 2011

wednesday = hari ABRI

Today is like another day, I went to the courses at 2.30pm and ends at 4.30pm.
Like usual lah~ And like usual too, my day was fulfilled with nothing (0). I hate today because of some reasons which I don't know either. HAHAHA. Today I really wanted to do something right, but it doesn't work at all

My phone is broken this evening!!! aaaaah~
But it's not my fault at all! It's the phone's fault! -nggak mau disalahin
I hate it, friends! You know? My phone was on my hand since 2009 and it means I was hold my phone approximately for 2 years! aaaah! Actually, it's not a huge damage but it makes the screen a bit defected. My mother haven't know about it. I haven't tell her about my phone. If she knows, she will angry to me.

Hari ini juga kan Hari ABRI ya (!?) terus ...
Heboh banget kayaknya untuk Hari ABRI tahun ini. Soalnya Hyun Bin (the one of famous entertainer from South Korea) come to Indonesia as a delegation from his country. Nggak jelas banget deh~ (menurut gua). Nggak ngerti juga kenapa gua mesti bilang bahwa ini tuh aneh banget. Nggak ngerti deh gua sendiri. Rasanya ada yang aneh aja gitu. Secara, kayanya bangga banget gitu ya Hyun Bin dateng ke Indonesia yang notabennya dia hanya sebagai perwakilan negaranya di Indonesia. Kalau menurut gua sih biasa aja. Tapi kenapa temen-temen gua pada antusias ya?! Ko gua biasa aja ya? hahaa -efeknya beda kali ya sama yang nyangkut ke gua (?)

And for today, my chairmate and I make a sketch in the canvas.
GOSH! it's my first masterpiece (excessive). hahaha
I won't ruin it. I promised.
* I'll post the picture soon

Since my house is being renovated, I really very feels uncomfortable at home and makes me want to hanging out all day long! And I plan to watch a movie which titled 'Simfoni Luar Biasa' at cinema and 'The Unborn Child'. For the unborn child, it's a thai horror movie.

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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