October 27, 2011

Big Brother's Graduation

Now you already graduated from your university.
My Big Brother enrolled at Gunadarma University which is the TOP 10 University in Indonesia [Big 5 of University in Indonesia] He got a degree of . . . [I'm forget about the degree. I'll search it soon].  The Located of graduation is on our capital city, that's Jakarta. Specifically in JCC [Jakarta Convention Center]. It means I'm not going to school for today only. Hahaha~

We went to JCC at 9am from home because one of my big brother's friend wants to joined us.
He said he would met us in the Sentul.
And here some pictures which I took this morning on toll road :

The reason why I took this photo is cause I like seeing the electrical tower and some flowers as a decoration in these road [weird flowers -because I don't know the names of those flowers]

Ah! About this bridge reminds me to Japan. My lovely country [even I'm not living there now, but soon -YES I'LL. Amen . . .]

No comment for this picture. I just feel bored in that time.

I took this picture because I like those trees and the tall buildings. LOVE IT!

Hahaha . . .about this sculpture, it called Welcome Statue. It placed in Pancoran - Jakarta, Indonesia

It's the situation inside the courtroom and those are the graduates.
This is the second session for today. And my Big Brother got this 2nd sessions.

Ummm . . . you can see it right? haha~

left-right : Me, Grandfather, Big Brother, and Mom
where is Dad? Dad is the one whose taking this picture.

Big Brother and Me as well.
Actually I had lots of picture but I'll post it soon. Just wait ya!!!

And for this pictures, this is the sky looked like in the evening [almost].
I took it when I walked in the parking area to reaches our car. Long way . . . ~

Okay friends, maybe we should end here and enough for today.
Because I was felt sleepy and now the time really was late, and tomorrow I should go to school like usual too, and . . .  GOSH! I still have an art assignment! Making a papers! aaaaa . . .~
Good Night and byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Have a nice day!
And Thanks for visiting my Blog

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